S1 vs. Decimator

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  1. Zotamedu

    If you want to go after infantry, get a shotgun, SMG, a new LMG or pretty much anything that is not a rocket launcher. They are bad at hunting infantry because of the slow projectiles and extremely long reload. You have one chance to get a direct hit and if you miss, you are dead. At range it's even worse unless the enemies stand perfectly still. At all times, another weapon will be better at killing infantry.

    As for AV work, I much prefer the Decimator because of the higher damage per projectile. It's rare that you can stand and unload your entire ammo stock on one target. I have not used the standard launcher since I bought the Decimator.
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  2. exLupo

    Due to the extremely long weapon swap time for LMGs, Conc + LMG > Launcher + Conc + LMG. When you've got more than seven hours of HA, you'll understand. The mere fact that you believe there's no penalty or downside to swapping between launcher and LMG is further proof you lack the experience to adequately defend your position.

    The play style you are pursuing is a bad one. Rockets can OHK infantry at the expense of extremely long reload and weapon swap times. Switching to LMGs is intentionally prohibitive and has been made worse since launch. They're a weapon that, in the heat of combat, is not meant to be switched to but, instead, used as a primary tool and only switched from when out of ammo (pistol) or when engaging armor/MAX (rocket).

    The splash radius on HA RLs is small and its damage decay is high. Dropping a rocket into room -may- on rare occasion kill one guy but, the rest of the time, you alert the defenders to your presence and let them set up for your attack. If you really want to soften a room, toss in a Conc nade and then a brick of C4. C4's damage and radius are both vastly superior to any HA rocket. If you want to engage targets at range, rockets are even worse due to slow travel times regardless of weapon type.

    For AV targets, S1 vs Deci is a matter of preference. I've got no problem hitting with either so the Deci serves me better. If landing shots with that weapon is hard then either stick with the S1 or grab a Nemesis or Lancer. As a primary TR player, I run with a Deci in most loadouts, only grabbing a Striker when there's air or sniping Mags and I don't want to burn my MAX timer. As I said before, Deci has a higher skill floor but also a higher skill cap. They're harder to use but, potentially, more rewarding.
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  3. VoidMagic

    Ahhh the Deci... she slow... she's expensive.... she reloads so slower than snail going uphill...

    But when you want the absolute most amount of damage you can possibly hit something with...
    she's the only choice. and that's why she's usually on my back... someone's got to bring the
    princess to the party cause Mr. Max don't know when No means No.
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