Scheduled Maintenance February 28th, 2014

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  1. RadarX

    All servers will be unavailable during a scheduled maintenance February 28th at 6 AM PT (3 PM CET). Players may note the following changes.

    · Camo Consolidation – Fix for the small number of players that didn’t have their camos converted correctly
    · EU Server Issue – Fixes to help relieve login issues and instability
    · Client Performance – Fixed a memory thrashing issue that could cause performance hitches and issues
    · Disabling GPU particle option – These aren’t ready for primetime yet
    · Spawn options should give better results now
    · Fix being able to place a waypoint on the minimap
    · Fixed the AF-8 RailJack having the magazine size and total ammunition capacity of the semi-auto sniper rifles. It is now correctly set to have a 4 round magazine with a 40 round capacity
    · Fixed audio echo issue on Amerish
    · Minor VO fixes including Vanguard callouts
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  2. vsae

    Thank you for hitching fix.
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  3. Neit

    I hope this works. I lost all the camo I bought. Thanks for the quick work on the issue!
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  4. WyrdHarper

    Yay waypoints! One of the best add-ons you guys ever made, it was really weird (and awful) not having them tonight!

    Hope my Loyal Soldier camo is back, I need it for the Officer's Ball this Friday ( Gotta look good for my best gal!).
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  5. 666IsBehindYou

    Okay, but does this mean that:
    -RailJack STILL has a shot delay?
    -That automated shout-outs are STILL a thing?
    -We can spawn at the base next t where we died?! :O

    Happy Hunting
    666 - The Devil
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  6. Gribbstar

    So this wasn't a failed attempt at balancing the fact that the delay makes the gun USELESS?

    Absolutely avoid buying the Railjack guys... By far the worst sniper in the game.
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  7. cawsking555

    Camo Consolidation – this makes the game faster by making the item load once
    · Client Performance – Fixed a memory thrashing issue that could cause performance hitches and issues this was also causing the affected computers to crash and reboot them self’s
    · Disabling GPU particle option – These aren’t ready for primetime yet when this comes back it will greatly reduce the time and load for players with low end machines
  8. Planetdoge

    I'm curious as to if you're also going to change the Railjack's shot delay. The 10 bullet mag made the trade-off worth it. The 4 bullet mag? Be prepared to be showered with refund demands lol.
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  9. faykid

    what is with all you guys complaining about the auto-callouts? like, why? enemies cannot hear them, but friendlies benefit from them greatly! you don't have to waste time pressing buttons to attract your allies attention to the fact that you: have ammo, can fix/heal them, toss grenade, get friendly fire, etc.

    i mean, really? you think its bad? really?
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  10. Netsurfer733

    Nooo I was loving my GPU particle physics again... :(

    For the record, I noticed 0 problems with it, and very low impact on framerate! So please bring it back soon.
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  11. Defaceo

    I want ze GPU particles back (without crashes!)

    And what about the mini-map? looknig north shows you that you're looking NE.
  12. Creeperface

    RailJack shot delay makes the gun useless. the delay negates the higher velocity. any chance of this getting resolved?
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  13. -WHeaties

    You guys can either let the railjack keep the 10 round mag, or remove the delay. Otherwise the thing is bloody useless.
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  14. Creeperface

    it doesnt matter if it had a 100 round mag, the shot delay ruins the gun. if they think the 850m/s velocity is a little op, thats fine, but balance it some other way. examples: smaller mag, longer reload anything would be better than shot delay.

    Heres a question for the devs. After holding the release of the new snipers for further tuning, after putting them on the test server for feedback, why did you decide to add shot delay without any feedback from the players? Everyone I have talked to hates the shot delay. they all say the same thing, it makes the gun worthless.

    I think the devs need to be reminded that the players make their paychecks possible. Without players they don't have a job. I believe the best way to keep people playing the game is to make the players happy. and part of making the players happy is listening to their ideas and suggestions and NOT making balance decisions without involving the community.
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  15. PastalavistaBB

    First time I can say that I actually won't complaing about downtime 2 days in a row. The fixes are necessary. Now if they just could make the TRAP somehow useful by buffing bullet damage to 334. As it stands, the NS Sniper Rifle is way better than it. Manual VO don't work for me btw. I hope they fix it so I can let people know that I need repairs, medic, ammo etc.

    To all the Suckers who bought the clearly OP Railjack yesterday:
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  16. Gribbstar

    10 shots that cant hit a damn thing does not make up for 4 shots that cant hit a damn thing.

    The Delay has to go - end of story.
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  17. squarebug

    4 bullets... pff
  18. JesNC

    Thanks for the quick update :)

    RE: Railjack firing delay
    Did anyone really think they'd go through with giving a single faction a weapon with the highest projectile velocity in-game with virtually no significant downsides? Did anyone really think this was a good idea? (And no, magazine size and rechamber time do not count)
    The firing delay is the only thing keeping this weapon from being blatantly OP. Either you manage to deal with it or you're SOL.
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  19. DocteurVK

    @ all who complain about Delay :

    You never used old Saron did you ?:p

    Take time to train, I think that once you get used to this , NC snipers will be the number 1 threat for infantry on the lands of Auraxis...
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  20. Gribbstar

    Going from possibly overpowered to definitely useless is not a solution. The devs need to actually think of something unique for it but are obviously failing miserably.

    They can maybe start by making each of the 4 shots drain 1/4 of your cloak.
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