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  1. synkrotron

    Yeah, I find it a bit sad that the most posts in this sub forum lately is by a small majority of players that hate the cloaking class.
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  2. JustGotSuspended

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  3. BlackFox

    Probably the rest that is left from the people that already quit because of them
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  4. synkrotron

  5. xLluisett

    Is curióus you say that,i have 0 problems to deal with infiltrators,i have more problems to deal with heavy assaults.
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  6. xLluisett

    When i hit on the head with a bolt action sniper rifle i have 0 problems to deal even heavy assaults,the problem comes when i miss the shot.
  7. Zhakathoom

    As a medic, or any other class - including heavy, I can engage and fight a heavy. Or I can can run. I can even plan the engagement to my advantage by positioning etc.

    I can't do anything about the 13 snipers sitting cloaked on that ridge. Or the stalker sitting idle in cloak just waiting in a random spot for someone to run by. (Darklight is not an answer here..) The only way I can engage, or survive an engagement with an infil is if they CQC and **** up their engagement. THEIR engagement. A good player with the cloak toolset is almost impossible to handle as it's too much with both having control of the engagement and disengagement terms as well as the damageoutput on par or even far beyond that of the other classes.
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  8. JustGotSuspended

    Even a "bad" player using the infil class is quite a nuisance to deal with. The whole point of the class revolves around catching other targets when weak or off-guard and finishing them off - or ending the engagement before the opponent can react, which really isn't hard considering the scale and chose of fights in the game.

    Factor in EMPs, unstable ammo, 1hk weapons, etc....even new players with the infil class are more of a threat to hardened vets than a skilled medic or heavy.
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  9. OldSchoolD

    I think the growth in cloakers that we are suffering is a direct consequence of the player base shrinking as the game's life cycle nears it's end.

    I meet the same names and their alt-variations every time I log, so it seems that every year a bigger proportion of the players left are organized, high pinging, medkit chugging, 24x7 heavy mains, harrasser joyridrers, lolpodders and other force multiplier chronics.

    The unsweaty, unorganized, and the clueless are often forced to grab, reactively, the crutch that grants instant leverage.

    This is why I think trying to correct this phenomenon by modifying XP rewards or rising the ttk for sniper rifles isn't going to solve anything: taking longer to kill is always better than dying fast. As for XP, you are all-around infantry efficient by level 40-45, which doesn't take too many hours to get to.

    Removing cloak altogether would be the way to go, but I understand why the devs cannot afford to lose any players to that, and they would lose many.
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  10. JustGotSuspended

    I feel like they would gain a lot more by doing so, but it's obviously a gamble to recuperate those masses that already left by eliminating a playstyle that's become the most common in the game now.
  11. BlackFox

    The term "Infiltrator" doesn't even fit the class

    - They have motion sensors by default to spot targets
    - They have the highest damage dealing weapons
    - The only reliable counter is a flashlight that takes away a weapon slot
    - They have access to Anti-infantry mines
    - They are pretty much invisible

    If at all I would call that class "Hunter", as everything that makes the class what it is was designed to kill infantry in the most efficient way
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  12. Scroffel5

    You can do something about 13 snipers sitting cloaked on a ridge. You can either take a semi auto rifle or a battle rifle or some sort of rifle and shoot them when they uncloak, and die immediately. Or you can decide to flank the ridge and shoot the people who are literally there to pick off high priority targets, and if they decide to organize themselves as a sniper unit to literally hold off a whole ridge, good on them. I agree about the stalker. There should be passive ways to identify them. I just suggestion all lights basically doubling as a darklight, including vehicle lights and spot lights. Maybe not just ceiling lights. Maybe those just make your cloak less effective. That way, Infiltrators have to decide how to hide themselves and where, and players can deduce where they wouldn't hide based on their surroundings. A better cat and mouse game, if you will. I also agree about SMG infiltrators. All Infiltrator weapons, maybe excluding secondaries, should FORCE YOU to aim for the head and hit almost nothing but head. Infiltrators should have to be very highly skilled to play the class well. They need to hit only the head and THEN they can have the best TTK weapons, as hard to use as they have to be. Oh, and we need a laser bow, because it fits the class. How does that sound to you?
  13. AmericanEmpire

    How hard is it getting a ESF or a Heavy tank and blasting them?
  14. AmericanEmpire

    Damn you people must suck. its respawn game. if you get knifed by a sniper going to a vehicle terminal respawn and get a damned shotgun with the darklight flash light on and kill them. Never thought i'd live to see the day people complain about recon classes in PS2
  15. BlackFox

    Way too easy, too - doesn't change the fact that infiltrators are trashing the game

    Because it's useless - if the guy doesn't get you before you're in detecting / attack range one of his several buddies will
  16. Mechwolf

    Why don't we just take snipers out of the game, and double the fire rate of LMGs? #balance
  17. BlackFox

    Sniping isn't the problem, that they are nearly invisible is. The best protection snipers have in such games is the distance between them and enemies with lower range guns.
  18. TR5L4Y3R

    that they are insvisible isn´t the problem

    the problem is latency in relation with their decloaktime ... that decloak period might need an increase of idk 0.5 to 1 second? ..
    countermeasures like darklight sucks and is too much of a shoot me sign ..
    lack of recontools for non infilclasses besides simple spotting .. medics, engineers and maybe maxes could get some recontool/ability that isn´t just a crossbow with motiondarts ..
  19. Warspine

    It makes me happy, so i hope they keep posting. I hate the damn class, and the cloaking ability all togheter.
  20. Warspine

    Sorry m8, you got sniped on your way from the equiptment terminal. Your flashlight gave you away. You tried to move but 7 of the stealthers had automatic weapons and 2 of them had knifes.