Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. Goretzu

    Yeah that's what I though they'd do, but he's specifically said they are nerfing all shotguns now.
  2. Goretzu

    Indeed, at 10m the TR weapons CAN be aimed for solid headshots, the NC pellet weapons CANNOT.

    No one is hiding that, it's a BIG advantage of the TR/VS weapons.
  3. Sebastien

    The ScatMAX needs two shots to hit, Uppercut only needs one.
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  4. Davethulhu

    Apparently NC Maxes are forced to stand still while firing and reloading. You'd think that more people would be aware of this weakness.
  5. Davethulhu

    The scatmax has two guns.
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  6. Sebastien

    Yes. It needs two guns to be as effective at killing as a pump-action.
  7. turtlestation

    Well, I gave in and got a right hand Scattercannon for my NC character.

    -NC are flat out lying when they say you can't kill anyone past 15 meters
    -you can charge into a room and kill at least 5 dudes before you die to their utter disbelief, including enemy MAXes (you will die, but you sure as **** can't do this with a VS/TR MAX)
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  8. LanceHavenbay

    Or just add damage dropoff so you cannot use them outside of an effective range. People just need to stop trying to fight shotguns at point blank.
  9. Goretzu

    And TR and VS MAX are always stationary?
  10. Tekuila

    We will just avoid any sort of buildings then, wouldn't want to fight shotguns at their range then.
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  11. Davethulhu

    Hey man, I'm not the one who keeps posting the ******** video.
  12. Erendil

    That's why NC have slugs. Just as accurate as TR/VS MAX weapons, but more devastating with headshots and more damaging overall. And yet the TR/VS have no close range weapon anywhere near as effective as the NC pellet shotguns. So NC MAXes have better AI weapon options than TR/VS both up close and at range.

    Which makes me wonder: Has any NC MAX tried using AI slugs in one arm and pellets in the other? And has anyone compared the CQC effectiveness of NC dual-slug arms to the TR/VS AI weapons?
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  13. Jizanthapus

    Lol the TR ones will be if they give us lockdown like they were talking about.:eek:
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  14. EvilPhd

    These guys cave so damn easy.
  15. Plunkies

    You should stop arguing balance based solely on your imagination. Slugs aren't accurate. They are far from accurate. They have a random cone of fire that makes them utterly worthless in every way. The burster is a FAR better anti infantry weapon than an NC slug max.
  16. }{ellKnight

    Can't say I'm surprised...
  17. BarxBaron

    Scat max is ez.

    Nerf all shottie dmg vs max across the board.

    Nerf NC insta gib vs infantry so they at least have TIME to think like they do vs TR/VS.

    Buff scat max at range or give them back their old skool choke fire selection.

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  18. TeknoBug

    Generally I don't have a problem with scat MAXes, but their TTK compared to some of the other short TTK weapons are way off the scale and the TTK on TR/VS MAX vs NC MAX is a little off too.

    And **** the pump action shotguns, **** them in the *** straight up. :mad: They should have never added pump action shotguns and should have noticed the high downvote on the roadmap thread.
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  19. SpcFarlen

    Balance is a never easy when you have asymmetric weaponry yet force players to play in ares where those weapons excel far greater than the other factions. I hardly ever see Vanu or TR do MAX crashes to clear a point, yet NC will do it 100% of the time, and everyone know how effective they are too. The game funnels players into these areas where the Scatmax excels (Biolabs, inside tech plants and amp station, any control point as well). So the idea of "just stay out of effective range" is impposible, parially thanks to the Charge ability too.

    TR and Vanu need a CQC weapon for their MAXs. Just like NC need a longer range weapon for theirs. For the sake of balanced and fair gameplay all classes and vehicles should have comparable equipment (in terms of range of engagement and effectiveness) but of course with their factions flavor and spin too them.

    Otherwise ScatMAXs will be nerfed to the point of uselessness. The other factions MAXs will be too strong, theyll be nerfed later. MAXs as a whole are now useless. All MAXs then get a buff and the cycle continues. More QQ threads, more people getting turned off to the game because a) they keep seeing changes with no end b) they cant play what they love and are effective with c) feel the devs have some secret faction loyalties and want their faction to be OP.

    I hate the idea of homogenizing the factions, because you do start to kill off what makes the faction unique. But if you have gameplay mechanics that force all players into areas where one faction shines, its a balance issue and needs to be addressed.
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  20. TomaHawk

    Your dismissing its armor, its range.

    Please don't try to argue the efficiency of a ScatMax versus a guy with a pump and without the suit. People will laugh at you.