Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. Shockwave44

    Funny how you didn't mention what the VS have.
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  2. Shockwave44

    I love it when the NC's balls are close the ban saw, that's when they want to talk.

    You had your chance, fun time is over.
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  3. Regis7575

    First off I think the shotguns are fine. The people who cry balance should just go play league of legends or something.

    I am pretty sure that if you get hit up close with 6 shotguns you are still going to die. I don't see how that could ever change??

    I hope the pump action damage doesn't get nerfed because then there is no point in even using the pump action. All of the other shotguns don't need any changes at all. If they become useless people will just spam SMG's in CQC and then those will get nerfed too.

    PS: I play VS not NC and I have auraxium with the Thanatos and am ~100 kills out from auraxium with the Phobos.

    I wish to apply your sig in a similar fashion to my max :D
  5. MurderBunneh

    Having 4000 kills with an auto shottie and your next best infantry gun having 300 kills. I hope all this skill you have translates to using weapons other then spamming your Prowler he or a auto shottie because otherwise you are ****** lol.
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  6. -Synapse-

    I tried that once, it took about 30 or so swipes.
    Good luck.
  7. Sebastien

    It's funny because people complain about the pump action shotgun OHK, so the logical thing for SOE to do is to nerf the TTK for the pump action, however by doing this it will become worse than the Semi-auto shotguns available now.
    Only way they could nerf it without completely ruining the weapon is to decrease its' range, but even if it was OHK only at PB there would still be people complaining about it.
  8. HadesR

    VS have a good MBT, A Good ESF, pretty solid infantry weapons, When finished what could be a good ESRL
    Max is pretty crappy atm but balance's changes coming
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  9. Shockwave44

    I don't think so.

    Good MBT and ESF? I want you to name something amazing the VS has that the other 2 factions hate, as in, they have a hard time countering it.

    The NC max is amazing, the TR prowler is amazing and the VS ________ is amazing.

    Fill in the blank.
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  10. HadesR

    Nc max is being changed .. The Prowler was changed , so i wouldn't say it's amazing now but it's still a good MBT ... The VS had the Mag which was amazing till it was changed ..

    ALL amazing stuff is being slowly changed to being just good/average ... In the end because of all the nerf call's we will all end up with just mediocre good weapons that are virtually the same cross factions ..
    Some might say boring and bland *shrugs*
  11. Shockwave44

    Well, the TR and NC deserve it then because it all started with the magrider. Instead of buffing the other 2 tanks, you guys called to nerf us. What goes a around, comes around.

    No one never thinks a few moves ahead, only what's right in front of them.

    Welcome to the VS zone.
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  12. Regis7575

    Just balance like DOTA 2 and make everything OP
  13. TomaHawk

    I've played TR exclusively since launch. Haven't even created an NC toon. Yea, that was the sound of your hole flushing your nonsense. Thanks for the laugh, though.
  14. crazyoldfart

    If the nerf shotguns or scatmaxs I give up.(BTW I play VS and not NC). I want to crap my pants when i run around the corner head on into a Scatmax. I like the challenge, after respawning of course. If you come around a corner and meet a guy with a shotgun, You best be dancing or die.
    There not near as op as the whinners makes it out to be. Neither is the shotgun.. I only use my at certain times anymore. Sucks getting kill cause you met someone unexpectedly 20 meters away. LA Carbines are much easier and faster to kill with in most cases without being gimped at range.
    I don't expect much change to either as nerfing them would make the useless. People need to get the silly notion that a clip needs to be unloaded to kill someone out of there head and accept that the fact that you can be instantly killed in this game. You just have to learn to deal with it, excluding the hacks out there.
  15. TomaHawk

    thank you, I am enjoying!

    Why not come over to Connery, scary bunny. I'll happily show you my cannon.
  16. -Synapse-

    So long as they give it more range functionality (ie tighter spread) along with the inevitable damage nerfs I'll be happy.
  17. Regis7575

    Why would you be happy with that. It doesn't need range it should just 1 shot if you're close with it. It sucks if you're further away and thats how it should be?
  18. SharpeShooter

    Honestly shotguns do what they are supposed to do! I hope they don't do anything to the damage but instead nerf the range. I don't see how shotguns are op as everyone can use them! they are mirrors of each other! There are two reasons why the scatmax is op, firstly like any other Max its built like a brick poo house, thus, it can charge into close range thus giving its shotguns the perfect situation to rip people up, nothing can kill a scatter max as fast as it can kill you! the other reason its OP (for lack of a better word) is simply because only one faction has access to it. Therefore, people don't have the same options.

    Also a side note as everyone knows the only reason shotguns are coming up now as being "op" is because of the pump actions that were introduced not so long ago, the other shotguns have been in since launch and I honestly think they are fine. Yes I do use a nighthawk on my light assault but I play medic with my TRV far more often, so please no flaming me.
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  19. Laraso

    Actually, it still does. With only 7 shots in the clip (with a maximum of 14 w/ dual grinders + extended mags), you're effectively limited to engaging just one target before needing to retreat to cover and reload.

    It's not a mid-range weapon. It can kill at mid-range, but that doesn't mean it's effective at the job.
  20. Anantidaephobia

    I'm glad that NC maxes get tuned down, this was really getting ridiculous. Being one shot by a noob hiding inside a tank armor is utter BS.
    Now I hope shotguns get a nice nerf too. Same reason here : being 2-shot in 1.5 seconds by a light armoured guy when you're an HA with NO hope of winning just sucks as much as the above.