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  1. Dramonicous

    "VO Packs can now be purchased and the new voice can be selected on the profile screen. Voice packs are specific to faction and gender.
    Added occasional, contextual, automatic voice callouts:
    • Tossing grenade
    • Target-specific kill callouts (infantry, MAX, sunderer, etc)
    • Reloading
    • Healing
    • Repairing
    • Friendly fire warning"
    I cant believe this crap made it live, I only found out about it yesterday when I was reading on test forum.
    There are so many complaints about the automatic callouts and no1 wants them ingame. Why are you so out of touch with the players SOE? If we say we hate something on test forum then listen to us. Was the implant rework just a one time occurance?
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  2. MarkAntony

    whatever happened to the straight pull bolt?
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  3. Thagyr

    Is it weird I am more excited about the addition of combat chatter/voice packs than I am for anything else in this patch? Sure I've heard some complaints, but somehow I miss just that kinda stuff compared to other mass battle games.

    That and I've always thought the friendly fire callout should be automated.
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  4. whitupiggu

    So can we assume weapons with no bullet drop having lower velocity is going to be the new standard from now on?
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  5. St0mpy

    Hey wait!! :mad::mad:

    So the TR ESR is burst scout rifle, but rather than give the TR something actually unique (like the other factions get) again the TR are insulted by having an NS scout rifle released alongside it reducing the impact of the new weapon for TR.

    So all factions get some kind of new scout rifle with only NC/VS getting a special prize of a new BASR. Thats real nice of you SOE.:mad:

    Considering its TR who needs to attract more players SOE are basically saying they dont give a damn and have no plans to make TR attractive by developing them a more dedicated arsenal.
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  6. DocteurVK

    Infiltrators update : Part 2 ?
    • Buffs to SASRs (gonna Aurax my Specter faster than I was thinking :) )
    • Buff to Scout Semi-autos
    • Buff to Auto-Scout - Can't wait to stealth more (I wonder if they keep their old audio or got Carbine's audio)
    • New Snipers (Yay !)
    • New Scout rifle
    And also the Battle-rifle update !
    You guys did well, Thank you !
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  7. Cromell

    OH YISSSS. I have waited long for this day.

    NSsomething VANDAL, HERE I COME. And while I'm at it the TRAP is also coming with me. :D

    There's just so much good stuff in this update, I think I'm happy. long as enemies can't hear those automatic callouts. *stares suspiciously*
  8. Xelsia

    Can you clarify this? The way I'm reading it, if I have say, Digital Vehicle camo (but not Digital Infantry/Weapon camo), I can use it on Infantry and Weapons?
    If that's the case, aren't people who've brought a full set of camo getting screwed over?
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  9. Cromell

    Nah, TRAP is actually fun and something our infiltrators didnt have yet (think SABR-13 rather than scout rifle). The most boring out of 3 is Railjack, I think, being essentially just another bolt action sniper rifle (it's effectiveness aside).
  10. Sincore

    Are these callouts audible for only allies or are they able to be heard by enemies as well? I could see some complaints about these being implemented if enemies can hear it due to infiltrators and other classes revealing their hiding position accidentally when reloading/killing an enemy.
  11. LordMondando

    As a trainee soft dev, I know I really do.

    But I would be remiss in being SOECC If I did not really bring to the fore how serious a problem this is. So many ops have been canceled now, mid stream. The Miller community has weathered a lot, but it cannot keep being stoic about this much longer.

    Patiences are already frayed and are in most cases coming apart entirely. It's really that bad.
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  12. WyrdHarper

    It's not a new standard--before they normalized shotguns, the VS had no bullet drop slugs with slower speeds, and I believe they generally have slower speeds ( could be wrong on this).
  13. St0mpy

    doesnt help its part of the double whammy, flaky server and logins on top of the new update scheduling (meaning start at 1-2 days a week of EU prime time downtime then add on the local problems)
  14. whitupiggu

    On carbines, SMGs, LMGs, and ARs they have the highest velocity.
  15. disky00

    I feel like making some of the listed VO callouts automatic is a bad move. No one wants to have their character give away their position without their consent. I certainly wouldn't yell out that I'm reloading a weapon or that I'm repairing a Sunderer if I'm trying to be stealthy about it.

    Just change the current number system to a voice menu similar to PS1. It's actually more difficult for me to reach the higher number keys than it was to quickly press the necessary letter keys on the keyboard in the original Planetside's VGS system. I think a lot of people have requested this. Not sure why the devs are hesitant.
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  16. Korfax124

    I'm just wondering about the Staight Pull Bolt attachment for BASRs... What happened to those? o_O
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  17. NanoBitSplit

    No lore-friendly patch notes? Darnit. I guess I'm stuck longing for the days of beta.

    From what we've heard the auto callouts are only heard by friendlies- which is kind of silly, really. They can see that you just took out that Sundy or whatever on the minimap, and if they're far enough away you're not on their map chances are they can't hear your voice commands anyway.

    Tribes/Planetside VGS would be extremely nice, but SOE probably figures it would be A) too complex and B) we don't have enough voice commands for a full system.
  18. Dramonicous

    Stop lying...

    LMGs we have tied best (Ursa) with the NS LMG.
    SMGs we have tied best (Sirius) with NS-7.
    Carbines TR have highest velocity. And NC have the highest velocity on their max dps carbine.
    AR NC have highest velocity.
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  19. NoobBall

    I bought a full set of camo D:

    "VO Packs can now be purchased and the new voice can be selected on the profile screen. Voice packs are specific to faction and gender.
    Added occasional, contextual, automatic voice callouts:
    • Tossing grenade
    • Target-specific kill callouts (infantry, MAX, sunderer, etc)
    • Reloading
    • Healing
    • Repairing
    • Friendly fire warning"
    And this..... is making infiltrators and light assault useless if enemy can hear the voice!!
    Can i get a refund for Infiltrator and Light Assault if enemy can hear the voice?
  20. _Neko_

    The only complain was that enemies would be able to hear you.....

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