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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. ColMout

    The work on the camo is nice, but I lost my main camo during this patch... How can I get it back?...
  2. cruczi

    Anyone else noticed Q-Spotting no longer makes a sound, at least not every time? Why was this not in the patch notes? This is a huge change (and a good one, for infiltrators).
  3. Dramonicous

    Long time supporters of the game gets shafted again with this update. Do you want to keep us, make it right please!

    I have bought several weapons, camos, helmets, armors, a 6 month sub a few boosts and a heroic boost.
    Now that camos got reworked to only cost 500SC for armor,weapon and vehicle I get nothing.
    Some players reported getting a few weapon unlocks, but if you already had them then you got nothing.

    Same with this new player initiative, it let me choose a class and receive a low tier weapon, which I naturally had all of.
    Also giving MAXes anything but the RIGHT arm is a massive insult to new players.
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  4. Sghignifiss

    Personally, if I like a game I just play it as much as I can, I do not spend hours complaining about every single little aspect I can find, in order to squeeze every single bit exploiting every changein the game as a potential advantage for me. You spent virtual money to get virtual content. You were satisfied when you had it the first time, and that should be all. No one ever said the value of the camo you got would always remain the same. IT IS WRITTEN that it would easly change. IMO it makes no sense to think about a refund. The market just doesn't work like this. Deal with it.

    And no, I'm not a fanboy, I'm just an adult.
  5. Van Dax

    except for one thing: this was an announced change, we've known this was coming for a long time and its been on the test server for quite a while. If the saron/enforcer/blueshift changes didn't merit a refund than this one doesn't even come close.
  6. AgentRed

    I know what your going through. I been playing since the beginning I wish they would give us like something like a sorry package or discount on how much we lost because right now I feel shafted :(
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  7. dawg

    Are they looking into how you can get shot through a wall? I've been killed several times with no one in the room with me. I've even seen where the bullets hit the wall. Spin around and there is no one there and no exit points for some one to escape through. Or run out a door and turn down beside the wall while the person inside is still shooting me with a wall between us.
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  8. Vlad Archer

    I lost my sandy scrub camo:confused: Why? Who return my sc?
  9. n4ka

    You obviously haven't been around very long, as I have put up with this for the entirety of this game's life. At some point, you have to put the foot down, and I'm sorry if that offends you. Does this forum work as a brown-nosing factory or a place to provide input? If it's the former, enjoy further price gouging in not only this title, but EQN and SWG as well. Have a nice day!
  10. Xenophobia401

    then the decent thing would be to not make them purchasable until the change was implemented, or should consumers constantly log in the PTR and read roadmaps in fear that their next purchase might vanish into thin air the next day?
  11. lords8n

    I REALLY hope they fix the sniper rifle suppressor being broke.

    Also...wondering where the Straight Bolt is?
    Think about it a sec...
    There are new sniper rifles, right?
    If they released the straight bolt right now you would have a fancy new toy to play with, and be less likely to dish out the cash for the sparkly new rifles.

    They're in the business to make money. They're just trying to maximize profitability. They want ALL YOUR CASH! ;)

    Like someone else mentioned, though, I DO NOT like their trend of releasing weapons OP, have everyone jump out of their seats to get one, then nerf the weapon into the ground when complaints wax and as sales wane. Shame on you SOE!
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  12. Xenophobia401

    if you are an adult, you're not a business man thats for sure.
    if SOE drastically changes the value of its online currency then they will LOSE sales, and customers, since now the value of that currency is subject to change at any second. can they do it? of course! its in the TOS! should they do it?


    i cant make this any simpler for you people!
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  13. Van Dax

    I buy something 2 days before it goes on sale even though it was announced 2 weeks before that it would be going on sale:
    who is at fault here?

    with the change you either lost nothing or you gained something for free. We've been told months in advance that they were planning this and that camos were getting cheaper. Its not their fault if you don't pay attention.
  14. ZZYZX I said...if you're going to complain once prices change - and they will, just like they do with any other item in any other industry - then you especially should refer to my previous suggestion:

    Think twice before you spend real money on fake camo for a free video game.

    Now, of course, if you were a mature adult and realized that these things can and do happen, and you didn't come to the forums and whine any time something went on sale or the price changed, then by all means - don't think twice. Just ignore my advice.
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  15. n4ka

    I don't think you realize that this isn't a charity, and to continue getting the money necessary to not only keep the servers up, but to pay their salaries, they should look into gaining consumer confidence instead of ruining it. If everyone played like "an adult" for free like you're suggesting, the game would have been dead a month after launch, ffs.
  16. Juno

    $400+ in this game for me, and you guys can't even compensate us in some way. I bought the bundles back in Summer when they were on sale, so that is over $50 of wasted money for me. My 6 month subscription ended this month, and after seeing this I am glad I didn't renew.
    I'll be sure to take my purse elsewhere.
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  17. Xenophobia401

    you still dont get it...
    i shouldn't have to go and read the roadmap every time i make a purchase, i shouldn't sit glued to my computer reading forums to see if the next day the weapon i buy is getting deleted off the game, doesn't matter if they announce it 2 days or 2 weeks.
    changes like these will be missed by the majority of the playerbase until they are live, FACT.
    im angry, i have the right to be, they have the right to change the price of any of their virtual goods to whatever they want at any given second, but that is BAD PRACTICE and will lose customers.
    if tomorrow all your SC purchases are obsolete, would you still purchase SC in the future? probably not, if you actually work for your money like i do.

    i want to support this game, i want to continue playing it, which is why i want a refund.
    if that isn't done, they just lost a customer with quite a bit of disposable income.
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  18. Marcmol

    Like all, EXCEPT the random voice callouts (I don´t know how they function can´t play the game yet). What I understand is that everytime you thorw a granade or something you have a chance of calling it out. THAT can give off you SECRET POSITION.
    Take that away please make or give it another system. YES another system like:
    -Activalable (You choose when you want that feature of random callout on or off). You can mute it trough Voice callouts (Button: V )
    maybe. I know that everything is occupied so you could start thinking about Groups? (Commands: move in! get out!; Callouts: help! incoming! → from north; south; east; west) And in one of those groups make activalable "random shouts: on / off" or just create another button for that.
    -You could also to that system add a dynamic system. The system checks within a radius (which you can customize) if there allies nearby and the system itself activates "random shoutouts".

    I mean, imagine you are a cloaker that sneakattacks people. Do you really wanna shout right in the group of the enemy "GRANADE" when you throw it??? I doubt that. I can already imagine the rage and fear you feel at the same time when everybody turn around and just shoots at you XD.

    If I understood this system correctly and it works like I think it does then PLEASE SOE, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!
    Thank you very much for your attion
    Sincerely Marcmol :)
  19. doomix9

    Shut up with refund, ungrateful ppl. Imagine how many SC they should return, it's insane! Be glad that you can buy next camo cheaper and you get gear pack for answering a few questions. This is best patch i have ever seen. Downtime was OK, no big bugs and awesome stuff, good job and thank you SOE.
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  20. n4ka

    Yep, we're the ungrateful people that have spent a ton of cash on a game they enjoy...nice logic there.
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