Scheduled Maintenance February 27th, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Chipay

    Good job getting the sarcasm man,
    Like really, how can you not get it?!
  2. n4ka

    Of course not, otherwise your price gouging would be admitted. Same with releasing new weapons in an OP state, waiting until enough have purchased with SC, then nerfing to oblivion...a couple of reasons there why this game will remain what it's always been....niche at best.
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  3. Clandestine

    "There are no plans to do any refunds for existing camos. This is a new system with a new cost."

    Damn SOE you are making it so hard to think to spend more SC on this game, what's next I wonder.
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  4. Chipay

    You paid for a product at that time, you got exactly what you wanted at that time. If you're disgusted by that then I don't understand you. I don't understand how you feel ripped-off by getting EXACTLY what you paid for...
  5. Elddric

    Umm SO yeah ummm Where are all my camo's at again? I understand you combined them but my purchases are GONE totally. I have my alpha squad and loyal soldier only.... The others were all SC purchases so we should get SC back? or did you refund Certs? because I cant buy camo's with certs so....
  6. Sghignifiss

    This is taken directly from the end user license agreement.

    This PlanetSide 2 End User License Agreement (the "Agreement"), along with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy located at (collectively, the "Sites" and each, a "Site"), describe the terms by which Sony Online Entertainment LLC ("SOE") offers you: (i) the right to download and install and/or use the PlanetSide 2 software, content, and related documentation, including any mobile application offered by SOE (the "Software"), (ii) the right to use the Software in conjunction with your registered Station Account or an account provided by a partner game site (e.g., ProSiebenSat.1 Games in Europe) ("Account") to access and play the online game entitled PlanetSide 2, including any and all features, assets or services associated therewith (collectively, the "Game"); and (iii) the right to make purchases using Station Cash in the Game using your Account.


    You agree that SOE retains the unfettered right to modify any and all aspects of its games, and that SOE has been making, is making, and will continue to make changes to its games. You further acknowledge that SOE can and will, in its discretion, modify features, functions or abilities of any element of the Game, which may, among other things, make any Paid Content (defined below) or any aspect of its Game, such as items, powers, abilities, gifts, experience, experience points, coins and Station Cash (collectively, "Virtual Goods") substantially more or less effective or functional, or less effective or functional, or more common or less common. SOE may add, modify, remove, replace, eliminate and reintroduce such aspects from the Game at any time and at its sole discretion. YOU PROMISE, THEREFORE, THAT YOU WILL NEVER ASSERT OR BRING ANY CLAIM OR SUIT AGAINST SOE OR ITS LICENSORS OR LICENSEES, ANY SONY COMPANY, OR ANY EMPLOYEES OF ANY OF THE ABOVE, WHICH IS RELATED TO OR BASED ON (A) A CLAIM THAT YOU "OWN" ANY PAID CONTENT OR VIRTUAL GOODS IN THE GAME, (B) A CLAIM FOR THE "VALUE" OF PAID CONTENT OR VIRTUAL GOODS IF SOE DELETES THEM (AND/OR TERMINATES YOUR ACCOUNT) IF YOU OR ANYONE ACTING IN CONCERT WITH YOU VIOLATES ANY PROVISION OF THIS AGREEMENT OR THE RULES, (C) A CLAIM FOR THE "VALUE" OF PAID CONTENT OR VIRTUAL GOODS THAT YOU MAY LOSE IF SOE DOES ANYTHING THAT IT IS ENTITLED TO DO PURSUANT TO ANY PROVISION OF THIS AGREEMENT AND/OR THE RULES, OR FOR ANY MALFUNCTIONS AND/OR "BUGS" IN THE GAME, AND/OR (D) A CLAIM THT THE "VALUE" OF ANY VIRTUAL GOODS HAS INCREASED OR DECREASED BY VIRTUE OF ANY MODIFICATION THAT SOE HAS MADE OR WILL MAKE.

    It's all written. So please guys stop whining or pretend refunds. You should have knonwn it could happen. If you didn't read the agreement it is just your fault.
  7. Iridar51

    Happened three times for me: SW: ToR, Star Trek Online (god that turned to be an awful game) and Heroes of Newerth. Probably will happen for the fourth time when Wildstar will be released :rolleyes:
  8. a4555in

    Hey RadarX, quiet a few people including me are having trouble installing this patch(the launcher closes by itself after about a minute)..any advice?
  9. n4ka

    As soon as fanboys stop brown nosing, and attempting to stop constructive criticism, ok? Trust me, if we didn't like the game, we wouldn't complain.
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  10. Wusl

    u lost a customer

    but since swg soe doenst care
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  11. Xenophobia401

    i wouldn't be bothered by this change had camos not been on the store for 10$ each in the store not two days ago, and now that purchase is completely wasted.
    this is a DRASTIC change in value, something that companies try to avoid, even valve and their steam store, since by doing things like this you make customers not want to spend money anymore, thinking (rightfully so) that any purchase they make now can be completely void the next day.
    i will not be buying station cash anymore, and wont be playing the game, its not juvenile, its being a consumer and voting with your wallet.
    i'd do the same if a local dealership sold me a car for 50 grand then permanently change its price to 15 the day after, i'd be pissed and never set foot there again.

    if SOE want anymore of my money (and they do), they would compensate their customers in some way. i dont "deserve" anything.

    did i make that clear enough for you?
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  12. EvilMindedSquirrel

    Great patch! good changes.
    Been playing the VS Phaseshift VX-S a bit already. Lots of fun, had a few great sniper-duals, thrilling. Powerful at full charge, a nice "one head-shot = kill" rifle. It is challenging to use, while charging you are a sitting purple duck. Cannot charge while cloaked, obvious balance choice. Cannot fire two fully charged shots in short succession, also good balance choice. Infinite ammo if very nice as i run out on a regular basis when behind enemy lines. Feels very "Alien" great for Vanu.

    I have one little addition that would be great though:
    Could you add a button to go to the VR Training Room from the map/depoy screen? Not a big change or omission, but would be handy.
  13. Antem

    "Looking into an issue where some folks didn't have the camos converted correctly. We're checking it now and hope to get to the bottom of it shortly. Assuming it's what we suspect, we'll need to run another operation during a downtime on Friday."

    So... wont be getting my camos back untill tomorrow at best?
    Look... i dont mean any disrepect, but maybe SOE should hire more QA? EVERY patch there's something going wrong!
  14. Clandestine


    Well said my friend, this has become a pattern now, I wait a little before buying they will probably nerf
  15. Felkuro

    How about you mind your own bussines. Considering you have no clue on the ammount of money i spent over the time on this game/franchise

    Congrats on your new computer and printer btw.

    I will not think twice before spending things ingame. If you ever spent something (if you even have) on this game you will know how myself and alot of other people would feel about this change.

    Tell me. How would you feel if 4 days ago you bought 1500 SC worth of camos and now its combined and worth 500, would you not feel scammed for the 1000 you have wasted?

    And this is just a small number of 1000 SC 10 BUCKS. im talking about alot more.
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  16. ZenzotuskeN

    I like the new Minimap!.. mostly, i've got a minor complaint that Capture Point Status is above the minimap as it looks abit out of place now the location name isn't above it. maybe place small indicators of A,B,C,D (depending on the area) near the base name.
  17. n4ka

    Well said...I hate to think about all the wasted SC...easily $30+ dollars on the harasser alone! That's half of a AAA game on only one vehicle, lol.
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  18. Ttariel

    im at work right now, can somebody give me the prices for the new stuff ?
  19. Elddric

    Then I would have expected a equal value to what we already paid for. The camo was sold under the stipulation that it was not a consumable item.
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  20. Xenophobia401

    what people fail to realize is that its the fact that the change in value is so drastic, that they have basically ensured that people will severely doubt spending SC in the future, i know i will!
    how do i know that tomorrow my lumifiber trim wont be worth 50SC? i dont anymore!
    myself, i have lost around 40$ in this change alone, meaning that i will not spend any more money, since i see that any money spent on it can AND WILL be subject to extreme change.

    its in the TOS, but that doensn't mean its treating the consumer right, according to the TOS they can take away ALL our purchases, but they would be killing their game, oh wait.....
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