Scheduled Maintenance February 27th, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Godsmangamer

    I personally use the low settings and I had absolutely no problems so not sure what problems you speak of
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  2. Anticore

    10 € for 1 week early? No, they HAVE TO give the sc back.
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  3. cruczi

    Nice patch, just a couple things...

    Automatic voice callouts, eh? Does this mean infiltrators will give away their presence and location upon certain actions?
    *cloak* "TOSSING OUT AN EMP!!" *cloak*
    *cloak* "ENEMY HEAVY ASSAULT KILLED!!!" *cloak*


    What about the sniper rifle suppressed sound bug? Why is this not mentioned in known issues? You know this is caused by the previous update(s), you could at least acknowledge the bug.
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  4. Crashsplash

    You should read further up in this thread. Muldoonx is quoted as saying the auto callouts cannot be heard by the enemy and even more there is a slider to adjust them for friends.

    Lots of people seem to have skipped what's previously been said.
  5. JibbaJabba

    Sorry but I've got to chime in with others.

    I paid actual money for a membership.
    With this membership I then paid actual money for membership exclusive Camo.
    I have all the camos I want.

    The new system gives me no advantage for the foreseeable future as I will not be purchasing existing camos I am not interested in (perhaps player studio or other new camos will spark my interest). This has no upside to me. (it does for others of course).

    The downside for me is I get a big slap in the face as I watch everyone skip and dance away in their new camo with an extra wad of cash still in their hand.

    When you F with a person's money they become disgruntled customers. Planetside is constantly in competition with other games for it's player base. My membership is due for renewal soon and Titanfall is shouting my name. You've been warned.

    This seems to be the big question along with those regarding details on the voice callouts. A reply would be appreciated.
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  6. Morti

    ja that's why I mentioned they may refund for purchases in the last week or two
  7. Crashsplash

    Resource farming? No it won't.
  8. Surmise

    • Starting the game now puts you in the deploy screen instead of at the warpgate
    best change hands down especially for newer players
  9. Anticore

    otherwise I'll be really angry :mad:
  10. SlowTRigger

    No E.T.A ???????????????????? How long this patch going to take ????

    please give as an eta
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  11. Predator01cz

    really the only thing the suppressor does is NOT make you show up on the minimap
  12. Anticore

    Please don't, its better this way than lying to everyone.
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  13. GotBuds

    This should be a pretty decent update. Can't wait for some of it, not over joyed for other parts.

    Not happy with all the Inf stuff lately, the cloaking stuff last time and now the rifles, just seems to me that way to much time and effort is spent on making the inf more and more powerful, when in actuality they should be the weakest class, as they are running around in pretty much underwear and spandex.- I am sure that Inf users will disagree, and rightfully so. I am not an Inf, never play them so I am Biased on the topic.

    In regards to the camos being a package group now, for those of us that bought separate vehicle, weapon and armor camo, will there be any kind of SC refund for those camos we bought 3 different times for 3 different sets (veh, weapon, armor)?

    Just a random question.
  14. Mianera

    This ^
  15. zoobadoo

    I know patching is good and it's good that you fix stuff rather than not and jadda jadda jadda. BUT...I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm really freakin tired of EU maintenance times. It's like SWTOR all over. Not quite perhaps. Actually far from. But still. They are inconvinient as hell and you should do them in the wee late night/early morning hours. I say this as someone that actually does have a life, which is part of why it's a niusance...when you finally have the time to play, you want your game to be available.

    On the flipside I never complain about stuff being OP or anything, never did, and I really love your game. And your open communication policy. About the only thing that ever bugged me is the EU maintenance window. So I guess I'm overall a pretty darn happy satisfied customer.
  16. GoodFight

    I don't play Inf very often, but yesterday I tried it out... it's easy mode.
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  17. Plunutsud pls

    Wow so much rage about the camos here.

    They said they will consolidate previously bought camos too.

    Learn 2 read pls.

  18. Frostbitten

    Watch out for possible broken patches, you can find this in .DownloadInfo file in game directory:

    16b8-00:01:27:*Patch: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_150.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID: 51968. Starting over.
    16b8-00:01:27:*Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_150.pack
    1288-00:01:27:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_225.pack
    0474-00:01:27:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_226.pack
    1634-00:01:27:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_227.pack
    16e0-00:01:27:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_228.pack
    1564-00:01:27:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_229.pack
    1288-00:01:28:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_230.pack
    16e0-00:01:30:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_232.pack
    1634-00:01:30:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_231.pack
    0cf8-00:01:30:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_233.pack
    1564-00:01:30:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_234.pack
    0474-00:01:30:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_236.pack
    1288-00:01:30:patching Resources/Assets/Assets_235.pack
    0904-00:01:31:*Patch: Patch application failed for Resources/Assets/Assets_179.pack due to Bad Algorithm ID: 40448. Starting over.
    0904-00:01:31:*Warning: Retrying Resources/Assets/Assets_179.pack

    First time for me to see this, I have deleted that two asset files and redownloaded them to be sure.
  19. OldMaster80

    Maybe because that's the second part of the infiltrator revamp scheduled for september and postponed 200 times? Other classes will follow check the roadmap.
  20. ST4LK3R

    I'm right there with you, man. I think they should compensate a bit since they gave away free certz to people who bought NS weapons for multiple character before NS weapons weren't cross faction unlock. I'm looking at 50-80$ wasted on complete sets of camo.
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