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  1. Hustlenomics

    You missed the bug that makes the tires on the flash invisible if you put tire spikes on. All you see is the spikes themselves when you're riding the flash and look down
  2. Anthrage

    That's great, thank-you. They really should put that in the patch notes however.

    Also, on some classes these occur at a high frequency and are the equivalent of ruining one's nigh sight with bright lights, when you are trying to listen for footsteps can turn down all of the Dialog sounds, but then you don't hear the enemy either. Environmental sound is a huge and sophisticated part of PS2 in a tactical sense, it's very sad and unfortunate they would ruin that with such a clumsy mechanic.

  3. 10thRMDredd

    i purchased 3 loafs of bread at the shops last week but this week they are offering 3 for the price of one - this isnt fair i should be refunded for 2 loafs of bread.....

    Well said and hits the nail on the head. F0d, you are a brilliant human.
    If the basic premise postulated by others is that a retrospective refund is done for all purchases pre discount, the world would be in financial anarchy. It would potentially take more financial cost refunding previously generated funds to restore to past customers than any extra stimulation a sale might induce. So, on these grounds everything would cost the same at Christmas and the same in more the girls will cry. I guess that this is the opinion you have when you are 12 and you live at home and your mum loves you very very much and doesn't quite tell you all the things that happen in real life because she doesn't want to scare you.
    Those that argue for a refund post purchase of discounted items are in fact arguing for the cessation of any discounting by anyone, anywhere in any business for the entirety of the human species. What A Silly premise.
    For the special people....time goes do most people's lives.

    Once again f0d, very well said sir. Respect.
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    Hey please help my launchpad keeps closing itself while installing installs around 10MB and then closes without giving any error.please help how to fix this!
  5. RadarX

    There are no plans to do any refunds for existing camos. This is a new system with a new cost.
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  6. Xenophobia401

    loyal customers like me who spent quite a good amount of money on camos WILL feel absolutely cheated by this change if we are not properly reimbursed with a percentage or entirety of the SC we wasted.
    i JUST bought the dark digital set, set me back 3000SC, who wouldn't feel ripped off??

    and to those on this thread with severe failure to comprehend consumer mentality (since they are children): we spent our money on this game and on virtual items who are given a value by SOE, they are free to change that value anytime, but not without consequence, we deserve a refund because we spent money on something they have now made non- existent, and that is not how you treat costumers, especially if you want them to keep spending money on your product.
    if nothing is done about this it wont only make me severely question spending money on this game again, i will stop playing and supporting it altogether, since this is a smack in the face to paying players.

    i know SOE are smarter then this, and i hope this is addressed soon.
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  7. Felkuro

    In the end alot of people (including myself) feel ripped off by the camo change, and the ammount of money that has been spent on SC for this. A refund is not a terrible thing to ask. Considering 4 days ago i bought 3 camo for vehicle armor and weapon for 1500 SC, and its now 500 SC for all 3. I find myself ripped off Not angry or mad.
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  8. RebasEnob

    So far the only 2 things I'm really concerned about is that they made the night brighter on Amerish. I like it dark at night to sneak around, what's the point of NV if you can see plain as day at night? I've been wanting them to make the nights on all continents darker, making it more dangerous for battle or easier for small ops at night. Like in real life. I also wanted to say that I also have dumped alot of money on camo for my classes, weapons, and vehicles, and I too am a little concerned how they are going to handle this. But I am glad that camo i could only afford for my tank i can now put on my suit to match is fair to me. It also means my choice of camo for my guns is going to increase seeing that I only bought about 6 of those. And does it affect player studio camo? That is the most expensive.
  9. ZenzotuskeN

    Proof it states the word Purchase, if you can't see the image, check in-game simply go to Depot > Get Station Cash.

    it Clearly States with no confusion the words:

    "Select the amount* of Station Cash you would like to Purchase:"

    /end of discussion
  10. RadarX

    They are absolutely different, for one they are located 5000 miles apart.

    The current serious issue we've seen has been happening over the last few weeks and we've thrown not only people from the PS2 team but our own internal networking/engineers at it as well. I encourage you all to keep bringing it to our attention when you notice it.
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  11. Xenophobia401

    so the both of you would'nt be angry at all if you spent, say, 60$ on a video game and the day afterwards it became free?
    of course you wouldnt HAVE to be reimbursed, but would you go out and buy another videogame from that company? probably not, because you would lose trust in them.
    you really need to learn how life works as an adult.
  12. Van Dax

    login appears to fixed, confirmed by 5 or so outfit members now (miller) also congrats on the successful patch
  13. darkstarzx2

    For all those whining about the camos, lets look at it like this: SOE IS LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESS.

    Lets say I buy a gallon milk at Walmart on Sunday for $3.00. On Tuesday, a gallon of milk at Walmart is now $2.50.

    Have you ever got a check in the mail from Walmart as reimbursement? No? How odd. Shouldn't we be entitled to that 0.50?

    Nope. Cause that's business.

    And for those of you who bought all 3 camos a few days ago, it's you're own fault. Camo bundles have been on the roadmap for some time and in the test server.
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  14. Demon013

    Just got offline to come here and say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! PHYSX IS BACK!!!! WOOOOOT! :eek::D:eek:!!! was totally confused why so many sparks happened in an explosion so I checked and NO GREYED OUT OPTION! turned it up to high :) THANKS A LOT SOE!! BEEN WAITING TOO LONG but i'm satisfied once again.
  15. ColMout

    So nice, no more camo for me it have been removed from my inventory... It's now 500SC but i bought it 750 (the 3in1 camopack)
    Does someone got the same problem?
  16. Van Dax

    you're being juvenile, I would expect that a year and a bit later that even a 60 dollar game would reduce in price. I buy a game in 2013 and they drop the price to 35 tomorrow I don't freak out. I bought a bunch of camoes soon after release, now I am just more likely to buy more as it won't be as expensive.

    they didn't change the function
    they didn't change the look
    they didn't change even the coverage
    you don't get a refund.
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  17. ZZYZX

    4 months ago, I bought a new computer and a new printer. This week, they went on sale, and bundled the printer in with the computer for free. Should I get a refund?

    NO. Quit whining.

    And maybe think twice before you spend real money on fake camo for a free video game.
  18. Astealoth

    Is the new player quiz not awarding the XP boost a common or known bug right now?
  19. TriggerHappyFool

    Revive Timer
    • Player corpses now have a 30 second decay timer. If the dead player is not revived before this timer then their corpse will be removed from the world and that player is no longer reviveable.
    • Successful revives now have a player-facing 10 second accept/decline timer. If this timer reaches zero then the revive is declined and that player's corpse is removed from the world.
    • Medics will now see the revive icon blinking as feedback when an ally player’s corpse decay timer is getting short.
    Okay, while I agree this will help infantry pushes more fun, I have one question and one MAJOR issue.
    Question: does a revive attempt restart, or at the least, pause the revive timer? it takes 6-12 seconds to rez a player, a good chunk on a 30 second timer.
    Major issue: Given the resource cost on a MAX (I could deal with the timer, was there in PS1) and the fact that rez grenades no longer work on MAX, their timer should be longer (1-2 min) to compensate for the resource cost. Any engineer nearby them would have been killed, and timer may have expired, so it would be just a patch to get them moving again, unless a push is coming in behind with more engineers, so it would be a valid change (justify it by life support systems in the suit or something).
  20. Jomango

    Login still down for me saddly.