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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. PastalavistaBB

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  2. ncDieseL

    Woah hold on, automatic voice callouts?! Will these cause you to show on the mini-map?
  3. wickedhell3

    just voicing my own opinion here,


    NC sniper: quite balanced, goes with the lore and its technology lvl (high muzzel velocity, long reload time)

    TR sniper: forget your scout rifles this thing does it all ,med,close it kills all with a few bursts

    VS sniper: well im actually disappointed: wow cool we got unlimited ammo (campers ahoy)
    muzzel velocity 500M/s? why SOE?
    Don't you guys know that: WE DON"T LIKE CHARGE UP AT ALL!

    why don't you implement a charge function based on swapping fire modes: like if you want the charge up shot put it in burst mode (sorta speak) and let it charge while walking around, this will help our agility lore (VS) out much better than a charge while aiming down sight and have ample time to aim your shot.
    And visa versa for other modes (single shot normal dmg 10 shots a battery, 2x burst shot, 2 times the dmg at 5 shot per battery reload and 3X burst at overcharge 1-2 shots a battery reload)
  4. toThe9thPower


    Man you are about to feel real stupid because those automatic voice call outs are NOT audible to your enemy. They will never heard you saying you are reloading. Crises adverted!
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  5. Aecius

    I've been curious about that as well. "Killed an enemy soldier!" and "Reloading" would rather limit my ability to stalk around the enemy ranks with a stalker cloak and a Hunter QCX.
  6. Takoita

    I may not like voice callouts I'll have no control over, but the patch seems to have some very nice additions regardless. Still no word on Battle Rifles' recoil pattern though. :(

    As for the changes to Amerish's night cycle: hellz yeah! I'd like to see the new continent, screenshot it and kill other people while doing it, thank you very much. If any of you 'too-bright!' folks feel the need to grope your way through the dark and/or fiddle around with the brightness slider each time you run in/out of a building, feel free to use your settings and inflict that bumache on yourself if you want it so much.
  7. FrancescoDS

    I am really excited about this update, and I think that the addition of the automatic callouts will make the battlefield seem more "alive".

    I only have a doubt about the camo packs: I recently bought a full camo set of the same camo (indar canyons V2 for weapons, armor and vehicles). Will the 1000k SC spent for the 2 extra camos be refunded?
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  8. Clay

    No ETA. They are learning :D

    Like most of the changes. The Camo thing is a bit weird because I have several camos double or triple and thats wasted money now. But I will also get a lot of camos I wouldnt have otherwise, so thats okay I guess. Looking forward to try the new snipers on live server. Here SOE take my money.
  9. f0d

    i dont like the automatic voice callouts but if the enemy couldnt hear you it wouldnt be as bad
    either way i dont like them
  10. MikeX7

    I really like everything in this update, except for the sniper rifles which will just ruin infantry fights some more.
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  11. Sghignifiss

    Great changes guys! Count me in tonight!

    Would be good to know something more about tank mines changes and physx re-introduction someone here spoke about... Any detail?
  12. ncDieseL

    I could just imagine it now "M-M-M-MEGA KILL"... enemies are like "WTF WAS THAT?".

    General vibe here is that the auto voice call-outs will not be audible to enemies and will not cause you to show on the mini-map. It would be nice to get this confirmed though.

    I do think some of them will be helpful, like when you throw an ammo pack down. Nothing more annoying than someone spamming the "need ammo" macro even though you've just placed an ammo pack down.

    I still think we need some voice macros for things like "Go go go/Forward", and "Get In (to my vehicle)".
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  13. Winterreise

    i want my SCs back
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  14. Ketadine

    OK, will see tonight after the patch that will most likely screw with the EU primetime, but I personally do not have high hopes.

    So if I miss click and press decline, I'm dead, unrevivable and need to respawn ?

    Will there be a refund for those who have paid for 3 camos of the same set ? I see that as reasonable, given that now players will give the same money for one camo that may be applied to body, weapons and vehicles.

    LOL versatility. So it's MAX and Prowler Lockdown, versatile, so are TR Carbines, versatile enough that they are outclassed by the other empires one in almost every situation except 10 more in the clip. So are NS variants, versatile that they are better than the TR variants. Yeah ...

    Impressive, let's get more money out of the players, when the TR weapons sound really crappy.
    Sure, let us buff the sniper rifles, because there aren't enough useless infiltrators in the game anyway. Why provide more variety when you can stay atop a hill and shoot at the spawn room ...
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  15. Rigsta

    To my knowledge, every single existing voice callout is audible by enemies. The logical assumption is that the new automatic callouts will be audible by enemies. The only thing saying otherwise is a dev post on reddit.

    Not everyone reads reddit & twitter. That doesn't make them stupid.
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  16. Scrab6

    Its all nice and shining (of course except the TR sniper what actually is a scout rifle and like all scout rifles is a pice of ****, but ok. Well the VS is usable but not a big deal. NC is just OP)

    BUT, all those players who paid for 3 different type of camos, probadly wont get back their mony or SC how i presume, and its a bit jerkis
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  17. f0d

    if you look at a friendly and use the "q" button on them while in a vehicle you can actually tell them to get in your vehicle
    you yell out "i need a gunner" "jump in and man the gun" etc etc
  18. SidCom

    New automatic callouts/VO:

    Is it OPT-IN? (optional enable)

    Even if the enemy not hear this automatic call outs, it is VERY annoying every time when i do some action, i (or friendlys) hear "RELOADING", or "REPAIRING" or "HEALING" etc.
    I saw (hear) that on Farcry 3. That was one reason NOT to play this game. I wonder how it sounds when 50-80 people in an small area hundreds of times make some callout. That really breaks the immersion.

    What advantage brings that to gameplay??

    IMO, that is some thing for a small scale FPS, not for an MMO FPS like PS2.
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  19. Defaceo

    TR TRAP-M1 ?? TR get Firing modes ?? Are you serious ?
  20. Spaw 13

    No small compensation for those who bought a camo 3 times its price ? Like a free random camo ?
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