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  1. Root

    I really wish people wouldn't be so quick to threaten legal action. That's just a whole different can of worms. Perhaps I'm just an eternal optimist, but I have hope that SOE will be reasonable about this. While many can't seem to differentiate between an adjustment (damage, recoil, numbers basically) and a mechanical change, I'm sure SOE has the capacity to. With that said, when a weapon is changed in such a way that it barely resembles the previous weapon, it's not unreasonable to request a refund. A change such as this really should have been made in beta.
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  2. CloudyDaze

    SOE was once a great company imo, they created some really enjoyable games, that had some issues mind you, but they were great. I at one point had stock in the company which reached over $50 a share at one point, that's actually when I sold it due to the trouble they had with Vangaurd. With all they have done you would think they would strive to regain their once great following of customers. John Smedley has start doing some business practices with the F2P environment that has brought the company down to $10 a share. Mind you they were on a downward spiral even before Smedley took the reigns, I'm guessing that is why they hired him, but it has drop significantly since he took over.

    SOE and Smedley, F2P does not mean milk your customers for every dime they are willing to spend. You will continue to lose fans of SOE such as myself. I have bought and played and enjoyed many games released by this company but I for one will no longer be a supporter if I am **** on with Planetside 2. I have easily spent over $100 on this game already between Alpha Squad, subscription, and SC purchases and if the company does its customers right I will continue to spend money and support the company in future endeavors. But if you continue to treat us like, as I said before COWS, your company will crumble even more than it already has.
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  3. Sleepwalk

    I agree. If something gets changed in any sort of detrimental way, as a general policy they should allow players to get a refund on whatever was put into that item. Now I certainly don't expect to get cash refunds for things bought with SC, but I should at least be able to get the SC back.

    Shouldn't really cost them anything, as they already got your money when you bought the SC. I'll have a little more SC in my account, and therefore it might be a little longer before I run out and want to buy more. I would think the actual cost to SOE as a result of that would be pretty minimal, especially considering that refusing refunds is going to piss people off and lose some business for them in the long term.

    Case in point - if I bought the bulldog for SC (which had a big clip size reduction today), and had put a bunch of certs into it, I should be able to get a refund on the SC and certs spent as a result of this change. I'm fine with the fact that things are going to get nerfed, though I may not always agree with it. That's pretty much inevitable for a game like this.

    I like the idea of having an automatic notification when logging in after a patch, a streamlined way of giving me the option for a refund right then and there. That kind of thing would probably take a bit of coding work to implement. I think PS1 had a similar system where they would let you respec after balance changes. For now, I'd be totally happy with knowing that I can definitely get refund on a changed item through a support ticket.
  4. Hamster

    I doubt that they will ever offer reimbursement of SOE station cash or cert points even if they modify things radically. I believe they even intend to modify things radically and spring it on us. Some people will get angry, maybe even some quit, but in the long run people will pony up for more SOE Staton Cash to buy the 'better' or 'fixed' or 'non-nerfed' version of an item.

    The Metacritic score for Planetside 2 already shows that people will put up with it.

    The right thing to do would be for SOE to have all items in the shop explained with NUMBERS not little strength bars for various things...and if they change anything they should let the player return the item in good faith. They obviously don't care about doing what is right and making us loyal customers. We are easily replaced with the next person that can be duped. That is simply how most businesses operate now days.
  5. SanguniusIX -=TRAF=-

    You guys are so right, BMW came out with a new M5 that has stuff my M5 doesn't have. I should be reimbursed my money because my M5 is now fail compared to the new one.
  6. jak

    Interesting. People want refunds on their OP gear when the devs make balance passes and the gear is no longer OP.
  7. Root

    You either posted in the wrong thread, or didn't comprehend this one.
  8. SanguniusIX -=TRAF=-

    No ****, I mean really why even have station cash at all? Everyone should have everything since its f2p anyway(sarcasm)

    Why should they give you your money back after you spent countless hours using an item and now because its not as good as the new one, you think you should get your money back.. FAIL
  9. Root

    There's a big difference between releasing a new item with more functionality, and removing functionality from the existing item to make the new item more appealing. Do try to keep up.
  10. SanguniusIX -=TRAF=-

    I comprehended it just fine thank you, you failed to recognize the point I was making. I drive an M5, BMW came out with a better M5. Now I want my money back. You buy a gun, SOE comes out with a better one.. You want your money back. See what I did there?
  11. Stolen_Insanity

    Not OP gear.

    It does not function as advertised anymore. Bait and switch tactics spring to mind.
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  12. SanguniusIX -=TRAF=-

    So they made an OP weapon not so much OP anymore and now your butt hurt because you might actually have to compensate it with skills? I guess i'm the only one who's wallet isn't hurting from paying for new weapons.
  13. Root

    I did, and it only reinforces your inability to differentiate the discussion we're having from the one you're having.
  14. Basti

    What legal actions are you talking about?
    Do you think you can sue them for changing a gun? Noep, you cant.

    You buyed SC with your money. Not a virtual gun.
  15. Stolen_Insanity

    BMW didn't come round to your garage and take the wheels back without asking.
  16. SanguniusIX -=TRAF=-

    All I see is a bunch of broke cry babies who can't fork up 7$ for a new item, so you request to get your money back from a f2p game. There are people using all stock items who aren't crying, no one put a gun to your head in order to buy SC.
  17. jak

    That's not bait and switch. But anyway, I'm curious what doesn't function as advertised?
  18. Root

    Please continue to demonstrate your simplistic view of the world, it's nothing short of entertaining. As far as the rage you appear to have with this topic, that's something to explore with your psychiatrist. There's mood stabilizers that will help with that. Other than that, I just don't know what else to say to you. You offer nothing constructive to this discussion.
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  19. Stolen_Insanity

    That is bait and switch.

    They advertised the weapon as having dumb-fire and lock-on capabilities, they then took away one of its functions and are now advertising a new AA/AV launcher coming soon.
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  20. Curze

    its more like:

    you bought your M5, and 1 month later BMW tells you "due to company policy we have gone to your garage and removed the tires the engine and the steering wheel of your car. thank you for purchasing a M5, we hope to have you as a happy loyal customer for years"
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