Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. rickampf

    ****... it is true :eek:
  2. Beartornado

    • Scat Maxes get a 4th barrel
    • Scat Maxes get a slight increase in reload time.
    • Scat Maxes now have Composite Top Hats and Monocles. Only the most gentlemanly Scat Max would look so classy while smashing your face in.
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  3. TheBillOf3D

    They'll get a shotgun for their scope slot.

    I only use my max when getting swarmed by air.
  4. Jakko

    Don't forget the bow tie and cuff links.
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  5. Eclipson

    Its about dang time.
  6. AtroposZero

    +1, would read again.
  7. Drippyskippy

    I told myself that I wasn't going to waste time on players who don't understand what the term "balanced" means, but I just couldn't resist. So instead of changing a few numbers in the game code to bring shotguns more in line with SMG's and other weapons, you instead propose to entirely redesign bases, and potentially even changing how capture mechanics work. Obviously, changing a few numbers in code is going to be a whole lot less work for the devs and is the obvious solution to the problem that shotguns pose to the game. Bio labs would have to be redesigned as well. If they decided to do what your suggesting then vehicles come into play regarding capture mechanics and open space where points are. Thereby creating the problem of easy access of vehicles to go back to farming infantry. Then we wouldn't have infantry fighting anymore like what we have seen in the past in this game.

    They partially fixed the problem of vehicles having to much access to farming infantry and how open bases are. That created something amazing called infantry fighting. With close enclosed combat that created a new problem: shotguns being the undisputed best weapon to use. Now your suggesting to open up the capture points again so that infantry can go back to being farmed by vehicles....

    I know that this is a logical counter argument to your post so i'm expecting you to do what you did to me in another thread, where you quote my post and replace my words with your words that i'm whining, but the facts are obvious. I'm surprised with someone who claims to have so much gaming experience that you couldn't see this...makes me question if your telling the truth . Especially since your posts seems to be very childish and insulting, makes me think your a kid.
  8. SharpeShooter

    I know what they will do! They will make the Pump action and the aouto shotgun useless and make the two semi auto shotties much better thus making people buy them. "watch this space". I bet they do this. Also they will nerf the scatter max down to the ground or make it even better.
  9. SharpeShooter

  10. FigM

    All they have to do is take away Slug Ammo option for shotguns. It was a stupid thing to begin with. It changed the short-range nature of shotgun into a viable medium and long range sniper - essentially covering all the roles of other weapons, with rate of fire being the only thing left
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  11. Tekuila

    That's with slugs btw.
  12. Bape

    Im just glad they will nerf ALL shotguns no more players running around with pump shotguns and 1 shotting you say goodbye to that :) and also I wonder what he will do? nerf the damage but give us insane range? I hope he gives me more range or something and lol at the max pass giving all maxes option for ranges im pretty sure flamethrower is for close range and i HOPE nc maxes get 2 Gauss Saws with better recoil and accuracy :rolleyes:
  13. Streetfighter

    Too late. And since they got a new op weapon who cares. Higby fail as usual.
  14. Antivide

    People ignore realities that challenge theirs while substituting their own.

    Vanguard lowest score, IT'S BALANCED

    NC Infantry lowest score, IT'S BALANCED

    Reaver lowest score, IT'S BALANCED

    NC MAX highest score, NERF NERF NERF, I'M VS AND TR BABY.

    This is a good way to kill the NC playerbase. Way to go, pander to Forumside 2 SOE. Hope your game lives long (I hope it dies)
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  15. TomaHawk

    No, drippy dip****, you are confusing me with someone else. No worries as I don't GAF. That said, you did make a couple points I'd like to point out myself from here on. First is the "simple" changes to code being a whole lot less work for the devs. You assume I care about the work devs need to do. Because I expect them to work hard to earn my money, even if the game client itself is wholly free. I will happily support a dev effort with my cash so long as it convinces me its worth sticking around for it. And so I have, because I've already made it clear that at its core, PS2 is a fun game. Code changes or not, however simple or difficult to me is simply irrelevant. The gameplay we all experience today is a result of that work, and simple or complex changes that can bring about a variety of fights vs the copy and paste bases and labs we have today does not make that any different. Each cap is the same, each fight is a mere copy of the last. The difference is in how many vehicles, or how many boots on the ground, not much else.

    Now, people want to blame the shotgun when I am asserting player skill is just as much a factor as a weapon you don't seem to like and claims it needs "balanced". That's where I do my own crying. I cry and whine myself about the players crying and whining about the weapons. I can't make other players better so they'd quiet down from the whining, nor am I interested, yet, some players feel it's ok to whine and cry about weapons as if changing the numbers on shotguns will help make them better players or enhance their gameplay.

    I don't like ScatMAXXES. They kill in one shot. They manage to get NC Engineer repair bots behind them, I've seen them as much as 4 deep on one MAX. But instead of whining nerf, I find ways to deal with them. There are several good ways of doing that. The reason I don't whine about them? Because there are alternatives. And I submit to you the simple truth I've already made clear; code changes to the MAX, in whatever direction, will not help or hinder my game play. But enough code changes performed without a plausible and competent justification for weapon or environment changes will have an impact. Enough of them, and you will see players leave the game.

    Lastly, my point about altering the caps was about the current environment we fight in today, I did not say that to fix the issue with shotguns, SOE was now going to have to alter how we fight for them. I merely pointed out that BECAUSE caps are designed the way they are, people using more shotguns is pretty logical since they are efficient weapons on CQ. I'd expect you to have the intelligence to know the difference, to which you apparently do not. Clear now, ****head?
  16. Aegie

    I fixed it for you.
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  17. Antivide

    Reaver has broken gun mount, Reaver has biggest hitbox, Reaver is the slowest, Reaver is the least maneuverable, THE VORTEK KILLS IN .2 SECONDS FASTER.

    Play your freaking TR side 2. Enjoy your freaking K/D as NC die to everything. Disgusting. God forbid NC have something useful, right? No, we can't have that. Nerf everything NC has. NC cannot have nice things. Those are for communists and scientologists.
  18. TomaHawk

    By all means then, please feel free to ****. You clearly have little clue to what you are talking about.
  19. Aegie

    Not sure if you are directing this at me, but if you are I think you misunderstood the intention of my post.
  20. Antivide

    You misunderstand everything.