"safe" spawnrooms

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AnnPerkins, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. AnnPerkins

    Hey SOE,

    Libs are able to damage people inside the "safe" spawnrooms. This seems like a pretty egregious oversight.
  2. FateJH

    They have anti-spawn room weapons. You have to cert into the hate deflection shield, however.
  3. Curse_Gamerkin

    Theyre alot better than they were before, and inside? sounds like could be an exploit or bug, should specifiy which spawn room, etc.
  4. FateJH

    I'm going to guess Liberator weapons are so powerful, and the explosion damage has such wide bleed, that they pass right through the spawn room shields easily covering a large portion of the room.
  5. AnnPerkins

    It was broken arch road. Lib gunners seemed to know about cause they weren't holding back.
  6. Curse_Gamerkin

    well, if they knew, thats an exploit. should of reported/recorded and spawned somewhere else.
  7. Zer0range

    It doesn't matter. You'll get killed anyway, the moment you leave your false comfort zone.
  8. Gadamlu

    what level of the spawn room was this? ground floor? were you standing at the shield shooting out? were you at the top floor?
  9. AnnPerkins

    inside. bottom floor. in the shield shooting out.
  10. Gadamlu

    there you go then. i'd assume the same effect is still there with C4, AI mines, ect
  11. Zan_Aus

    Yeah, the explosions are bleeding through the walls, in some rooms you literally have to huddle in the centre of the room to avoid splash and forget the upstairs open air platform, that's just a continual firestorm. Don't seem to have the same problem from ESF rocket pods or tanks, mainly seems to just be the Dalton or Zephyr.
  12. Zer0range

    They should make a spawn room room; a bigger room containing the existing spawn room, and if that doesn't help, maybe a spawn room room room would do the trick.