Say something nice about both enemy factions!

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  1. Earthman

    This is a campfire activity that's actually kind of fun if you get into it.

    I'll start:

    On Connery, the Vanu are very polite. There's a few infamous exceptions but other than them they don't rub in their wins and don't complain about their losses much.

    On Connery, the NC... uh... (I got to admit this took a little while to come up with) their MAXes are often used very smartly, supporting people behind them with those shields instead of charging in blindly. For some reason the NC on the server actually use that ability to great tactical advantage.
  2. Liquid23

  3. Earthman

    That's fine. Not everyone has the ability to do so. It's very challenging for some!
  4. AuntLou42

    Dear TR and NC on Connery,

    Thanks for all the kills and the XP!

    <3 Louey
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  5. Trakaas

    Oh jesus...

    Waterson NC: I swear to god PREY flyboys(girls?) are gods among men. Hands down best pilots I've ever seen in any game.

    Waterson TR: When they want something really badly, they can mobilize intelligently like no other.
  6. palto1826

    overall, the players on both factions have been good sports. ive gotten kills or get killed by a player in an amusing way and will send them a message to laugh about it with them and have had fun conversations with them...only once have i gotten an angry message after killing someone but that person was also complaining about everything in chat
  7. lothbrook

    I like that prowlers are free kills in my vangaurd, and that the purple people aren't the TR.
  8. Valdorick

    NC - Thank you for being there when I'm bored of the VS.
    VS - Thank you for being there when I'm bored of the NC.

    But now for real.

    Connery VS - You always fight for the objective in alerts, while the TR and NC are off faffing about no where near the Biolab/amp station/tech plant, or even the entire cont. You're also proving to be the exception to the rule that TR will stomp everyone on the WDS.

    Connery NC - You guys fight really hard for places that have no meaning to an alert, but will utterly ruin another faction's chances at getting to the objective. Power rush? Better attack the tech plant and prevent MBT pulling. Technological Advancement? Better attack the biolab and get inf resources ticking down to only >30 every 5 mins. Dome Domination?... Well, okay, that's a straight up fight in that case >.>
  9. Morpholine

    Connery TR: I'm impressed that every Max you pull seems to have at least one Engineer surgically attached to its backside. It makes your foot pushes a real tough nut to crack, at times. Also, a little tip of the hat to MERC and the rest of TTA, with whom I occasionally play an alt.

    Connery NC: you have a handful of outfits that can be a complete pain to dislodge from wherever they've decided to hold, and it's always a fun time fighting you guys.
  10. Caserion

    NC, even though 50 % of your troops use shotguns and always send 10 MAX units my way when i kill you a few times, you still show some skill rather than pure zerg ;).

    As for Vanu... just keep staying Vanu.


    5 kilometres away from the warpgate that is.
  11. reticentbassist

    Connery VS: I am always impressed and dismayed by your Mag swarms, that are currently making it impossible to take Crossroads. You guys seem to always show up in the last minute of a cap and ruin our day.

    Connery NC: Thanks for always pushing so hard against the VS
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  12. Alanim

    Connery TR: I really appreciate how effective your infantry are at both land and air denial, it's very impressive and awe inspiring. I also really enjoy the tactical usage of the mosquito, truly you are like a real swarm of them.

    Connery VS: I am constantly filled with joy when you suicide c4 my deployed sunderer at bio-labs by attaching c4 to a flash with wraith clock and a fury, truly the higlight of my play session. I also appreciate when during a bio-lab someone yells "Pull lashers" and watch as even with a half the population of the attackers you can deny them, very impressive.

    I also like how agile and quick your ENTIRE FACTION is to re-act. On amerish you guys are the ghost cap kings, but also a very resilient fighting force. I always appreciate fighting against you guys.

    Connery NC: You are by far the best faction at fighting over Indar during alerts. It's also amazing how quiet you guys keep it in command chat, it's almost like no one is using it, for hours. If the alert was ignoring alerts you guys would be by far the champions of that alert, getting dominating victorys constantly.

    Also your ability to be a stiff unmoving board, unable to appear at a key facility during a alert while it's being swarmed, and continuely being warned that it's being attacked in command chat just minutes after obtaining the facility in a grueling hour long battle, until it's literally 10 seconds from being taken where you then show up in swarm is BY FAR the most IMPRESSIVE and CONSISTENT usage of man-power I've EVER seen.

    My least favorite faction is my own faction.

    The Connery NC literally hate fighting the TR with a burning passion. They try their HARDEST to fight the VS as much as possible.
  13. TheBlindFreak

    Vanu: Female Infiltrators in Spandex.

    Terran: Ummmm... I got nothing for them as a faction. BWC is pretty fun to fight and seem like nice people.