Save on Station Cash at GameStop! [US Stores Only]

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Oct 13, 2014.

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  1. Dexella Communications Manager


    Hey folks,

    There was an error in the announcement for this promotion. The sale with GameStop ended on Sunday, October 26, 2014. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you were able to take advantage of the promotion while it was available.




    Receive $5 off when you purchase any of the SOE pre-paid game cards at GameStop*, valid October 13th - October 28th, 2014.

    *This promotion is valid at US GameStop locations only.
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  2. t31os

    No UK SC deals... :'(
  3. PastalavistaBB

    TL: DR SOE: F U EU!!! (once again)
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  4. Desann

    I love when people don't realize that the EU and the US are TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES(conglomerate of countries) WITH TWO DIFFERENT SETS OF LAWS AND RULES....WUUUUUUUUUUT!!!?!?!?!?!?

    That being said, I might have to go get myself a gamecard now. SC sales + daily sales = affordable in game stuff.

    $12.50 for a voice pack AIN'T GUNNA HAPPEN SOE!
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  5. siiix

    ask a friend or try to call a gameshop and convince the sales man to sell the card over the phone .. but yeah its not easy, i managed to do it once
  6. CumonStepItUp

    I went to a GameStop (In the U.S.) today to get a 15$ card. They said they didn't know anything about the 5$ off and when they scanned it to check the price, it still came up as being 15$.
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  7. tutle64

    It happened for me and alot of others. maybe you should get a job.
  8. ddraig

    nah, it's a ripoff
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  9. The Rogue Wolf

    I could easily afford twelve and a half bucks for a voice pack. I just don't find a voice pack to be worth twelve and a half bucks.
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  10. Fulgar5

    Europe isn't a country.... its a continent.
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  11. rawzone

    Please give a different bonus with these cards, implants suck. Another promotional weapon or a different existing promotional weapon would be awesome.
  12. RyanGUK

    Meanwhile in the EU... :(

    You'll do deals on SC for the American customers, but you'll take away 50% off SC in the Station Store where that was the only way to get offers on SC for EU... It's pretty harsh given you're leaving half of your userbase out.
  13. Muddog

    so, Gamestop doesn't seem to be in the loop here. "never heard of this offer"
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  14. drstrange2014

    Having a job has nothing to do with being so gullible as to pay so much for a voice pack. SOE over price their sellable items and then wonder why there is so little uptake (which is also diminishing after the poor performance of the game recently for so many). As a previous poster said, it's a rip off and players do not like being ripped off. Add to that that this deal is not available outside the US and there is a real issue - alienating the non US players, who make up a significant proportion of the total player base. SOE seems oblivious to the obvious much of the time, including that there are players in the EU, Japan and Australia for example.
  15. Juho

    EU is not a country :mad:
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  16. ucanobua

    educaiton is very vital for everyone..
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  17. Stachelkeule

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  18. Astealoth

    Actually it is. Just because you don't want it to be doesn't make it not a country. A country is the area within a nation's borders. A nation is a body of people with a unified government. The EU has defined borders, it's own set of laws, it's own legislature and leadership, a unified currency, hell it even has a flag and a national anthem. By every possible definition the EU has evolved into a country. EU members are defined as states.
  19. Khazrax

    Okay so i am seeing a lot of comments about gamestop not knowing about the sale, any word on this yet SoE?
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  20. t31os

    No it's not, Europe is a continent, made up of numerous countries.

    RE:Topic - EU represent a pretty big portion of the playerbase, it's a shame we don't get to enjoy these same offers.
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