Say Yes to Crossbow

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  1. Messy

    BTW why i haven't seen TR bow for a long time now (or am I missing something?)
  2. Sebastien

    Name any Special Unit that has used a bow in an actual Operation
  3. EViLMinD

    I don't see what the negative nancies are all huffy puffy about. No one knows what the crossbows will be like.

    Perhaps, they will offer something that suppressed weapons don't. My guess is that they'll be quieter than suppressed guns, hide the user from enemy radar and will be effective up to 25-30 yards. The cons will be a heavy dart drop, slow rof and small mag sizes.

    There may also be alternate dart types: emp, radar decoy, explosive etc.

    What and see folks. Wait and see...
  4. Valena

    I think that it would be extremely reckless of the devs to push OP weapons on the community for short term sales, knowing full well that they run the risk of losing players, and therefore revenue, in the long run. Whether or not they actually do this regardless of the long term consequences I don't know. I've certainly seen that happen before (The Old Republic comes to mind) but I think SOE's devs have enough faith in their product to steer them away from selling out like that.

    I'm not sure how helpful to the devs this particular thread is. There are a slew of other problems facing the game right now, the least of which is a debate over the use, power and aesthetic value of a weapon still in the conceptual stage. But, like every other idea expressed in this thread, that is only a personal opinion.

    While I'm at it, I may as well add my opinion about the weapon rather than just the debate; I don't care for it, but I wish they would stop adding new weapons and use their manpower instead to fix some of the bugs that cripple the game, or finally roll out an optimization or two. If they don't scrap the crossbow, I hope it will be the last new weapon we see until the quality of life in game improves drastically.
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  5. Birkin

    I think I would be interested in a medium range (i.e much less than a rifle) silent bolt action for non infiltrator classes?

    They look like they would be hard to fit scopes on, so that could be another differentiation.
  6. Valena

    I swear to God if it turns out to be another pistol...
  7. Algernon

    Once the crossbow is introduced i would like to see the longbow introduced (for higher ROF), throwing knives and shoulder mounted catapults! Don't say no, they would be cool!

    What is this thread. I don't even...
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  8. Messy

    Wait what? More Range? Maybe devs should stop giving toys to range players? I'm melee infiltrator. Maybe first Dev should give us halberd and pikes? And don't forget about catapults for sieges of Biolabs/Techplants
  9. Lagavulin

  10. Messy

    Sorry couldn't resist.
  11. Algernon

    Correct more melee love, introducing, the codpiece of doom, flick the switch for a second melee weapon, a huge mace pops out for melee power ownage!
  12. Marinealver

    Okay my take on crossbows. How they should be implemented.
    1. Infiltrator class weapon only.
    2. Nanite system weapon that replaces the sniper rifle.
    3. Has tools on a secondary firing mode to launch tools at a limited ammo
      • Zipline attachment be able to get to better vantage points
      • Tracking arrow mark a target and motion sensor it
      • Hacking Arrow that can hack any terminal like the avengers when loki's mindcontroled men attacked the airship
    4. Medium to average damage
    5. Less range than a sniper. I would dare say between assault rifle range and battle rifle range.
  13. Messy

    Btw if they re-entroduce Wrath cloak (that was mentioned in certs but never implemented) and make crossbow avaliable as a side-arm it'll be nice with features you've pointed. Except zip-lines.
  14. Jrv

    But crossbows in the future is stupid.
  15. Messy

    Bullet's in the future are stupid too, no?
  16. Liquid23

    I'm running around the future battlefield stabbing people with a knife... FFS cavemen had knives... knives in the future are stupid... SOE where is my lightsaber?
  17. Jrv

    Considerably less stupid than crossbow bolts.
  18. Messy

    And that's you'r opinion not a fact. Gauss-tech bows are very nice btw.
  19. Jrv

    Bullets>Arrows. Silence you say? Get a silencer. The crossbow is legitimately obsolete, it's like going to war with a battle axe-OH WAIT those are getting added as well...

    Nothing pisses me off more than when someone tells me "that's just like...your opinion man."

    Immediately makes me want to stop talking to that person.

    So, night.
  20. Marinealver

    Well no to the crossbow side arm. The zipline would only be for the player himself and not for anyone not even his squad. However he could place a squad beacon and then have them dropped.

    Besides with all the verticality this Planetside 2 has over Planetside 1 every non max class needs some sort of climbing device. Crossbow with a zipline attachment would be perfect for the infiltraitor. Light Assault has the jetpack. Combat medics and heavy assault could use some climbing claws. Engineers could use a portable grav lift.