Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. Dr ZErO

    If they reduced damage pershot to 125(next tier down) then 6 times 125 is 750 vs 858 of the current scattercannon, it would be a rather large nerf to make guys happy but with 2 your still doing 1500 damage vs 1716(prenerf) with duel scattercannons. If you nerfed it anymore it's basically a waste of time.

    I'm NC and I agree the scat max needs a balance pass but lets not drive the thing into the ground.

    What the devs need to do is BUFF the TR and VS AI weapons, I'm getting tired of NERFS for anything for any reason. Nobody likes to enjoy something and then have somebody take it away and give you a lessor version and tell you to enjoy it just as much. THAT'S ******* LAME. I'm here to enjoy things. Not deal with LAMENESS.

    BUFF TR AND VS MAXES! End of story.

    Now then, if you gave NC maxes something like a Gauss saw LMG on each arm. Reduce it's fire rate to say 350, with a magazine of 200, then your on par with the other maxes, since you can't ADS it's still just a medium range weapon. It puts you on par with the other maxes and you can't insta gib people.
    Why the devs have not given this to NC and given the other empires a short range weapon is beyond me.

    Personally I'd roll with 2 gauss saws then 2 scat cannons or mix them. With a scattercannon doing 750 vs 858 and one gauss saw doing 200 at a rate of fire of 350 you can no longer Insta gib (without a headshot) people and you would have a medium range option but still be very powerful up close.
  2. somePS2dude.

    These threads always amuse me because people couldnt understand how overpowered shotguns were until people began using OHK and auto shottys. NC maxes werent OP because of their weapons, it's because they have TWO shotguns alpha striking on a person. If people are ******** about dying to OHK shotguns, it's no contest that people melt in front of a dual any shotgun max. This is what happens when you base a faction around shotguns SOE.
  3. Tamas

    My bet is that you can throw away NC max after the update, it's gonna be used only as AA.
  4. HazyW

    As useful as the other empire Maxes, you mean?
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  5. Kaon1311

    I was replying to someone who brought up bio labs. Instead of bio labs, shall we just say any buildings? With the hex change coming, bio labs will have to be taken to progress. So atmo we can just bypass them, and let the masochists try take it, if they are taken by NC, soon we wont.

    The NC max can lock down a (dont hate me for saying) bio lab, well any building to be fair, far better than any other unit in the game. When the two other factions have nothing that comes close to doing the same, then maybe it needs addressing.
    Like prowlers farming infantry, yes they are better than the other two, but thats been talked about just as much aswell.

    Max suites, by the look of it, are a large metal exo-skeleton, the reason the fleshy human inside is dead is because the suite has been destroyed by c4, heavy fire etc. So by having a medic revive the person inside, the suite also repairs itself? The reason i said the max shouldnt be revived is from a game viewpoint, its a game, therefore 'realistic' gets thrown out for gameplay. Of all the things you can be deployed using timers /certs, its the only one that can be repaired when destroyed.
  6. FigM

    I would dare say that NC MAX is okay, it's powerful like a MAX should be. However, if we accept NC MAX as a standard, then both VS and TR MAX need a significant buff, if not in damage, then in accuracy.

    The real problem is that right now, NC MAX is greatly superior to VS and TR MAX at both close range AND long range (with Slug ammo). Other MAX stats being all the same. It's just bad game design. So either NC gets brought down in line with the other 2, or other 2 get brought up in line with NC
  7. Keiichi25

    Actually, play an NC MAX sometime.

    Only the Grinder has more than 7 rounds in the magazine for the AI weapons, and even then, it is 9 rounds. The ammo capacity of the guns are 63 + 1 Mag (7 rounds) per Ammo cannister for the NC MAX. 72 for the Grinder.

    I will admit on my character, I probably have quite a few NC MAX kills via the AI Hacksaw, now that I use it, but also, take in consideration how I use it versus how I use the TR MAX or a VS MAX. The NC MAX is great for close range combat because of the rapid fire hard hitting at close range and the fact there are many stupid players who try to pot shot near teleporter rooms where I would pop out, unload, then fall back. I live longer because I fall back instead of dying, then forced not to use the MAX until the timer is done, meanwhile, people throwing themselves at things will pump up the ability for me to do this.

    The problem is less so about how much power is done, it is how people 'feed' it and how people use it. However, on the flipside, I also have seen the pumpaction shotguns and the other shotguns being used a lot with in the short range fights which have come pretty much like OHKs now that most are unable to fight unless they are armed with shotguns as well. I feel that in the end, the weapons have to be 'general' in order to be within reason.
  8. Keiichi25

    Actually, the NC Max is not superior with the Slug ammo at long range. The shot is not pinpoint accurate by any means and even with 'spray and pray' shooting, the long range is questionable. At short range, however, it is better at the situation because of the fact you are guaranteeing the damage versus hoping you are getting enough in.
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  9. Udnknome

    A SCAT-Max Nerf was going to be needed eventually anyhow. Once the empire specific Max Powers come online -- NC maxes are proposed to have shield

    I don't really believe they are overpowered at this time due to the convergence problem along with the requirement to be almost point blank range for them to be instagib effective. Put a shield on it though -- that's another story entirely.
  10. SirJollyRoger

    I fully agree that they really are not overpowered at this time. You have to be close for them to be effective after just like the TR max. It really is interesting why so many people go after the NC max and the shotguns, do rockets not hurt NC maxes? Anyways with the new changes to all maxes they'll have to tweak things. Shield max with the same shotguns is going to be overpowered i saw because they can still move. O well we shall have to see what the devs come up with.

    I just hope the devs put more thought into what people say and not fall for the QQers that run around like mindless turkeys thinking they should be able to kill everything solo like cod.
  11. Niller

    I use my hackmax alot, and i find this change good, but i would still like to see a overall damage nerf to ALL maxes, and then give them more armor. I hope they reduce the ScatMax pellets from 6 to 3. So each scattergun is half a shotgun, like the TR ad VS max weapons
  12. MilitiaMan

    Gratz on your tears ruining yet another aspect of the game.
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  13. Devrailis

    Slug ammo MAXes are not superior at any standoff range against dual-Mercy/Cosmos.

    The refire rate is terrible, the spread is still a gamble, and the overall damage is a downgrade from pellets.

    Slugs are great for picking off infantry. They are a clear downgrade against any intelligent TR/VS MAX player.

    I'm usually on the side of TR/VS players who feel that the NC MAX is too strong against other MAXes and I've myth busted plenty of NC crap about the effectiveness of the NC MAX.

    But saying that the slugged cannons are anywhere near a match at mid-range for Mercies and Cosmos is stupid/********/imbecilic/(insert your choice word of dishonest/unintelligent).
  14. Jezs

    Each gun on an NC max does the same damage as a regular shotgun, yet each gun on a VS/TR max has half the rate of fire of a carbine.

    Nothing to nerf here
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  15. Tilen

    So then NC maxes suck at all ranges?

    Come on... this is ******* fantastic....
  16. Tilen

    Seriously, the most enjoyable part of being the NC (that is, hitting hard up close, THEY WAY IT SHOULD BE) is getting nerfed? Blah...

    OK I HAVE to ask. In your sig, it looks like that angry dude gets a pair of **** for a split second. I watched that dude flip out a hundred times and cannot figure out what the heck the "****" are. Its about mid way through the sequence, and only appears for 2-3 frames.
  18. Zorro

    In addition, TR and VS MAXes should get their own CQC weapons. In return, give NC MAXes longer ranged weapons.
  19. Tilen

    Mirroring man... that's not fun at all. Besides, the factions are supposed to have their specific traits.
  20. Tilen

    You guys wanna do something good for the game? Cry about proximity mines and claymores. That's the kind of no-skill-required garbage that doesn't belong.