Scheduled Maintenance February 27th, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. MarkAntony

    Still no answer for this SOE?
    If it's scrapped/delayed (saw a vid of it working fine so it's unlikely) then at least have some common decency/respect for your customers and tell us.
  2. ShotMeTender

    Finally some well-made buffing up to Impetus/Phantom and F6Shadow/Nyx ecc... Nicely done SoE...
    Next some of us would like to see is a nice buffing to QCX as well....
    Trying new sniper rifle i notice that it is not for beginners, and i suggest you to check scope sway once more, i had impressione it is just too much, well swaying (probably only my imagination)!
    New scout rifle is good, but really ugly in terms of look o_O
    P.s u got a bug on map displaying other continents, if u switch from Indar (where u are) to Amerish/Esamir u will see a colorless gray map 4/5 times o_O
  3. Mormomboy

    By the way, that is actually really easy as long as you have cross hairs. Like the Red Dot 1x with any weapon is very easy to snipe with. I can get reliable head shots at 200m with red dot.

    I agree with most of the rest of your post though.
  4. XDDante

    buff the Phaseshift

    increase muzzle velocity to 650 m/s to match most of the other rifles velocity,keep no bullet drop and 200 mts range 1 hit kill headshot,maybe increase the damage on semi-auto shots.

    or sightly increase muzzle velocity to 550 m/s,increase range of 1 hit kill headshot to 250 from 200,keep the same no bullet drop and still increase damage semi auto shots.

    or better idea is to apply the charge mechanic from Lancer,so semi-auto shots are 530 m/s and fully charged shot is 630 m/s :D the other stuff remain the same :D

    also remove charge ,is already hard to snipe with current breath mechanic and charge only makes it worst :A maybe when pressing "B" you can change from semi-auto to full bolt action without charging

    Railjack just needs the ammo count to be 4 again or leave at 6 to have another reason to choose over the Longshot :) other than that it's great :D

    i can't comment on the Trap as i have not tested out on the field :A
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  5. Levtech

    This is a great update except now I have to listen to my character say stupid stuff that I have absolutely no control over. I also want to add that I feel bad for headphone users who will have to listen to this $#17.
  6. CommanderMichael

    So wait.. there were a couple camo's that I bought for Weapon and Armor and such... Why don't I get SC back for that?
  7. Jason700

    I hate when they add new weapons, since im a free to play player and I just finished saving up enough certs to buy the antres, even though I already had bought the saurn laser cannon, the previous best weapon. :(
  8. Nick Riviera

    Me like the camo overhaul! Finally I can douse everything I own in the lucky 4 leaf clover camo. Does kinda make TR look x-masy, even still big thanks and nice upgrade overall.
  9. TheTickles

    Because you can still put it on both.
  10. SirJMD

    Wauw, the TR sniper sucks so badly.. x6 scope, poor damage.. Even the burst is horrible, since the riffle jumps so much that you can't hit anything anyway.

    Went ahead an tried the railgun-sniper.. so much better. Give us that instead please.
  11. DeadAlive99

    No more client side crash fixes? :(

    1 year ago.........these crashes did not happen on my system. Now....they do. Many who have far superior systems to me are crashing. Please fix this. The tech forum is filled with crash threads.
  12. TheIntelligence

    I can use all the cameos I bought on everything now?

    SOE, I love you, this is the best update I have ever seen, VERY happy
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  13. Vanon

    Yea we should really get the choice to what character gets the start weapons, or at least put in a warning that it's only for one character per account.
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  14. Kerrrrp

    It would have been nice to know that this class quiz only occurs once for every ACCOUNT. I wanted to see what it is about and logged in with a new character just to check. As it turns out after completing the quiz on this random dude I can't do it again on my main character. What a waste ...
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  15. Snidered

    Hey RadarX,

    love the new camo thing... kinda cool... however~... you knew that was coming right? ;) i feel very ripped off... for example this month i just got the indar desert scrub for weapons as it the cammo ive been rocking on my character for awhile and now its been all merged into one item (the correct thing to do) i have lost out on SC if someone had got wep, amour and vehicle they would be 1,000 SC out of pocket per camo set so i think this needs looking at... i just used indar scrub as a example but its not the only instence in which i lost SC... could of got a VO pack if i had known to wait like a week before getting the weapon cammo.
  16. ScrapyardBob

    While I like the new mini-map, it still suffers from usability issues when you try to use the larger version (with the H key). The ABC markers and the capture timer need to be changed so that they stay on top of the mini-map as it expands, not be hidden by it.

    So either the A/B/C and capture bar information needs to be moved down by/above where the location name is, or the A/B/C and capture bar location needs to move upwards when the mini-map is expanded.
  17. Spyrius

    Exactly same situation here.
    Goodbye free camos, weapon and xp boost :/
  18. Skageh

  19. TommyXXL

    i prefer for the devs to work on more important things than night settings, you want pitch black, modify your settings.
    yes, i can't see vanu on default night settings but that because i set my screen darker because the day is too bright.
    in the end, i do not care about night settings, i can always turn my brightness higher or lower, so can you.

  20. Mormomboy

    I got a reply from SOE ticket help, this is it.

    "I'd like to let you know that while your other characters currently do not receive this quiz, the development team will be changing this feature to allow each character on an account to take the quiz and obtain the rewards.
    Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on when your other characters will be able to take this quiz but we hope it will be soon. =)

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you in the meantime and should you have any future questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for playing Planetside 2!"
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