Scatmax change Incoming

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  1. MattGL

    I don't think scat maxes are horribly overpowered. I kill them all the time on my heavy using concussion nades and c4/rockets. I just hope they don't nerf them into crap like they do with a lot of stuff, as I hate to see that for any faction. I play tr primarily ftr, and have never used an nc max once.

    I have no issues on my dual mercy clearing rooms of infantry just like the scat, albeit slightly slower. IMO the only thing that they need is to do much less damage to other maxes. I can unload both mercy clips into a max and not kill it, but a scatmax can drop my max in 1.5 seconds.
  2. BRG7780

    Eh... I personally never had a problem with them. I reacted to them like any other MAX: I turned and ran, gained some distance, THEN turned around and engaged. I liked the "HOLY ****" feeling I get when a Scatmax waddles into a room.

    I hope the changes are balanced, and don't make the NC Max useless.
  3. Goretzu

    Indeed, with higher DPS though, so in that film test TR would win the fight from closer than 8m. :eek:

    This is simply unture.

    ADS slugs are very accurate, but there is no way to ADS with a ScatMAX so you only have CoF slugs, slugs fired in this way are very random indeed, fire a clip at an infantry and one clip could hit 100% but then the next clip could miss 100%.

    NC AI out-DPS TR/VS from 0-8m, from 8m to maximum range TR/VS out-DPS NC, that's just shotguns and LMGs for you.

    One of both is fairly pointless you're not gaining enough longer range power, yet losing a lot of short range power.

    Dual slugs are more effective at range, but they are much less effective close up, so the slug wielding NC AI MAX becomes a weaker version of the TR/VS AI MAXs. The only upside is the randomness of the damage (as mentioned above) which means sometime you CAN put out a lot of damage with slugs, but then other time you do a lot less. On average though it is less than TR/VS.
  4. Goretzu

    No, but you seem to be missing the point that if one MAX can move so can the other one and the negative effects and positive are largely the same.
  5. Takoita

    A reply from the video's comments:

    "...i am speechless that people see this video as "evidence" that TR MAX is better. if I have dual hacksaws on my MAX I don't run around trying to fight people at 20m, I let them get into 5m range and shred whole squads with a single magazine. if I wanted to fight people at longer ranges I would get slug rounds and I wouldn't just cycle through the magazine as fast as I could, I would actually aim with them and kill you! stupid video is stupid because they don't take into account the skill factor..."
  6. StormFrog

    This won't change much. AI MAXs are already one of the least played classes/vehicles in this game.

    Maybe all of the problems with the Reaver and Vanguard can get some attention when this is out of the way.
  7. Goretzu

    How do you "let" someone get into the 5m range exactly?

    The only place you can do it is at a building door, you cannot somehow drag people into that range otherwise.

    Slug rounds don't do the DPS of TR/VS weapons at medium or longer range AND don't do the DPS of pellets at close range, making them a somewhat mediocre choice (without the ability to ADS in a MAX), also there is no "skill factor" with slugs as you cannot aim them in a MAX (again no ADS ability) and they randomly travel the CoF and are pretty inaccurate doing that, ironically especially at range.

    So I don't really see your point there.
  8. Morticai

    Evidently, it's going to be a reload speed nerf.
  9. Goretzu

    That's a very strange choice. :confused:

    Given that the HackMAX hard reload is already 4.0 seconds and that is does absolutely nothing about the TTK, it just nerfs the DPS (so in the video above the TR MAX would win from whatever the distance is for a 2x 1 clip kill for the ScatMAX).
  10. Caydn

    it was never a problem
  11. Takoita

    I didn't have one, just wanted to see what people thought about that.

    Besides, CoF on VS/TR AI weapons is no less random and neither of them have ADS too, but they can't frontload the damage the way NC one does, so there.
  12. Gary

    Vanguard has no problems... It has lower damage output (which results in its lower score overall) The tank was not designed to put out damge. Instead it was designed to soak up the damage and it does this job amazingly well. Combining the front armor with the shield and playing it smart it takes so much punishment.

    Whilst it is taking all this punishment it is drawing enemy fire away from infantry and other vehicles allowing them to move in for the kill on the target. This results in a much more effective ground push. Instead of tanks taking on tanks in a fight to the death you get tanks drawing fire from bigger targets whilst the others go in for the kill.

    Using the standard launcher

    Prowler - 6 rockets to the front for a kill using forward plating

    Vanguard - 11 rockets to the front using Forward plating and cycling the Shield when available...

    Regarding maxes, The NC max dominates close range to the point when faced with a smart NC max it is utterly pointless, You are always playing in there ideal zone and they do not stray from it... You have 0 time to react and respond to them. They even shred TR/VS maxes without taking a dent.

    When facing a TR/VS max you see them medium to long range at these ranges the max is little threat, with a similar and in some cases longer TTK then basic weapons it is hardly effective, they turn into explosive magnets and soon die. Due to the ranges you also see vehicles about and the vehicle is more then capable of killing the max.

    Whilst the NC max does need some sort of change so do the TR/VS maxes. All the maxes should be feared and be lethal at there ideal ranges.
  13. Goretzu

    Yep but their volume of fire is much greater.

    Slugs are frankly probably OP'd when you can ADS with them (Pump Action with slugs and scope is insane), but in a CoF situation they are just too random, you can hit with all and do massive DPS, or just as easily you can miss with them and do 0 DPS, with such a small clip size that leaves you vulenrable and reloading a lot.

    I'm not saying slugs are useless in ScatMAXs, they aren't at all, but they aren't really as good at any range as the VS/TR weapons (there's arguably a sweet spot when you can semi-reliably headshot I guess), they are just better than pellets at medium/long range.
  14. Goretzu

    It's impossible for MAXes to have different ranges IMO, they all have to be the same, otherwise the whines will never end.
  15. Winfield

    You try and make Prowler look bad by Cycling the VG shield, which would be all fine and dandy but you NEVER DO THAT.

    The VG Shield is an "OH S#¤#" -button, not a convenience to be used every time you get hit.

    Stop trying to make the VG look better than it is... and yes I absolutely LOVE my Vanguard, but it's still the worst tank out of the 3.

    EDIT: Also, if you talk of "soaking up damage" you've never played a vanguard. You have to avoid fire just as much as every other tank.

    TL;DR : You've not played VG even for 5 minutes.
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  16. Kaon1311

    Because 90% of fights in a bio lab are around the 10m range.

    Imagine running around a corner / into a room and being greeted by a big blue tin can of rage.
    Even if you get one bullet off, thats not going to help as you die in less than 1 second.
    VS and TR max will take a few shots before killing you, so they can be wittled down with persistence. Since max kills almost immediatly they take little to 0 damage. Add in an engy and they are very hard to stop.

    Bio labs i run light assault, throw in a conc / flash grenade (forgot name) fly in and c4 as much as i can. Doesnt always work, but when it does the max is brought up seconds later by a medic and even if not, 2 will pop up in its place anyway.

    Max should not be revivable by a medic. ESFs, Flash, MBTS and sundies cant be brought back by an engy when blown up, why can a max? But thats another subject.

    Over the weekend as a light assault i got a domination over a VS max (high level, 5 kills in my 1 life, sent them a tell saying sorry for cheesy c4 kills, wont embarras them further, im not showing off, making a point) There would be no way that that could be done to an NC max. I think VS and NC should change max for a weekend, that would be fun, and this is coming from a TR player.
  17. GSZenith

    already doing that but with scatts :D up to 7 so far
  18. Knarfis

    You bring up the Bio lab that in this very large game only coves less then 5% of the land mass available to explore. Furthermore there are only three Bio labs per contenate which equals a grand total of 9 buildings that you would encounter this MAX that seems to dominate. Out of all the other buildings that one could visit in this game you and the rest of the people here are concerned with a single building that only 9 of them exist. I think its safe to say that the Bio Lab building takes up less then 5% of the total building content in this game, yet because a single unit in this game is so perfectly suited for such an environment, you all want to swing the nerf bat. WOW!! Pethetic What is next, you are going to want to nerf the knife because its really efficient in super close quarter combat??

    Give me a break. Things die the same no matter what class they are to Proxy mines. Things die the same when disoriented with Flash or Concussive grenades. I keep hearing a lot of excesses as to why, in this one place, this one class is slightly harder to kill then any other class. One single building that this one class excels in and you all are up in arms.

    And as for the ability to rezz a MAX verses vehicles. Vehicles are inanimate objects, they are lifeless. A MAX "suite" has a body, a person, flesh and bone, it is being warn by the body it surrounds. Kinda like the closes you are wearing right now. The MAX suite is an exoskeleton to the body that is controlling it. You are rezzing the body, not the suite. Come on man, really think about what you write before writing it.
  19. omega4

    I suppose this means that SOE has sold as many weapons for the MAX as they expected to.

  20. Ash87

    Because it's not like everyone on the forums has been decrying Scattermaxes for the last month.

    I mean, no one at all has stated that they hate PAS.

    It's completely out of nowhere. Yep, only driven by money, that one.