SAW/Orion/CARV Logical Comparison.

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  1. Joseywales

    I don't know personally I am working the EM 6 now and have Araxium the Saw ( fastest and easiest gun so far that I Araxium), I felt the SAW knock guys down faster, the EM 6 has a faster reload is a bit more accurate and is much better in CQC my findings so far.
  2. CupBoy

    My point exactly. That is not how it works.
  3. Vertabrae

    Yeah, actually it is. Try logging in and hitting tab. On the right side, you will see Score, and Score/Hour. Get some points. Look at Score/Hour. Just stand there for a minute and watch it. See how it keeps going down? When you aren't actually scoring points, it drops. The longer you go without earning points, the farther it drops. Someone who spends a lot of time afk, or just chilling out (as I and some of my friends do when we are filming youtube videos, has a lower Score/Hour than someone who is constantly in the fight. Each seesions Score/Hour is added to the others to create the SPH/SPM that we see in the stats.

    So yeah, that is exactly how it works.
  4. Fenrisk

    If you have the weapon equipped and your not killing anything with it the score per hour goes down every second you hold it. That's why score/hour for default main weapons tends to be much lower. This is especially true for high population factions as they don't have a experience bonus, they have fewer enemies to kill and they have more noobs sat at the warp gate doing nothing.
  5. CupBoy

    Thanks for that thorough explanation. That's not my point, though. My point is that you don't just look two players when doing statistics. You look at hundreds or thousands so differences such as what you're talking about even out between he two groups.
  6. CupBoy

    Oh look, you forgot to provide evidence for your claims again.
  7. Van Dax

    I'm just going to go ahead say that yeah its pretty much common sense that the high population faction will find fewer targets than the low population faction. If one faction has 5% more population I'd expect to apply a little (1-2%) but if we got got one of those mega nc rushes 15+% a lot of time is spent doing nothing firing at walls and stuff.
  8. CupBoy

    Yes, one would think so. However, you still need evidence to say that it actually modifies the result enough to worry about.

    MBT scores, for example, did not seem to be affected much by population balance.

    Edit: I'm amazed at the cognitive exercise some people must go through to come up with a neverending stream of reasons that their opinion is better than actually trying to analyze things.
  9. Van Dax

    If I had access to all the numbers and a NASA computer I'm sure I could crank out the cold hard facts, but right I'm relying on simple logic, if you want though I could get my statistics girlfriend to look into it:p
  10. CupBoy

    You don't need a NASA computer. It's pretty simple. The simplest part is probably to not go around claiming things you don't really know. Your statistics girlfriend can probably tell you more about that.
  11. Van Dax

    LOL I didn't claim anything I merely said what I would expect to happen in a given situation. But yes if I were to do other than state my opinion based on experience I would indeed get concrete data. In such a complex environment there are many, often overlooked facts that could potentially have strange and unforeseen consequences. I said the NASA computer bit because well to get more than just a general idea of the facts you'd need to do a full on simulation. Things could happen with a similar reasoning to the "butterfly effect".
  12. CupBoy

    Indeed there are. Which is also the reason why trying to determine balance by looking at recoil numbers, fire rates, etc. is a fool's errand.
  13. Van Dax

    Thank you sir you made my day. Finally someone who agrees with me.