Say Goodbye to the BFRs

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  1. Levtech

    Well, it looks like the devs removed the two BFR easter eggs (that I know of) from the game. On the indar one, they opened up the doors to its hangar and got rid of it. And the less known one in the training/tutorial was removed.
  2. DashRendar

    Because they're reskinning them for all factions and modifying the attached weaponry to be released later in the year :eek:

    prepare. your. anoos.
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  3. daniel696

    They could put something like an animal in the ground having some twitches, would be nice.
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  4. Nocturnal7x

    Well all the PS1 players left a while ago. No one else cares :p
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  5. Pikachu

    I didn't know there was one in the tutorial. The removal of the one in the abandoned bunker was long ago.
  6. Richardsonnn

    I was sad when I noticed this. I had never seen the BFRs in person and finally got around to going to go look for the Indar BFR and it was gone.

    But I'm going to be trying out Planetside 1 when it goes Free so I guess I'll get to see them up close and personal. Right before I vaporize.
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  7. gigastar

    Nobody gives a **** about the BFRs. They broke PS1 and they will have no place in PS2 until the game is ready to die.
  8. Levtech

    I do not see what you dislike so much about a little secret in PS2. Yes they were horrible in PS1, but it is not like its trying to promote BFRs be added to the game as a fully functional vehicle.

    Just look up Planetside2 BFR easter eggs and you should find a picture of the one in the tutorial somewhere.

    P.S. While looking up old BFR pictures I saw a picture of a ps2 BFR terminal thing at blackshard tungsten mine (amerish) . Does anyone know if that is still there? Funny the post I found this on was made one year ago, today.
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  9. gigastar

    Look, the easter egg has been gone since Indar was revamped last year. It served no purpose before, was in a defunct base that was disabled in beta, and rendering it was dragging performance down. So its gone.
  10. sustainedfire

    Never say goodbye to the BFRs!

    They will be in game at some point. Its a popular trend in games to use big robotic warframes. It will be adapted into the game, in effort to bring in the "robotic mech" crowd.

    Minimum of a 2 man crew. Dedicated pilot, Dedicated gunner. The gunner operates the Torso portion of the BFR which house arm weapons that function like a Max Unit (there are 2)- each weapon arm is assigned to a separate mouse button, which allows for using a different weapons on each arm. Possible weapon types : Chaingun, Mini RocketPod , Flamethrower, Ground2Air vehicle version of Coyote Rockets, Grenade Launcher, etc.

    Medium weight vehicle, with mostly anti infantry type weaponry, which other light duty anti armor options.

    I could see that happening. Or some variation.
  11. DeadAlive99

    I would love to see BFR's in the game. I'm an old Starsiege and BF 2142 player, and always wanted to play Mechwarrior too, but never did, and will be installing Hawken soon.

    So the PS1 players say it ruined the game, but, when something ruins a game (the gameplay), isn't that always because of imbalance?

    They were perfectly balanced, imo, in BF 2142. Why can't they be balanced in this game? If aspects of them were OP in PS1, then nerf them to bring them in line. Use restrictive cert chains. Require refueling and team support. Make them unusually vulnerable to aircraft (that might be a bad idea). Limit their spawn locations.

    Do whatever it takes to balance them, just put them in!
  12. KnightCole

    Imma try PS1, unless they make the BFR a p2p only vehicle or something.
  13. Epic High Five

    I think that BFRs would fare very, very poorly in PS2's version of combat.

    Things don't live too long here. Even if it was tough as a gal with Dalton arms it would get vaporized because it's big and slow, which is a death sentence in "everybody can pull everything all the time!" PS2.

    They would get eaten alive by AV turrets, Phoenixes, and Lancers and they'd be helpless to stop them or escape, which is to say nothing of ESF strafe passes and tank shells
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  14. KnightCole

    Exactly. They would be like a ground Libby, pretty much troll stomping every battle smaller then 12v12.

    Then a Libby or air of sorts would show up and it would die.

    BFRs would actually suck really, really bad in PS2.
  15. vincent-

  16. Lazaruz

    They didn't remove the BFR's, the BFR's broke out...
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  17. DeadAlive99

    Then just buff and nerf where it needs it.

    Getting taken out too fast? Give them heavy armor

    Too hard on infantry? Weaken the guns, lower the ROF, raise heat build up, slow down torso twist

    Too versatile? Limit to either AA or AG guns at spawn, but not both, or, allow switching but use timer to delay switch, e.g., require 15 seconds to switch from AA to AG

    Too slow? Speed them up!
  18. JP_Russell

    It wasn't so much the rendering of it, but rather the fact that it had to be loaded into memory as a unique object whether or not you were at the easter egg site.
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  19. Tommyp2006

    Didn't they remove these, like 4 months ago back in OMFG1?
  20. Rift23

    *Batman punching Planetside2*