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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. MonkeyCheese

    Everything in the patch notes seems great other than the voice call outs.

    Now I can see this new form of information working for friendlies in places such as a biolab fight e.g I scream reloading so a friendly can take my place but as Everyone said on the test server feedback the reloading, kill call out and the grenade call outs are complete suicide for infiltrators.

    Please confirm that these are inaudible to the enemy otherwise they need to be taken out immediately for the infiltrator class, what is the point of having an infiltrator that screams out their kills and reloads for every enemy to hear. This is very bad for your sit on a hill and snipe infiltrator as well as the smg/stalker cloak style players. This is not a good way to sell your voice packs.

    You know "infiltrate"


    1. 1.
      enter or gain access to (an organization, place, etc.) surreptitiously and gradually, esp. in order to acquire secret information.
      "other areas of the establishment were infiltrated by fascists"
      synonyms: insinuate oneself into, worm one's way into, sneak into, slip into
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  2. Baracuda

    NC have the highest velocity LMG (EM1@650ms) however the rest are generally slower compared to the VS
    VS are just as you described
    The TR have the highest velocity carbine (T5AMC@590ms) however the NC carbines are faster when all are compared (GD23@560ms)
    NC are just as you described and infact the velocity on the NC1 series carbine is incredibly fast (NC1@650ms)

    I believe it would be safe to say that the NC now has the 'Highest Velocity' as a faction trait and I am in love with this now.
  3. Torok

    What an awesome patch. GG !

    Oh.. the Straight-Bolt pull is gone? :p
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  4. CEGrif

    basically instead of buying each camo on its own u can buy them all at once
  5. whitupiggu

    Nice cherry picking. Last I averaged the weapons in those categories VS weapons had the highest velocity. I haven't bothered redoing the averages of LMGs after the most recent changes to them though.
  6. Jeslis

    Wait what? Why?
    I LOVED how that whole; left for air, up for tanks, right for infantry; thing, was working.. why change it?
  7. JonboyX

    So, are the new combined Camo sets 500SC still (for basic versions) and 1000SC for premium? Conflicting news & no confirmation.
    I only ever really use infantry armour camo, so while I understand why you'd add a slight premium on this, it's not a win for everyone if the price goes up at the same time.

    (Bit like the membership deal *cough* !)
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  8. TommyXXL

    so what does tr have? i know what it does not have, new players.
  9. MrJoske

    Going to post some tweets from Tayradactyl regarding the camo changes, she cleared some stuff up earlier:

    Source: click

    Source: click

    Source: click

    Source: click
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  10. PastalavistaBB

    Most of the changes are very nice: Camos you buy becoming usable on everything. Battle Rifle Velocity Buffs, Scout Rifle fixes. Although I don't get why VS Rifles get a Velocity Buff too. They are supposed to have lower Velocity to compensate for Bullet Drop. (It doesn't really compensate, I would choose the Eidolon over the NC and TR Equivalent any time of the day. And 570 vs 600 m/s Velocity just doesn't cut it.) Revive changes are definitely a step in the right direction. It's not fun fighting Zombie Hordes just for the player you killed 3 seconds ago to be "raised" by the Green Mage. 30 seconds is too long IMHO, it could be shortened to 15 seconds in the future. So Infantry Death would actually have a little bit of Importance. I have big Issues with the new Sniper Rifles: The Railjack has just gamebreakingly high Bullet Velocity. You can point and click and get headshots from any Distance. The Shade has unlimited ammo which will give VS snipers the option to solo camp for hours in the same spot without any assistance or resupply. TRAP is just a POS as everybody already knows. I hope they don't give the NS Sniper Rifle to non Infiltrator Classes. A LA with a Sniper Rifle will be 10 times more annoying than a single Infiltrator.
  11. Nitrobudyn

    Is PTS going to be UP? I'm curious about the class quiz.
  12. LucasPiazon

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  13. ST4LK3R

    What happen if I bought some camo for all 3 slots? A BIG NOTHING?
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  14. Elron

    Wait, what change to tank mines?
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  15. TazerToT

    Agreed. I know I want my SC back.
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  16. Arquin

    Gents and not-ladies, I'd like to bring your attention to this single line in the patch notes that just happened to ruin the entire week for me: Nighttime on Amerish shortened and brightened. Now similar to other continents.

    Question is, why the hell was this done? Amerish was the only continent with a proper nighttime for a rural region AND nobody complained a bout it. I'd remotely understand this change if there was a bunch of whining about it, but it's been the opposite. People wanted the Beta nights back, you also added a bunch of lightpoles around the bases on Amerish. There is no reason for this change, no explanation for this change and I am honestly legit pissed off about it.

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  17. LibertyRevolution

    Yes there were comments about night on Amerish being too long and too dark.
    Light poles don't actually shine light on low settings.


    Are we getting strait pull bolts for the sniper riffles or not???
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  18. Arquin

    Great, just ******* great. I just went on the PTS. It's basically blue filter slapped on daytime now.

    Thanks a bunch.
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  19. Crashsplash

    This is the best news I've seen within recent updates.

    Amerish has been revamped and we can't see it half the time. And yes, I've complained.

    Another point is that I've watched a couple of streamed scrims on Amerish - the viewer can't see a lot when it's blacker than a black cat down a coalmine, on a dark night, in winter.

    So, nice one devs! :D

    PS I also like the voice changes, I just don't understand why no VGS system and hence why no tactical call-outs such as Attach the generator, follow me and so on.
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  20. QRLegion

    Whilst it's good news that you are working on the EU server login issues, there's something that I don't quite understand about this.

    Why do you need to adjust anything? Are you saying the EU servers are different from the US servers?
    Surely you have the same setup in the EU and US. If not, why? Are we running on lower spec crap servers and/or with people who don't know how to set them up?
    The US servers never seem to have any login issues, just do whatever you do there.

    You haved also reacted way to slowly on this Issue, I used to play in a 20 + man squad most nights but now down to the login issues it's only two or three of us who had the patience (or stupidity) to wait for hours to get a sucessful login (which often didn't happen at all).