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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Scrze

    I'd like to get another camo for example buying 2-3 camo "sets" bought :/
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  2. Antem

    "Added occasional, contextual, automatic voice callouts:
    • Tossing grenade
    • Target-specific kill callouts (infantry, MAX, sunderer, etc)
    • Reloading
    • Healing
    • Repairing
    • Friendly fire warning"

    You can turn these off though, right? RIGHT?!

    It's bad enough as it is with everyone yelling for medics and ammo, and that is manually activated stuff.
    Also will enemies be able to hear this too?
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  3. mweb

    People complaining about wasting money on separate cammo etc. SHUT UP MOANING!!!! If you went to a shop and bought a cd for £10, then next week it was in sale for £5 would you demand you money back? Would you xxxx. That is just how it goes, some are lucky some are not. I bought 3 cammo for every item but I do not moan. Deal with it!!
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  4. Mianera

    We are aware, but that doesn't mean we -have- to like it and we are free to post and announce our disapproval of said policy on the forums.

    Everyone is entitled to whine, freedom of the internet ^^
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  5. Xenoide

    I don't know about those camo's.
    You were willing to pay the price for them as they were.
    People who bought multiple camo's for all the slots did so willingly.
    Those who just bought one got lucky here and apperantly get some free camo's.

    For the others it's abit unlucky but you don't have to pay any more or less than you originally wanted too.

    Abit like those steam discounts, everytime i buy a game it's on discount the next day, or a price reduction, it doesn't mean Steam or whomeve,r is supposed to give everyone who ever bought the game a refund because it eventually became cheaper.
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  6. ForsakenGunzz

    I agree with Plunutsud on this one. Everything you buy is technically for the sake of donating to keep the game going and you just happen to get something in return. I mean do not get me wrong I am losing out on SC I spent from this too but at least I know if I ever want to get a new camo I will not have to buy multiple. Also if someone chose to bought all the camos that was their choice this is an MMOFPS the game is going to change over time I say realize that fact or don't play mmo's at all. That is where I will rest my case.

    I also wanted to add that everyone has the freedom to complain about this and I am even upset about it as I mentioned but I also wanted to post the reality of it all with this post. This is how mmo's work and that's all there is to it.
  7. Adukka

    Really? I paid for membership early acces camos for 3k SC (armor,weapons and vehicles). So today i could buy same set with 1k? If so i really want my SC back.
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  8. VakarisJ

    You paid extra to get stuff in advance. Nothing new.

    Tell me, if you can buy 3 different camos for 1500 SC for all of your things, why'd you pay double for the same? User error.
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  9. Pikachu

    Brighter nights on Amerish? Get real SOE.
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  10. Shizzlebitz

    You forgot

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  11. Plunutsud pls

    Why are you making this personal?

    I simply told you the facts.

    The story is the same in all f2p games.

    The last f2p shooter I played was very p2w and people there spent hundreds of dollars to win overpowered guns from random boxes.

    Then one day the devs started nerfing those guns too.

    Nobody was compensated.
  12. Fimaman

    • "Starting the game now puts you in the deploy screen instead of at the warpgate
    • Players can now select to spawn at a reinforcement point on another continent if there are no open reinforcement points on their current continent.
    • The closest spawn point to the squad leader is now available across zones"
    Yes!! very nice changes, the Quiz for newbies too :)
    can understand why paying players in EU are upset about not being able to play every thursday afternoon though..
  13. Vooyek

    You can also argue someone bought a game cheaper, few months after release or he had some kind of discount. You may be sad about it but this is how it work. You can't expect items to be worth the same over unlimited period of time. It's to be expected things get cheaper over time.
  14. Schwak

    While I would naturally complain about buying some camos for both my infantry armor and vehicle as well, with this patch I'm going to effectively get like $50 worth of camos for free so I'm not complaining.
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  15. ZenzotuskeN

    Wait What!?

    No, we did not "Donate" for Cosmetics, We Purchased Cosmetics, i also agree with the people feeling shafted about this Erratic Change we deserve some sort of SC compensation refund for this change.
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  16. Michel

    No Downtime ETA :eek:
    Also .. what if we already own the weapon we would get out of the class quiz? A different weapon? Certs? Nothing :(?
  17. Cipherpol

    Okay for me again my english is not the best: :(

    I buy now a Camouflage for a weapon, than i have the same Camo for vehicles and armor unlocked?

    And the price remain the same? Also 500 SC?

    I paid 1500 SC that i have the same Camos for my weapons, vehicles and armor. :mad:

    I would have preferred when I buy armor (helmet) that this for all classes unlocked.
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  18. triangle

    Update already finished dude.
  19. Michel

    oh .. i'm just too slow :(
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  20. GhostAvatar

    Yes, and TRs standard is going to be NS weapons v2.0000ooooh so boring.

    At least we got the commissar hat :rolleyes: