SAW/Orion/CARV Logical Comparison.

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  1. Vertabrae

    SPM for weapons is judged the same. If I equip a Carv and sit in WG, my SPM with that weapon is going down.
  2. MurderBunneh

    So what? These are stats from ALL players not just you. I mean really do you not get it?
  3. Ganelon

    No, I'm using your own logic against you. I still believe that we shouldn't use SPH, but since you insist on using it against me, I'll use it against you.
  4. MurderBunneh

    Oh wow you got me. LOL Then just go to K/DPH and tell me how that works out.
  5. Vertabrae

    SIgh.....Lemme say this slowly......




    Whether used for players, weapons, vehicles. The second the player/weapon/vehicle is not in combat, it's SPH/SPM is being lowered. If the SPM/SPH reflected only combat time, then it would be accurate. Such as if it started upon entering an active combat zone. However it doesn't. It starts the second you log in an continues until you log out. So unless you can figure out how to edit out all the non combat time, SPH/SPM is useless.
  6. siddar

    Time to stop debating this issue.

    Its punishment time for both TR and NC because of the horrible trolling, lying and stupidity rampant in these Carv versus Saw threads.

    So give Carv the Saws vertical recoil and give Saw the Carv's horizontal recoil.

    Then step back and measure the tears of whch faction suddenly can't hit anything versus the faction that shrugs and says what nerf?

    Behavior of some posters on this forum is the worst ive ever seen in a mmog.
  7. Fenrisk

    I must be imagining all the players i see sat at the warp gate doing nothing every time i log in or all the players sat at terminals in alerts. I must be imagining that NC has the highest population across all servers with the highest population of low BR players.

    I am sure that having a bigger population would not bring weapon scores down.... oh wait it does with all the cut/paste weapons and NS weapons on the NC side. Just think how badly that effects default weapons that every BR1-20 noob starts with and how the over populated faction spends more time at terminals in alerts because the cont maxed out faster for them.

    I am sure all the above factors would not mess up player stats. :rolleyes:
  8. Ganelon

    I never advocated the K/DPH stat, that one's even worse.

    You haven't been to many gaming forums.

    P.S. How would you implement said recoil change? Per bullet? Because that's not the Carv's problem. The Carv has more recoil than the SAW because of its RPM, not because of a higher multiplier per bullet.
  9. HadesR

  10. Vertabrae

    Lol this forum is actually pretty good. I remember the Everquest 2 forums. I rarely saw anything moderated. So you could say pretty much anything you wanted. The number of times I saw a thread end up with people simply calling each other the "N" word was unbelievable. I've seen plenty of CoD forums that go the same way.
  11. EclipsedTerror

    I love all the stat and VR warriors that populate the forums.

    Do you guys play the game? I mean actually get out there and shoot at people who fire back? You can make the case you're making a control case study with the VR but when you actually get out there and start fighting people is where the huge differences in the weapon are exasperated. It must be nice to get an advanced foregrip, x2 and x6 scopes on a starter weapon...

    While it might be referred to as the God Saw, surprising, it isn't considered the best LMG the NC have.
  12. Fenrisk

    Go check the thread on what you would want from the other factions. The Gauss SAW is number one.

    It seems the only thing other factions want from TR is the Vulcan.
  13. Alarox

    Gauss Saw is only better at long range.

    It kills slower than the Carv and Orion and has worse hip-fire. Saw will win long range, they'll about tie medium, and Carv/Orion will win close range.
  14. siddar

    That just shows how bad this forum is.

    Really taking Saw over Max shotguns or Phoenix? Do the majority posters even play this game?
  15. Alarox

    Of course it's #1. That's because most people believe what other people believe. If a few people suddenly never shut up about the Lightning being the best tank, you would slowly see more and more people calling the Lightning OP.

    Most people who talk about the Saw have barely used it and barely know anything about it.

    The Gauss Saw is a long-range LMG that suffers at close range and is average at medium. However, you ask any of these people and they'll exclaim "Gauss Saw is godly at everything".

    Most people think it kills the fastest of the LMGs. Both other default kill faster.
  16. Alarox

    Pretty much. TR/VS talk about the Saw all day. NC consider the EM6/Anchor to be the best.

    The reason why? We actually use these weapons.
  17. Littleman

    Actually, it does have a higher recoil per bullet. .225 (Carv) versus .175 (SAW.) Likewise however, .4 vertical versus .55 vertical, respectively. A difference of .025 is pretty big in terms of recoil when talking long distance engagements for horizontal and vertical. It can be argued vertical is easily countered, which is true, but pulling down people can drift to the left or the right naturally via mouse input. Hence the cries about the SAW...
  18. Alarox

    1.) EXACTLY. So why do you guys act like the Gauss Saw is so good when 80% of the combat is where it is the WORST LMG.

    Just saying.
  19. Fenrisk

    As deadly as NC MAX shotguns are i think players have got use to using C4 as the counter. I have to agree that the Phoenix is extremely effective in a squad and a hell of a lot of fun. If i had to pick between the two it would be hard. Either choice and i would regret not having the other. Given that taking out tanks isn't hard in this game i would pick the saw as TR lack any long range automatic weapons. It would give me a option for dropping infantry from 20m-150m which is something TR lacks.

    The reason players pick the SAW is they want a medium to long range LMG and the SAW is considered the best. They don't care if its slightly lacking in close range as they would pull a shotgun for that.
  20. Ganelon

    Ah right, my bad.