Save the Whales

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Lightwolf, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Lightwolf

    If you're going to put a major Nerf on the bulldog, please buff the a30 or give us another few weapons to use. We're walking a pretty fine line. You've nerfed the whale's major predator to oblivion and I know that's making galaxy performance stats skyrocket, but please don't Nerf it again.
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  2. Ryker

    I really hope i get the 14k certs i invested into my gal back.

    I know soe seems to hate things that kill infantry but i cant be a career solo gal pilot if the gal is even worse then what it is..
  3. Lightwolf

    tell me about it. I'm a career crew served gal, and I'm already at the limits of defending myself and supporting a squad successfully.
  4. Quiiliitiila

    The Galaxy revamp can't possibly come fast enough. The Skywhale's been pretty lack luster since launch… I salute those of you who have put the time and effort into making it work.
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  5. Lightwolf

    Thank you. What do you main? What's your opinion on current gal balance?
  6. soecarebear

    heres my opinion on game balance: gal can only do easy kills. it feels good when it works, but seriously, even with 4 gunners at theiur post you rarely make more than the odd opportunistic kill.
    this said, i never tried a lot, do mainly ramming and squad transport with it.
  7. Lightwolf

    Mine took a solid... It's been awhile.... Six thousand certs (?) before it started being effective. That and a dedicated crew.
    Even then, it's great at AI, good at tanking, but absorbs flak at up to 1.25 km, is vulnerable to kiting and swarming, and hardly what I'd think of as op beyond those special, rare moments.
  8. Quiiliitiila

    I'm a great pilot, but SUCK at dogfighting, in anything. I just can't get the hang of it. I main as Engineer and MAX mainly, I'm also a great Mag pilot.

    As for Galaxy "balance", I'd say they are FAR from being balanced with anything that flies/walks or drives that can shoot at it. Sure it's got a ton of HP, but that goes away in the blink of an eye under sustained fire. It's got zero utility and personally I think it needs some more firepower (I.E. new weapons) and possibly new turret locations.

    I'd also love to see the AMS function come back, but apparently that was "too OP".

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  9. Lightwolf

    I'm always worried I get a skewed perspective, and its only because I main it that I don't see it as op. Sometimes, when I swoop in and completely dominate a two squad fight I worry. But then, I imagine twelve coordinated crack troops could do that regardless of vehicle.
  10. Quiiliitiila

    Don't be worried, and not to seem rude or trying to downplay your skill or anyone else's' but whenever there's one or two players worth their weight in salt with AA or lockons (or even dumbfire rockets) then you'll be sent packing. Compared to the liberator, which has a fair amount of HP but can also dish out quite amount of punishment, the Galaxy sucks.

    In terms of giving/receiving damage, the Galaxy can take a lot, but can't give it back. Which would be fine if it had something else it could do. Some sort of utility that could help out their troops below.

    As it stands concentrated fire on the Galaxy can take it down quickly. Consider yourself lucky when you run across those two squads of players who you dominate, I feel sorry for them. Had one or two of them pulled bursters (as you know) you'd have a lot more difficulty with the fight.

    I LOVE seeing Galaxies in fights, I almost don't want to shoot at them. I'll usually send a tell to the gunners/pilots letting them know how cool they are for running a Gal, regardless of whether or not they killed me :D
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  11. Lightwolf

    Phew. I like you. I'll have to cert up a vanu gal just for the pleasure of dropping and supporting you and yours. Server?
  12. Alarox

    Galaxies are fine. They're harder to finish the kill against than Liberators, but they're also easier to fend off because of their slowness, size, and lack of firepower. The only problem is that people don't treat them like a threat.
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  13. Ryker

    It is interesting to read these comments and see what problems you encounter. I salute you guys still picking up muddy peasants and dropping them off, Ha I have had too many close calls having to waste time locking my gal to kick people out of my guns while im getting shot at.

    I solo most of the time now and really the only things that kill me are dibris , lock down prowlers and libs that get the jump on me. I cant remember the last time i went down to aa .. though when there is a lot of AA I will grab a single competent gunner so i can hide behind walls and rocks while under cover the gun can still be shot effectively for a few seconds before I have to slide across the ground out of there for reps. Also with a gunner I can take on a few air craft cautiously as I can ram and use the bull dogs at the same time while top gun hoses them down also you can take most libs like this straight up but good lib crews should be able to edge you.

    This being said even though the gal is huge and the fisrt target and low output it can be really really good, but there are maybe only 2 or 3 pilots like this on any given server and its grossley expensive... so no it doesnt need a nerf or a buff.. well maybe a buff against op debris haha but what im trying to say is I know galaxys and yeah its bs that a 1-12 size battle cant do anything to efficently get rid of a good gal and gunner, but 99 percent of gal crews can not hope to survive 48+ battles let alone be efficent, and you can do way more then a gal can with less people and less certs invested with any number of tech trees. So please dont nerf.
  14. Quiiliitiila


    I've been constantly thinking about starting to cert up my own Galaxy, but then I start thinking about the eventual Engineer revamp and all the certs I'll need there and I'm still maxing out my Magrider. Truth be told though, when that Galaxy update roles around I'll be dumping some certs into that lovely beast. It'll be great to see the Galaxy in the skys once more.

    Another thing that needs to happen to help out is getting rid of the redeploy function. Why bother getting into a Galaxy (or Sunderer for that matter) when you can just redeploy to another fight? Ug… No one makes convoys anymore, no one actually takes the time to traverse the awesome terrain of this game through any of the vehicles we have. Those of us that do are typically alone, or with a dedicated crew.
  15. Lightwolf

    True that. I feel sad when people refer to me as a sky taxi, and if I'm honest the whale can't even do that. You're right when you say redeploy sidelined us. It takes a skilled outfit with a specific goal to appreciate the whale.
    Got a name suggestion for a vanu?
  16. Lightwolf

    Save The Whales!
  17. GaBeRock

    The one and only nerf gals could possible need is against dumbfires and AV turrents. I can put 8+ shots into them and they fly away. Aside from that, they could use several buffs:
    Drake buff (for the lib too.) This weapon is just so bad.
    Repair/supply certifications (aircraft only).
    Galaxy gunship- gimme a dalton/zephr for it. Please.
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  18. Lightwolf

    reasonable. But eight decis do take it down.
  19. GaBeRock

    sure, but a deci is 1k certs, which is unfair for newer players. Libs and ESFs can be dettered by free, easily available flak turrets, but galaxies just laugh. I would use my ESF on the galaxy, but in normal situations I'd get ganked before it died, since a galaxy's crew can easily outrep a nosegun, and running AV puts me at a disadvantage against other ESFs.

    The disparity isn't so high that I want gals nerfed-vehicles should be encouraged to use crews.- but I would like another option for taking them down.
  20. Lightwolf

    fair enough. :)