Scheduled Maintenance April 2nd

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    All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Players may note the following changes.The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

    Major Issue Status -
    • Area de-synchronization (players entering and existing areas causing areas) fix
    • 64 bit client implemented
    64-bit Client
    • If you’re running a 64 bit operating system, you’ll be running with the 64 bit client. If you’re running a 32 bit operating system, you’ll be running with the 32 bit client. This should cut down on memory related client crashes. (If you are running a 16 bit processor, please put your original Super Nintendo back in the closet and load up PlanetSide 2).
    New Items added to Depot!
    • New non-Player Studio Camos are available for purchase Right Meow.
    • A plethora of Player Studio items have been added to the release schedule. Coming soon: Lots more helmets, decals, and many of the camos that you’ve been pining for all these years. (By pine we mean of course strongly desire, not suffer a physical or mental decline. You should never grow that attached to your camo).
    Missions Adjustments/Fixes
    • Defend missions will temporarily no longer use enemy population as a condition to trigger or end the Defend mission. This is to fix an issue causing Defend missions to not end properly and resulted bogus missions. This should reduce the number of missions available and result in more stable and predictable mission behavior.
    • Mission update delay when crossing region borders has been adjusted to reduce frequently changing missions. (This experiment with hardcore mode which provided "simulated conflicting orders" has proven unpopular. Message received!).
      • Aircraft are 30 seconds (up from 20)
      • Ground vehicles are 18 seconds (up from 10)
      • Infantry are 10 seconds (up from 8)
    • VO will now be played when a point is captured or lost at the mission’s facility.
    • Instant action drop pods will now be limited to areas around bases on Indar and Esamir. This change was already made on Amerish. (Your chance of skillfully tearing through a Liberator has not been reduced).
    • Optimized the art for the Reaver. (It's art. Don't try and understand why it's better. Just appreciate it like any civilized person should!).
    • Update to Reaver texture, empire colors, and camo patterns.
    Bugs Fixed
    • Mouse clicks will close the death recap screen (You can now stop murdering your mouse button.)
    • Fixed cases where reinforcement and instant action spawn points would not show up appropriately.
    • Reaver fins should display empire color (small coverage) and camo.
    • Adjusted the location on the model of the NS sniper rifle strap ring. (Don't ask where it was before).
    • Fixed an issue where capture points could flip factions regardless of players being in the area. (To be very clear, we are not working on a Skynet type AI. It honestly no longer needs us.)
    • Fixed an issue when ALT tabbing or mouse clicking out of the client, the mouse will still interact with the game
    • Client crash fixed
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  2. eatcow0

    1) Nice work!
    2) Please change the audio for the mission system or have a mute option for it, hurts my ears
    3) Please unnerf my outfit tag
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  3. WyrdHarper

    Very exciting patch! The new Reaver on PTS looks great, hope the render distance and terrain clipping weren't too hard to fix (fun as they are)!

    What kind of VO for the points flipping?
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  4. sustainedfire

    Wondering how the 64 bit client will work. Hopefully better, making some measure of improvement.

    I suppose it could not crash much more then it does now- could it ? :eek:
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  5. Halon


    I'll still dream of Dx11 though.
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  6. BobSanders123

    Hey where is the 8-bit client support? Honestly man..... This game runs so poorly on my toaster that I can hardly leave the warpgate.... Seriously needs to be optimized...
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  7. Swinefludude

    New non-Player Studio Camos are available for purchase "Right Meow"

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  8. Gav7x

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  9. andy_m

    I'm 64 bit so I sure hope this is going to work okay...

    Will it be a particularly large patch, given the fact that it is a new client? And would it be possible to uninstall the 32 bit software once we a sure that the 64 bit client works? (I suppose the client part of the installation doesn't add up to much, but I thought I'd ask...)

    Also, as well as using RAM "better," will it make any other aspects of the game better/faster/more stable?
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  10. bigcracker

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  11. VS-rm7

    64-bit is not just the memory stuff,

    it has the potential to be 20-30% faster overall due to all of the above.
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  12. sustainedfire

    lol Don't get peoples hopes up.

    If it had a significant performance impact, im sure that would have been touted as a feature- its only stated improvement is that is "should" cut down on memory related crashes.

    Maybe it will make some marginal improvement, but do not hope for much.
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  13. JohnnyRadman

    Seems like a good patch.
    The removing of the reaver's colors seems unnecessary and really dulls it down.
    Still not sure why SOE insists on making all our vehicles gunmetal gray with a splotch of faction colors. I miss our old sundies. And good looking prowlers and mossies. The day when the Vanny finally gets hit with it will be a sad one indeed.

    What does the thing with drop pods mean, exactly?
    Is it such that we can only drop on certain bases (like major facilities and such)? Or perhaps we can only drop at specific locations around (outside of) the bases?
  14. disky00

    Agreed. As much as I love the game and the devs that build it, expect lots and lots of crashes, and a hotfix a day or so later.
  15. Brasil

    2) Please change the audio for the mission system or have a mute option for it, hurts my ears

    I agree, It's not cool to listen to these voices.
  16. Camycamera

    64 BIT CLIENT!
  17. Loeffel

    Great work!
    Love all the changes except the ugly reaver recolour!
    The new reaver painting sucks like hell, so why did u change it? Aren't there bigger problems?
    Do you want to take the last good pice of being a pilot? ( I mean the real nosegun pilots - not these guys with rockets or lockons)

  18. GravityJohnson

    Quick question regarding the 64bit client: do we as end users need to do anything specific to install or enable this, or is it simply part of a standard patch that will configure itself according to our machines automatically?
  19. CEGrif

    standard patch
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  20. ZephyrBurst

    It does everything on its own.
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