Scatmax change Incoming

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Vertabrae, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Vertabrae

    [IMG]Matthew Higby@mhigby

    @McRawffles Scat MAXes will be getting a balance pass in GU06 along with all shotguns - the main MAX update will be a bit later.

    This is gonna be interesting.
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  2. Leer

    chainshotguns gonna love it.
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  3. Gouger

    All they have to do is reduce shotgun damage to all Maxes from all shotguns by some hefty percentage, and voila. ScatMax problem solved.
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  4. Aisar

    Time to tear down the dam and let the water floooowwww. Seriously though if they nerf scats and shotguns it's gonna be crazy haha.
  5. doombro

  6. CrashB111

    You mean I will be able to enter a NC Biolab after that patch? ****** sweet.
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  7. FuriousSquirrel

    I worry they will nerf the Scatmax to the point that it will be ineffective. We all know the ScatMAX is strong up close and personal, within 10m, although anything after that and you have to waste full clips to take a target down. If they nerf its damage and do not buff its range it will be a pointless weapon to the point that flamethrowers will once again be the dominant weapon.
    The VS and TR will also get flamethrowers as well as keeping their mid range weapons, however the ScatMAX will sit broken with scattercannons and flamethrowers, both short range weapons. And anyone that says slugs increase its mid range they are not as strong as you think, I have to waste full clips to kill anything at range with slugs, the COF makes them incredibly inaccurate and unreliable.

    EDIT: The only place our MAX shined was BIO labs, but anywhere else they will just be useless, now they may be nerfed to the point they are useless there as well. SOE better not overdo it.
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  8. Guadoc

    My god, think of all the bandwidth Sony will save on the forums! Tissue manufacturers are going to have shareprice issues though, although I guess us NC will take up some of the slack ;)
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  9. doombro

    I'm not sure if you've noticed, but, the effective range of the TR and VS MAXes aren't that much further. And god help you if your target is moving. We also do far less DPS to make matters worse.

    Just a friendly reminder that our MAXes get half-carbines while you get whole shotguns.
  10. Pikachu

    Oh ****. Better use my haxmax while it's still good.
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  11. Lafladitu

    Finaly!! those pesky shotguns will be looked upon
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  12. Gavyne

    I figured if enough people complain, they would make the tweaks to shotguns & NC MAX. About time.
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  13. Jizanthapus

    My bet is anything less than what it is capable of now will be deemed by it's users as "nerfed to the point of being ineffective".

    As far as only shining in Bio labs, that isn't really true. They really shine anywhere there are corners and doors. I would really like to see the numbers as to how many maxes get pulled and how often by each faction. Speaking as a TR, when I think about pulling a max, I usually don't since there is probably something else I can pull that will do the job at hand better.
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  14. Vertabrae

    I think higby saw all the TR/VS tears over the Phoenix and decided we needed some good news. Phoenix might be rage inducing, but the Scat is the NC's crown jewel.



    EDIT. In honor of the NC and the news to the upcoming Scat "balance" I am altering my signature.
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  15. MurderBunneh

    I welcome it. I would much rather have nerfs across the board for NC and be UP then deal with the **** on this board and in game that has been going on the past 2 weeks.

    UP is OP in my book.:cool:
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  16. Rusky

    Hopefully this will also lead the way to some proper mid range options for NC Maxes.
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  17. UrMom306

    if they nerf shotguns the game might play just like it was when it launched...ya know with everyone using various different weapons....not everyone using might be fun :eek:
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  18. meucha

  19. PS2Freak

    i will kill TR maxes purely with Knive!
  20. Gary

    The Scatmax certainly needs some change, IT completely dominates close range and provides no chance for retaliation. It should be good at close range however it should not completely dominate it. TR/VS Maxes meanwhile do not dominate at the ranges they are used, combined with the likely hood of vehicles at these ranges they are rarely pulled.