Scheduled Maintenance February 27th, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Plunutsud pls

    You donated = you spent real money on a f2p game in exchange for virtual currency which you used to acquire virtual items for a limited period (until the game eventually shuts down).

    They are not entitled to refund anyone for anything here.

    If you spent money on a f2p game that means you donated.
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  2. ZenzotuskeN

    They probley didn't put a ETA to stop people complaining about them not making a certain ETA.
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  3. Fimaman

    lol ZenzotuskeN, happy birthday to your TR-character ^^
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  4. VietcongToaster

    Why can't people be happy that they get all the camos for the things they DIDN'T purchase all three of? That's enough reimbursement for me.
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  5. Riddlley

    You purchased SC. Not virtual items, in a game. Don't expect a refund. Be happy if they do.
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  6. Ixidron

    Shields servers up
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  7. ZenzotuskeN

    Look up the definition of donate, you obviously don't know what it means, seriously check these things before looking numpty.
  8. Clandestine

    I agree I spend a lot on camos and now this, I will like a refund!!!!! not fair
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  9. cruczi

    You have obviously never equipped a suppressor on any weapon
  10. Nighcall

    Just came back from testing the changes and here are impressions from the VR room.
    • The Phaseshift seems pretty good but I am not convinced to get it because I have the Parallax.
    • The RailJack looks scary good with 10 rounds in the magazine and super fast bullets. The only downside I saw is the obvious tracer it puts off as well as the reload being crazy long but then again it has 10 rounds per mag.
    • The TRAP is still a sad excuse for a sniper rifle but its 3 shot burst makes it seem like it can be good in close quarters and the 2 shot burst for medium ranges.
    • The Vandal is a scout rifle, if you already have the faction specific one there isn't much of a reason to get this one except for its cool reload animation and firing sound effects.

    Unfortunatly we still didn't get the Straight Pull Bolt. The scout and battle rifles got buffed as well as the 6x scopes too(I think will blow the dust off of my Nyx and try it again now).
  11. MadaliNCT

    Anyone else encoutered this problem after update?
    When you hit ESC and try enter class mode or something sometimes you get the cursor on the screen and cant control the unit ive lost 2 tanks already because of this.
  12. cruczi

    Easy mode... compared to what? Unless you provide a point of comparison, your statement makes no sense whatsoever
  13. Plunutsud pls

    Well, if you don't agree with me then let's leave it there.

    I do know the definition of donate and I have donated in several f2p games, including this one.
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  14. ZenzotuskeN

    Expect.. i expect nothing, i do however strongly suggest they do compensate their customers for this erratic change.
  15. Eyeklops

    "My what beautiful tracers this battle has" said nobody during a daytime fight.
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  16. kungflu

    Dear Devs,
    Please revise the corpse decay timer.
    30 seconds is too short and a pain to medics to catch up on the corpse, especially with a non-certified healing tool. 50 to 60 seconds would be more appropriate. And to warn medics that the corpse is to be decayed, make the icon blink at the last 10 seconds..

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  17. Skycap

    "Nighttime on Amerish shortened and brightened. Now similar to other continents."

    Dang. There goes the closest thing we had to actual night-time combat. I actually enjoyed it.
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  18. Eyeklops

    I love when one person calls another stupid:
    and in the next sentence says:
    My only comment: All your grammar are belong to us.
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  19. Chipay

    I bought a TV 5 months ago and now they're selling it for half of its original price, not fair
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  20. Chipay


    But i see you quickly tried to cover up your spelling mistake :p