Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. Sinoby

    I guess they have to nerf it, and then introduce flamethrowers. Flamethrowers are even already present in the wrapon sheet...
  2. PS2Freak

  3. Rec0n412

    Does this mean they're not going to completely botch the patch?
  4. Aegie


    First, for all those who are getting excited about the news- be careful not to get your hopes too high because nothing is set in stone, they may take a close look and say it is fine, they may make some adjustments that still allow shotguns and Scatmaxs to be really advantageous in CQC, they may nerf them into oblivion.

    I welcome whatever they think is necessary. I never play MAX so I could care less. I only unlocked a PAS because I followed some of the nerf threads and a shotgun user presented a very valid proposal- think they are OP then try them in the real game. I have zero need for a shotgun and only appreciate the slugs because I want a weapon where well placed shots actually matter instead of all the spray guns (basically every non sidearm, non sniper rifle is a spray gun IMO, some are just better at spraying than others). I would much rather be obviously UP and deal with it (like before) than be relatively balanced if it means people will stop complaining and just play.
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  5. Molotov

    The real reason Scatmaxes are being nerfed:

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  6. Aegie

    Yeah, except that IMO "various different weapons" other than shotguns with slugs and sniper rifles all cater to the spray n' pray crowd. Outside of sluggos/snipers could you point me in the direction of a weapon that is competitive mid-long range without requiring so many bullets you end up painting a "shot here" arrow back at yourself? I would like at least 1 weapon that any class can use that is semi-auto slow ROF but does enough damage per shot to be competitive against other mid-long range autos. Maybe just let me put a scope on my sidearm- or better yet make the NS revolver powerful enough because then no forum crying about faction imbalance.

    If during this balance pass they nerf shotguns then so be it, no big deal- seriously though, how many small arms weapons outside of the sniper rifle truly reward for patient accurate shot placement?
  7. UrMom306

    i'd rather have spray and pray crowd then no skill shotgun spammers. With the spray and pray crowd if they can't shoot, you can out skill them and take them down. Shotgunners just run around one shotting people. I dunno about everyone else but i rage MUCH less vs spray and prayers
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  8. HadesR

    As a none Max user .. I was more happy about the changes to shotguns in general :)

    Let the NC tears commence.
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  10. Knarfis

    I dont get it!!!!

    If the NC MAX is only effective at close range, than why not attack it beyond that range?? If a BioLab is NC controled, they have buildings in there, Light Assault up to one of the roofs and take the MAX down!!

    What am I missing here?? Why is a single purpose class like the Scatter MAX being nerfed when all it can do is just that one thing in one situation?? What is wrong with this picture?

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  11. Zar

    lol ah the nc no matter what they think they are the under dog. really kind of sad really.... when their max is a walking cert machine and their ESL is broken as hell but your right you are the under dog, an under dog with super powers.... pretty sure they made a show about it.... >.>.
  12. SNAFUS

    Though this video is not end all be all proof of the matter. It still shows that the scatt max never had a mid range issue. You just couldn't insta kill at mid range and thought that wasn't right at all.:eek::eek::eek:
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  13. HadesR

    No one is the underdog .. Generally apart from a few issues that all factions have .. ( TR having the best ESF for example or NC max ) all factions are pretty much close to each other now ..

    Any one claiming to be the underdog is just bad ( and that's from any faction)
  14. Zar

    I agree bar the NC Max and the ESL they have once those are brought in line with everyone else will be solid. give them a mid ranged weapon thats good. take away the CQC god cannon they have everyone wins. they can stop using 10 meters as a this is why we should have this bs they like to say and we can have good fights again.
  15. Aegie

    With buckshot in CQC or an autoshotty yeah you are right there is a lot of spam. Of course, with high ROF large capacity magazines (and infinite ammo engineers) being the norm you are really trading one kind of spam for another.

    Buckshot is not what I am talking about here- I want gun variants that fire 1 projectile at a time with a slow ROF that can compete with the automatic counterparts. I would like a semi-auto weapon that has more or less the average DPS of other weapon types in the category but acheives this DPS with far fewer rounds that take much longer to fire- end result, a weapon that matters if you get hit with it (i.e. does not have to paint a big "shoot here" arrow back at the shooter) but necessitates that you take the time to accurately place your shots.
  16. Mastachief

    isnt beta fun..........
  17. BHB_rightnow

    Good. Anything to clear the fair weather fruits from ruining my firing lanes is a boon to me. To many fotm scats out there now.
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  18. UrMom306

    yeah i can agree with that.
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  19. rickampf

    I dont belive in it... my eyes are deceiving me.
    The Scattmonster? The HackGOD? Goliahmax? kongorMax, it will be nerfed?

    Higby... the Terrans approves.
  20. Laraso

    Ugh.. this is completely dumb. Either the "balance" they have in plan will be so minimal that it wont affect the NC MAX, or it will make it worthless.

    I hope you TR and VS are happy. You got what you wanted. Now you guys will have the best MAX, while we run around shooting BB's out of our shotguns.