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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. saulotyper

    impossible to play
  2. ColMout

    Who did lose his camo? I do...
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  3. saulotyper

    just me buta me out at every minute of the game? impossible to play
  4. Van Dax

    Did they refund when they dropped the price on:
    thanatos-now free
    pulsar lsw/pulsar C/corvus/cosmos(left)/ghost/cell camo -free with quiz
    serpent/hades/nemesis/nyx/artemis etc dropped price
    and faction equivalents?


    do you honestly expect them to just after lowering the price on the most sold cosmetic to then give away literal millions of dollars?

    what was taken from you? nothing
    was the information available? yes

    did you think they'd never change the prices on anything? because thats just flat out stupid.
    they made things cheaper, they changed the system for the better and now more people can have it and you're mad because you can't be bothered to read before spending money, so maybe before you leap to conclusions over my money habits you should check your own.

    Nothing you buy with SC will ever be refunded. Things will drop in price one day, thats something you accept when you buy anything else in the real world and it doesn't magically change because you're on the internet.
  5. Cushty

    For the ones wondering: the nice extra equipment and camo you get from doing the class quiz seems to be account wide. Meaning you do it once on one character and that's it. I wanted to see how it works in order to not mess it up on my main but now it's gone it's seems. ... At least I've got a cool camo and sweet gun on my TR, I might start using it more...
  6. brbrbr

    hey don't care and you wont get your sc.
    just like the boost time-stolen from server down time
    oh and dbl xp weekends with 20 hours of updates.
    so funny.
    not spent a penny for 5 months on this. as much as i love this game (top 100 colbat tr) soe have pi**ed me off to many times.
    no to forget - this server is closing down in 15 min. ....17 min left on hard fought alert. please......
    old post above.
    now they merge camos after you all paid for em separate. lol
    =not to forget buying new weapons, then the nerf....fools,fools. more $, soe
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  7. Vlad Archer

    Dear SOE! Last summer I bought camo bundle for suit, weapon and transport. And I lost it. Is it mistake?
  8. Xenophobia401

    the guns that are now free didnt cost 10 euros yesterday, or even at launch.
    i expect nothing from them, but if they want me as a customer to continue spending i should get some kind of reimbursement, like certs or maybe another set of camo or two.
    do i expect prices to change? of course! there are sales and double SC weekends, but never has an item permanently lost 66% of its value in 1 day, ill remind you that they had no problem selling dark digital camos for 3000SC and now they are 1000SC.
    price drops are expected yet when they are drastic it is common practice to have good will towards those who payed full price so that they dont feel cheated.

    i bought SWTOR, later went free to play, so they gave original buyers some currency and subscription time, because they knew people would be furious and never buy bioware again.
    this happens all the time, happened with a TV i bought a few years back.

    a gesture of good will towards those who spend money is all im asking for, im not demanding it, im saying that its the right thing to do.
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  9. SuperLexatron

    Reaver and Vanguards cosmetics still don't apply camo btw - just thought I should let you know.

    At least you didn't lie about fixing it this time like the past 2 times you 'fixed' it ;)
  10. Van Dax

    >weapon goes from 500SC to free
    >somehow less than 66% price drop

    oh so you're just trolling and have no basis for your argument.
  11. TheTickles

    I find it ironic that in the same paragraph you first acknowledge they are a business that needs to make profit, proceed to complain that a change in pricing (not a upward change but a downward cheaper price) has some how ruined your confidence in them, then inexplicably change your attitude and swell up with pride that you supported the game by making cosmetic purchases.

    You purchased something and were able to use them for the agreed upon price. Just because the price changed later on does not entitle you to compensation.

    You can claim that it would be better for customer relations to do so. You can even claim that you are some how being robbed but the truth is that your motivation is not for the betterment of customer relations but for your own selfish reasons.
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  12. n4ka

    I'm actually stating the FACT that long time supporters of the game are getting fed up with it.

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  13. lovchiy

    font size of HUD is terribly small
    plz return previous HUD
  14. Xenophobia401

    im assuming youre talking about the weapons that became free today? when has that happened before?
    if i am mistaken, consider me corrected, i am mature enough not to completely ignore your claims like a child flailing his arms and legs about screaming "lalala i cant hear you".
    you get to choose one, if you purchased them all you basically lose out on a potential 500sc, no big deal, these were out a long time.
    some people here lost alot more, they feel they deserve a little something for paying 30 euros on something that today costs 10.
    and they are right to do so.
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  15. Jomango

    Still patiently waiting for the log in problem to be fixed.

    As much fun as it is to start the launcher for it to simply close on me each and every time, I'd love for at least an update on this problem.

    At about 4-5% into a 42,409KB patch, it simply closes.
  16. Dortzz

    Wait... did I read that right?

    NC gets a goddamn railgun? Does it shoot through walls and ****?
  17. Vindicore

    That's one of mine!
  18. Curon

    So those players who are reporting they lost their camos, please be patient!
    Doesn't help to post here that you lost it, the development team already are aware of it.
  19. Broadcaster

    I don't like that you dinked with my class loadouts , why Why WHY.
  20. Van Dax

    I've bought:
    3 full camo sets (armour, vehicle, weapon)
    2 infantry only sets
    4 700sc weapons that are now free (full price when I got them)

    did I lose any money on this patch? no, I've had those for a years time, the same thing happens in any other micro transaction game and I fully expected it to happen but did I just want to not use a **** ton of things so that I could save money? no, I supported this game through its infancy, I bought a full years subscription back when I'd never even seen a que and resource costs were low and I didn't even know if the game would still be going strong.

    I harshly criticize anything I don't like the devs doing, I'm no white knight. IF the community had not abused the last time they gave out a refund for sc purchases they would not have sworn never to do it again. hell they just gave out a ton of free stuff, they don't owe us a refund.