Save on Station Cash at GameStop! [US Stores Only]

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Oct 13, 2014.

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  1. KoS-1

    Was at gamestop no more than 20mins ago. They are still at $15.
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  2. m00eh

    Three weeks ago the game was working fine. It had issues, but it was workable with minimal stress/frustration.

    As of the recent patches, we again have another cycle of patch breaks game etc, and I and many many other players are crashing, hitching, locking, freezing, crashing to desktop, and this... this is only AFTER we get to see from 1-10 seconds worth of the game before the game disappears and we are left to stare at our desktop background.

    ...and here is SOE encouraging people buy a game card and/or become a member and buy things from the planetside store. For what?? So I can spend my idle time dreaming of the day I can actually log in, stay logged in and actually play for more than 1-15 minutes before once again being presented with a vanishing game and my own desktop, and spend the station cash in game that I luckily did not purchase? (though that I was about to... thank god I didn't. Sadface factor would have indeed been large. Like... manatee large. Oh the huge manatee.

    At this time SOE, I choose to decline your offer and every other offer for reasons obvious, and this will not change until something changes for the better for the many players that are being treated very poorly re: game breaking patches vs the amount of money some players have invested into the game and still cannot even play.
  3. Khazrax

    EU means European Union, which is the collaboration of many European countries. Europe is a continent, EU is not.
  4. t31os

    Yeah my bad for writing EU when i meant Europe, there's certainly a distinction to be made as the two most certainly are not the same. That's what happens when i just blurt stuff out without reading it back to myself.

    You were correct to point out the error.
  5. mersh21


    On the other hand this seems to be a serious issue, so when are we going to get official feedback from SOE????
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  6. m00eh

    I would like to purchase 11 freedoms please good sir

    Sarcasm aside however, I really do just wish the game worked. I was kinda hyped in a way because lately it has been working for me and I was about to go sink in $60.00

    then... DUM DUM DUM....!!!!!! what cometh this way?

    the patch.

    So... my post does pertain to the thread without attempting to derail it and make it about the patch etc tyvm

    SOE patch-blocked themselves and there are a lot of people in my situation I am sure who would like to beef up that lightning, or get a new weapon for their harasser, but if we can;t play, we have no motivation to buy game cards, memberships, or shop in the store

    make it 12 freedoms please
  7. Desann

    hence I said conglomerate of countries...

    I guess you don't read what is in the ( ) symbols
  8. Desann

    I have a job, and also children...and a wife...and bills...

    you know, big boy stuff.

    But regardless of my income and/or bills, I cannot justify spending $12.50 on a voice pack for one of 3 factions in a video game.

    These game card sales make it more reasonable when combined with a daily sale price. THEN and only then do I purchase in game items at that ridiculous price.

    And people like you who spend the money on it are the reason why the prices remain high...Nothing wrong with you spending $12.50 on your cool voice pack, but I personally refuse to do it and will voice my opinion on the matter since feedback is what drives CHANGE.
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  9. ColonelChingles

    Look guys, from a business perspective it's best if SOE can sell the same thing (a voice pack) to different people at different prices. This is a well-known phenomenon that allows a corporation to best capture the market.

    Some people in the market will be willing to pay $12.50 for a VP because it's worth $12.50 (or more) to them. This might be because they have little need for money or that they just really like that VP.

    Some people in the market are not willing to pay $12.50 for a VP but might be willing to pay some lesser amount because it's not worth $12.50 to them.

    It may surprise you to learn, but the same item can be valued in different ways. Take a gallon of water for example. That might be worth lots of money to someone who is dying of thirst, but worth very little to someone drowning in a swimming pool. Does it mean that a gallon of water is infinitely valuable or infinitely worthless? Not at all, or more specifically an item has no value save for the value that a consumer assigns to it.

    Now from SOE's point of view, they want to sell as many VPs to people as they can. Not like it really costs them extra to sell more. So the people who will buy it for $12.50 (or more) will buy it right away, and they'll be happy about it. But what about the people who would pay a lesser price but not $12.50?

    Well SOE would like to sell them VPs too. Ideally it would "encourage" people to cough up $12.50, but facing the fact that there are individuals who would never pay $12.50 for a VP, the alternative answer would be sales. Sales are how you can capture other segments of the market which otherwise would not buy your item at the full price.

    So let's take a "typical" daily sale, which drops the price by 50%. Now the VP is $7.50. And add in SC card deals like the one here, which drops the price by 33%, and the VP is $4.95. If you're lucky enough to wait around for a 2x SC redeem sale then that's another 50% off to about $2.50 for a VP.

    We see that then there are several tiers at which SOE can sell the same VPs at:
    $12.50 (no sale)
    $8.25 (Game Stop deal only)
    $7.50 (Daily deal/2x SC redeem deal only)
    $4.95 (Game Stop deal + Daily deal/2x SC redeem deal)
    $3.13 (Daily deal + 2x SC redeem deal)
    $2.50 (Game Stop deal + Daily deal + 2x SC redeem deal)

    I mean the math is rough, but you get the picture. By taking advantage of different deals through a different amount of effort, consumers can more or less buy the same item for significantly different prices. This is fine for SOE so long as consumers are paying close to the maximum amount they'd be willing to pay in the first place (ie no people who would buy it at $12.50 would use sales to buy it at $2.50).

    After all a $2.50 sale is better than a $0.00 sale. :D Especially when the item is digital.

    In other words, shut up. Both of you are right. VPs are worth $12.50 and they are worth $2.50 at the same time. The only difference is the consumer, who assigns value to a good.

    And if it turns out this sale is a dud, I have two $15 SC cards that I'd be willing to let go for the low price of $14.75... because economics (I got them on sale previously)! :p Just kidding...
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  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    When next big sale? [for everyone]
  11. FieldMarshall

    Basically another big "FU!" for everyone who is not part of the US master race.
    Love these exciting deals. Feeling like second rate trash is always fun :rolleyes:
  12. dezusa

    Not on this OFFICIAL forum, check the THIRD PARTY SITES like Reddit / Twitter where they actually post there :confused:
  13. KoS-1

    So I guess SOE isn't going to respond to this issue??!!

    This company needs to go bankrupt and everyone lose their job. The level of incompetence is astronomical!!!!
  14. KoS-1

    Well, I wouldn't fret. The US peeps aren't getting the deal either.

    Gamestop has no clue there is a sale on these items.
  15. Tasp

    Gamestops in my area have no idea what I am talking about when I ask them about this sale. According to them there is no such sale. Cards ring up at $15.

    What b.s. Nice job SOE
  16. FlR3

    What I find funny is that SOE has not said a word about Game Stop not going with this sale. The Game Stop here has never heard of it either. Something is fishy and somebody has dropped the ball again. Bad PR move.
  17. CapperDeluxe

    I didn't realize Walmart was its own country, because they aren't getting the $5 off deal either.
  18. ZaharyQs

    He mentioned EU and EU is a European Union not the Europe the continent, be more educated when correcting others.
  19. ZaharyQs

    You are wrong and he too. He wrote about EU not the Europe, And EU is federation not a country in which each member may withdraw its membership, unlike the United States where there is no such possibility as evidenced by the Civil War.
  20. ZaharyQs

    And you are wrong because if they lower the price by 50% they still will be struggle with sale but cut it by the quarter of that and people start buying massively. What the reason to buy anything if the price of two guns from PS2 equal ordinary Pc game in the shop?
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