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  1. n4ka

    You see no point in arguing further because your argument holds no water and you'd rather end the embarrassment, lol. The lack of logic is amazing...
  2. RebasEnob

    You are perfectly right, anyone in my mind who can speak more than one language is far from stupid. Seeing that I only speak one language i feel at a loss when my squad starts talking in a different one. And stupidity is derived from actions, not just thoughts. :)
  3. sucoon

    no i see it difffrent, perhaps because i live in a country with other laws.

    here you get a account wich have a price value at the "market", you spend time to the account and it gains in value. also you buy ingame items wich also increase the value of your account. its like a life insurance or pension, a kind of investment. in my country a laws, to get you money back, if the investment fails in this way.

    or other example you by a stock on the wallstreet and than than the value drop by 2/3 and they know it bevor, like a kinde of insider business, than its normal, that you are pissed of. by the way in this would bea criminell act.
  4. RebasEnob

    You are perfectly right, anyone in my mind who can speak more than one language is far from stupid. Seeing that I only speak one language i feel at a loss when my squad starts talking in a different one. And stupidity is derived from actions, not just thoughts. :)
  5. DasHenne

    You are wrong.
  6. Xenoide

    How is that any different than something going on sale after you bought it?
    I'm sure there are a dozen of items in your house that are cheaper in stores now than when you bought it.
    Doesn't mean you are entitled to a refund.
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  7. Chad444

    So the weirdest thing has happened. When I logged on, I apparently owned a platinum version of the underboss :p I have never owned an underboss before and don't have the platinum commisionar

    EDIT: I have it in VR, but not on live
    DOULBE EDIT: I also have the NS-11
  8. Longasc

    Got my first kill with the Shade, now renamed to Phasejack. The TR TRAP is much better than the very last version I saw on the test server, btw. The NC Gun is now a slightly better Longshot.

    I quite like that they didn't remove the Straight Pull Bolt. It was just too useful for bolt actions and took away from the semi-autos.
  9. Longasc

    P.S. I took the quiz and got the "Cells" Camo. NICE!
    I also got the Cosmos for the MAX, but I already had that unlocked.

    I only got the quiz on the first char I logged in, should have picked an alt to do so.
  10. f0d

    i purchased 3 loafs of bread at the shops last week but this week they are offering 3 for the price of one - this isnt fair i should be refunded for 2 loafs of bread
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  11. ZenzotuskeN

    Do you use a bank? they store your money in pixels also therefore nothing by your logic, simpleton.

    No i Bought a Virtual Currency on Planetside 2 i did not Gift anything to SOE or Planetside 2, it being virtual is irrelevant of this fact. its a platform where you make purchases, for example you wouldn't say you Donated To Steam to buy a Game would you even though its Virtual Copy only made of pixels or that you Donated Money to PayPal even though that is also digital or that your employer donated money to you because your bank account is also pixels.. grow a brain.
  12. Rigsta

    I'm guessing you haven't actually fired the thing on the PTS. The recoil isn't what I'd call small, but it is very consistent. It's definitely not random left-right judder, you'd be absolutely right about that not making an ounce of sense.

    The VS ones were working on the PTS when I tried them earlier, so fingers crossed that fix is in the update but isn't in the notes.
  13. Mr. Kakashi

    I bought a Camo already a long time before this Update and i can´t use it now. How do i get it back anyone got a tip for me. `?
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  14. Skyfaun

    Oh god, why is the Max AI weapon for the LEFT hand? I totally chose the wrong option :( So much less accuracy... totally a downgrade.
  15. Schwak

    That's untrue. If they say "Purchase station cash" that means that you are buying. If they said "Donate" and then had a rewards page based on your amount donated via virtual currency that would be something else.
  16. n4ka

    The problem is that these value reductions will eventually shake consumer confidence. Specifically, they're burning the people with disposable income that have helped keep them afloat bit by bit (folks like me that have invested easily over $100 in subs and SC). If SOE sees no issue with this, than I have no qualms about withholding my money in the future.
  17. Xain

    Really SOE...? If your going to add new Voices and VO Packs - give us WHAT WE NEED! "We Need a Hacker"!!!!! - It was in the last game. It is NEEDED in this game. Please figure it out and add that simple voice command.
  18. Marcel1504

    I made the quiz on a BR 2 NC Char first, But I wanted this quiz on my Main TR account. So I deleted the NC character but the quiz is still not on the TR account. What can I do nw to make this quiz again?
  19. Plunutsud pls

    Banks convert real physical currency (cash) into real digital currency and back.

    In this case, we're talking about exchanging real currency for virtual currency in virtual reality (a game).

    Unlike pay 2 play games, in f2p games like this one you are not spending money on a product.

    The product is the game itself and that game is already free.

    You are simply donating here.

    Our game accounts and everything on them belong to SOE, not us.

    That means they are free to do whatever they want here.

    Like I said, I donate here myself and have donated in several f2p games.

    I understand you and others are pretty frustrated right now and want to vent your anger.

    Please stop venting it at me just because I'm breaking down the facts for you.

    Thanks and have a nice day.
  20. Boursk

    If these can be heard by enemies that's where I stop playing this game.
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