Save the Whales

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Lightwolf, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Rahk

    I've love to see them let galaxies have a passive that you can cert into that is the same as Proximity Repair AND Ammo Resupply for vehicles. Let it be a mobile resupply point that can be a mobile base for an air squad to resupply and repair, or it can support troops on the ground by flying in and bringing supplies to armor that is behind enemy lines.

    If it got something like that, I don't even think you would need to mess with the weapons, except maybe to allow for Walkers on all sides, and maybe give Rangers as an option for the side guns. Galaxies should be able to defend against air on all sides.
  2. Lightwolf

    Attention to the thread!
  3. novicez

    The utility and power of a galaxy is directly proportional to the skill of the pilot and gunners. Most galaxy gunners don't even have a clue about target leading, so yeah, galaxies UP.
  4. ZeroErrorz

    its soe logic u see, nerf everything,open the way for op as **** weapon for the valkyre then nerf it again,i guess same apply to the lib.
  5. MuNrOe

    I think the gal is in a good place now. Why change it ?
  6. Govedo13

    It is just sad. The nerf is too blatant and not needed. If anything the bulldogs should do less damage versus vehicles.
    Nerfing the bulldogs because the liberators are overnerfed and good pilots and crews pull galaxies so SOE statistics go crazy is just sad.