SAW/Orion/CARV Logical Comparison.

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  1. siddar

    People just follow the herd. Most TR would change back to Carv after a few minutes with Saw because they would suddenly start spraying rounds over people heads with Saw while staying on target with Carv. But because they were lied to about Saw they think its some super weapons. Now Phoenix and Shotgun Max weapons are actually almost as good as the hype around them.

    Every NC is laughing at TR and VS posters who would claim Saw over other better choices.
  2. Fenrisk

    I was using the SAW today with advanced foregrip and a 2x sight. Aim for the left thigh and the recoil works its way up into a head shot.
  3. KariH

    SAW is actualy mix between lmg and batlerifle. Only disadvantage is that SAW does not has single shot mode so usually there are two shots bursts.

    I trie to compare SAW and batle rifle in training area and I think SAW is better. 6x scope and way to go. Unfortunately SAW:s biggest problem is close quartrers.

    My oppinnion is that Orion suits me best. Low recoil made headshot more easy.
  4. Ganelon

    Saw has less recoil than the Carv.
  5. DreamlessLiberty

    The Carv is crap. It's like an M4 with AK47 recoil. Use the rhino. It has better long range burst fire and you can fire in full auto at close range and get heads shots.
  6. Gavyne

    I've used all 3 and feel they're all good in their own ways. For longer range I prefer the Gauss SAW, that's a no brainer. For CQC, I love the Orion & CARV, with the Orion slightly easier to handle stock. For close to mid range, I love Orion and Gauss SAW.

    The problem with CARV seems to be that nasty first shot kick, which makes it not so good for mid to longer range shots. But that's not as harsh of a penalty as some suggest, it's still a very fine starter weapon.

    Let's not forget that Gauss SAW sucked for the first 3 months of launch until flinching got adjusted. People using Orion and CARV had their way with NC using Gauss SAW. I had to use EM1 & EM6 to compensate early on for the lack of RPM & flinching of Gauss SAW. But right now, these 3 weapons are all great starter LMG's, I really don't see one being much better than the other.
  7. Botji

    Since there is talk about "player stats/skills" Im going to put my player stats here for both the Orion, SAW and then the HA class in total.

    Kills: 496
    Kills per minute: 0.81
    Accuracy: 25%
    Shots fired: 20,404
    Head shots: 111
    Hits: 5,174
    Score: 132,071
    Kills: 625
    Kills per minute: 0.7
    Accuracy: 31%
    Shots fired: 16,705
    Head shots: 190
    Hits: 5,146
    Score: 161,538
    VS HA:
    Score: 270,670
    Time Played: 19h 49m
    Accuracy: 29%
    Shots Fired: 23,148
    Score/Minute: 228
    NC HA:
    Score: 240,593
    Time Played: 19h 13m
    Accuracy: 33%
    Shots Fired: 18,921
    Score/Minute: 209
    So wich weapon is better? Personally I REALLY like the SAW but I would lie if I said the Orion was a bad weapon. After checking the HA class stats some might point out that my VS HA is doing slightly better than my NC HA since the score/minute is higher but keep in mind that VS is my main char and has several thousand more certs available for upgrades than my NC character has. My VS has several weapons to pick from and much higher levels of upgrades in general compared to the NC HA who is almost uncerted.

    *Edit* Forum ate my formating...
  8. siddar

    And when you're shooting at a person who only has there head and shoulders visable because rest of them is behind cover?
  9. PyroPaul

    You know what...
    Here is a challenge for you.

    Find me how much recoil is reduced by the Forward Grip and Advanced Forward Grip.
  10. Odin

    This thread is hilarious, nerf the gauss saw its a noob piece of crap. Now the em6 maybe you should complain about :)
    But not recognizing the idea that tr are doing better overall in sph and kph is rediculous. Next u will tell us tr are just globally better players hehe
    Stats collected over all servers and all players are certainly relevant, throwing them out because it doesn't suit the typical forum trolls agenda is what's absurd.
    But hey it's the Internet we can make false claims and say anything isn't important when it doesn't suit us lol
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  11. EclipsedTerror

    Actually I would give up LMG's for a Gauss Saw or EM6. Only downside of the Gauss Saw, whether it is statistically correct or not, is the reload feels soooooo friggggeeennnnn slooowwww. I might have a 100 round nutsack on it, but the reload is depressing.

    Personally, I went back to medic. You really can't top the TAR. You'll dump so many rounds in CQC and it's not so bad in burst for medium range.
  12. Fenrisk

    I think its 33% for the foregrip and 66% for the advanced forgrip but until i can find a reference i can't be certain.
  13. PyroPaul

    Congratulations, you just used the same exact thing that is SPH to identify something in the game.
  14. Fenrisk

    Excuse me? I never said i was correct with the foregrip percentages. I read the stats somewhere i just can't find the reference for it or if that reference is valid.

    Here's a video of the SAW being used with and without the advanced foregrip. Notice how the advanced foregrip reduces Horizontal and vertical recoil by at least 50% and that the SAW recoil only moves up without travelling to the sides?
  15. PyroPaul

    There is no official information about the forward grip. in fact, there isn't much information about any of the attachments.

    All of the information that we use to identify the effectiveness of the attachments in game comes directly from people comparing screen shots and measuring the amount of change that occurred. a horribly inaccurate method to identify something.

    But you know what?
    It gives us a General idea of the Effect, and helps us Better understand what is in the game.
    That is the same reason we are using SPH in these weapon considerations.
  16. CupBoy

    Yes, I figured that's what you think it proves. I asked you why you think it proves that. Because, really, it doesn't.

    You really need to look up how statistics work.

    Do you read? Default LMGs are balanced for all BRs.
  17. phreec

    That's a Gauss SAW S. Entirely different gun.
  18. Vertabrae

    Real simple test.

    Create a new character. Log in, Kill one as quickly as quickly as you can, log out as soon as you do. Record SPM.

    Delete charcter, then remake. Log in. Kill someone as quickly as you can, redeploy to WG, wait 10 mins. Log out. Record SPM.

    The first character will have a higher SPM than the second.
  19. Aegie

    Dead horse is dead. Weapons are fine.
  20. Van Dax

    no kidding
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