Scheduled Maintenance April 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Srazor

    I now have a bit higher frame rate. Thanks SOE.
  2. PastalavistaBB

    New Point Cap Announcements are beyond annoying. Every time a point caps or is lost, I hear that "we got the control of the console" blah blah blah. I muted all the voice dialogue.
  3. FrAzE

    5 FRIKIN CRASHES IN ONE ALERT !! yup you got it 64 bit support is a GO !!
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  4. EazyDuzIt

    Its right up there with the stupid decision last year to make drop pods spin...

  5. livineater

    fix the damn game it keeps crashing every couple of minutes
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  6. chriss2534

    soe please fix the install bug I want to play but cant it works on the test server but not on the full game pls help
  7. BetaGuru

    Instant action still useless, though?
  8. Zotamedu

    So instead of fixing the mission system so we can play the game like we want, you made it worse by giving us information we don't need? Thank you for that.
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  9. jOGI

    Crashes...crashes....and hey...sometimes it works...for 20 minutes.....and then...Crash to Desktop....Crash to Desktop.....
  10. AirSuperiority

    Cool, now fix the flak to air balance. Reduce flak/lock range and damage so its a deterrent, not a way to kill air from 3 regions away and ruin a2a battles.
  11. TacoStabber

    Patch for the patch fixed nothing for me. Give me back my frames per second, please.

    Oh... And I noticed something when using the fps counter. Before this, when I was getting a solid 60 fps on ultra, it always said [GPU]. Now it keeps flashing from [CPU] to [GPU], and then back again.

    Also, am I supposed to have PlanetSide2.exe *32, and PlanetSide2_x64.exe running at the same time in the task manager? Because they are...

    I just want things the way they were... Please!
  12. Karles

    not just crashes. also freezes like never before.
    well done soe!!
    sometimes i think u re looking for everybody quit to play alone :cool:
  13. dexsauce

    Game won't launch - crashes!

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  14. Slapnutts

    I never crashed until today. Looking at around 9 or 10 with no specific action that causes any of them. Vehicle console, about to rip of some a few at a Scythe, cruisin' in a Lightning. Doesn't seem to matter. General stability was definitely affected negatively by the update. I was having my best streak ever in a Reaver and BAM, crash city, poopoo in my FUBUS. Sigh.
  15. RIctavius

    Try deleting the old version of Planetside 32.bit version (should be listed as X86)
  16. BillBoBaggins

    Crash after crash after crash.Pretty much 1-2 mins after joining game,once on deployment screen an other just after deploying.
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  17. gunner117

    the same thing is happing to me I have a x86 bit run on windows 8.1 and I just got back form the god dam store with 8000 sc and im Soooooooooooooooo mad I want to kill something SOE plz fix this I and pissed
  18. RIctavius

    Delete the 32.bit version

    delete your useroptions are retweak your settings for preformance.
  19. Scikar

  20. JamesLHowlett

    DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer works. Free install.
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