Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. SharpeShooter

    I think we should just remove all the weapons and just give people broomsticks so we can run around and bash each other over the head with them until one person dies! and SOE can bring out a new broomsticks for example, "Pointy broomstick" then an upgrade "slight more pointy broomstick" but then it will get to the point where you will have a "sharp broomstick" at which time it will need a nerf and we will be back at "pointy broomstick"

    PS: I agree with the max nerf but not the shotgun nerf!
  2. Garrett24789P

    Does this mean the jackhammer is getting nerfed too?:eek: or does it mean the jackhammer is gonna be the most powerful shotgun after the nerf?:eek:

    FYI even if they do nerf the NC MAX, it is still gonna be the most powerful thing in CQC.
  3. MykeMichail

    I can post irrelevant videos too see.
  4. doombro

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, NC.

    I'm just happy that your MAX is finally getting the balance hammer it deserves.
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  5. TomaHawk

    What's your name on Connery? That way I know who to teabag. Don't hide, loser, what's the name?

    Thank you for doing exactly what I asked for. Nothing makes me happier. laololololl
  6. TomaHawk

    Aegie, as long as there are games, there will be people crying about this or that being OP, which is merely hiding the fact they are terrible players and can't do anything else. Balance has a place, sure, but SOE has shown to have pacifiers and is willing to hand them out, this is no exception to that. You, like SOE, will never be able to help bad players from continuing to suck at games. And why should you? Just keep blowing the kiddies away and enjoy the flood of tears.
  7. Peacemaker12

    I really hope the Jackhammer isn't included in the shotgun nerfs, that way it'll be a desired shotgun for people wanting a pre-nerf shotgun, since the Jackhammer is pretty bad compared to the current shotguns right now.

    With that said, I admit to being guilty as a ScatMAX user and think the nerf is fine considering how useless the VS/TR MAXs are at the moment. Now we can all be useless until the MAX revamp!
  8. SpaceKing

    Agreed. The NC Max is annoying for infantry, and it should be, but it shouldn't be a MAX-killer.
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  9. Sea of Ink

    Wonder if it's going to be a universal nerf, as in Scatter/Hack/Grinder all nerfed, or just Hacksaws. Was going to purchase dual Grinders, but I guess I'll hold off and see what happens first.

    Also, my respect for particular outfits completely disappears when I see a horde of their members crying it up in the forums. I hate TE, but those guys never come to the forums to cry. Just sayin'.
  10. Syphers

    It should be a max killer in the right range otherwise that would be lame, the TR MAX need a damage buff, the VS I don't know as they pack more damage per hit than the TR and they are also more accurate. A good TR or VS MAX charge away when a scattmax is after him - possible solution TR and VS MAX charges last 2 secs longer to keep a good distance.

    If a scattmax camp a room then he's in the right to have an advantage inside, the infantry have the tools to take that out it's up to the players to use it well instead of running around mindlessly. Example a biolab assault fight, the TR or the VS hold the teleports and are stuck inside - Solution everyone gears up light assault and zerg the tops while covered by some players inside to keep the MAX and everything else at bay, scattmaxes are basically useless, players drop c4 and grenades all around and wreak havoc clearing the path to push in the zerg. Tactics 101, people just lack it in general or don't bother to listen and cry o nerf instead of overcoming
  11. Takoita

    The one interesting thing about the tweet posted in OP: shotguns will be adjusted first, then some gameplay testing will follow and with that data in mind MAX will get adjusted as a whole. Instead of how it was done before (+20% dmg, -15% armor. all rolled in one update, for example). Which is good progress, IMHO.
  12. TomaHawk

    Well, the ScatMax has two of them, they have far greater armor, and often come complete with Engy Repair bots in tow. I believe they also have a greater lethal range than the Uppercut, but could that be because of the dual guns? The two don't feel the same much at all.

    Funny thing is, I don't care if they decided not to nerf the ScatMax, but shotgun whiners are a plenty!
  13. RichardDunn

    I doubt you ever used a pump-action with slugs, it takes skill to use. I actually used Certs to unlock my Shotgun, I was just expressing my frustration about the devs catering to whiners. If you would have read my follow up post you would have understood this, but no, you're like most people on these boards, a lousy troll.

    Look up my stats one of these days and you'll see that I'm far from being a noob.

    I'm sick of all the players out there like you that troll the forums without providing constructive feedback.
  14. RichardDunn

    I understand that most people out there want want a balanced game and a better community, I feel the same way. But it's pretty obvious that these forums are a giant cesspit of whiners. That's what I'm trying to bring to light. I know the game is far from being balanced, but the cries for nerf are getting ridiculous. There are a number of players out there who cry nerf to any weapon they get killed by, you can't deny that. They know the Devs will listen so they continue to whine. There are a number of outfits who organize on these boards to get a particular weapon from a faction nerfed, just for personal gain.

    I personally feel the Shotguns are balanced, they excel in close range and blow the further out you are. The slugs are good at medium range but require skill to hit moving targets. I don't see what they can to balance them other than nerfing them. I have the right to express my opinion and how I feel about the subject, please don't generalize what I say.

    You're jumping the gun and inquiring that I'm complaining about every change SoE makes, which simply isn't true. I'm happy with a number of needed changes that have been implemented since launch. However, I'm not happy with all the whining for personal gain, I'm just trying to bring to light the disease that's festering between a specific group of whiners and the Devs. They feed off each other in a never ending circle that keeps intensifying.
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  15. Goretzu

    It is.

    Looks like TR MAXs will out-DPS from what 5m+? :eek:

    We'll have to see how they can make that work (I can't see how they can).
  16. Goretzu

    Given that it only out-DPS the TR AI weapons from 0-8m now it is hard to see where they can go with it in the context of reducing DPS.

    Maybe they are going to nerf shotgun damage across the board, although that is still going to leave a problem is ScatMAX don't out-DPS TR/VS AI MAX at any range (or any useable range 0-5m or less).

    Going to be interesting to see what they come up with, that doesn't leave shotguns as useless as the Jackhammer. o_O
  17. FuriousSquirrel

    This video was old, this was with use of slugs, back when they still fired pellets, now the slugs fire like an actual slug. This is no longer a valid video post of the Max strengths
  18. CaligoIllioneus

    Please stop posting that forged video. It's been said thousands of times, but both MAXes are stationary and the TR one is getting constant headshots.
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  19. Tekuila

    Easy, give them something other than shotguns.
  20. Olek

    Even if they shaved off 25% of the shotgun damage, which would be a lot, it would still be very effective, it would at least give me an extra second to hit my charge / retreat button:)