S1 vs. Decimator

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  1. faykid

    i started certing into HA recently, and one of the first things that puzzled me about this class is the choice of the rocket launcher

    i'd never have thought that S1 is so good. against infantry and maxes, that is. before i tried it, i was actually thinking about saving for Decimator. but now - i don't know anymore.

    i checked the stats, and according to the in-game data the only advantage of the Decimator over the stock VS rocket launcher is 300 more damage (2000 vs. 1700). but at the same time the projectile speed of the Decimator rounds is 2 times smaller, it has smaller clip and a bit longer reload.

    so, why would you spend 1000 certs on Decimator then? indirect damage of S1 is the same, you can use it against groups of infantry just as effeciently as Decimator. as for Max units - well, i agree, they do survive even 2 direct shots in the face with S1, but they have so little health left that half a small arms clip can finish them.

    also, im not sure 2 Decimator shot into Max can kill them from full health either.

    can anyone explain why Decimator is 1000 certs better?
  2. exLupo

    If your goal is to use AV rockets against infantry then you are a detriment to your team. However, since you're on VS, keep at it.
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  3. Phyr

    it's not 1000 certs better, it's 1000 certs sidegrade.
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  4. NC_agent00kevin

    It works best when used on the backside of a Tank. Ive never once pulled a Shrike (NC default launcher) after getting the Deci.
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  5. theholeyone

    The deci is almost certainly slightly better. But I think there are better ways to spend 1000 certs.
  6. faykid

    so, 300 more damage does matter?
  7. NC_agent00kevin

    Depends on if you use it against Tanks/Sundies or not. Also, I wouldnt spend 1000 certs on it; I got it with SC on a double SC weekend.

    Against Infantry, Id probably just stick with the S1. Against vehicles, when you have to hit them with multiple rockets, it can make all the difference in getting the kill and the vehicle escaping/repairing you out of rockets. That said, I didnt even get the Deci until Br 70 something I think.
  8. Rogueghost

    Its the best anti max weapon in the game, 2 shots to kill a normal max, with the first shot bringing it to low enough health to take on easily with a LMG, and ZOE maxes are left with only around 4 bars of health.

    Also, one thing that makes the deci pay for itself over time, is if you get a single shot on vehicle with it, you are guaranteed an assist.
  9. faykid

    nice try, little troll
    let me quote Wiki for you: Equipped with high-explosive warheads, the Solar-1 is proficient against both infantry and armor
    if you think wiping out 3-4 people at once during a rush on a biolab gen room is detrimental for my team.. well... i feel sorry for you
    beside, for AV, there are way better options than Decimator or S1. but i bet you never heard of those
  10. y3ivan

    decimator require 1 less shot vs tanks. 3 shots from the MBT rear instead of 4 and 2 shots from the lighting rear instead of 3.

    1 shot less make a difference for the tanker to flee and repair
  11. Stromberg

    decimator has lower drop. also 300 dmg is 300 dmg. it might be a difference between a dead MAX and alive MAX. Personally I normally carry a Nemesis. That way you can always engage air and also dumb fire ground-vehicles and MAXes.
  12. faykid

    well, i know that our VS maxes are a joke (move as fast as infantry, die as fast as infantry), and you don't really need rockets to kill them (2-3 rifle clips will do)
    but i agree about the Deci being able to take down a default max in 2 shots. however, if you're 1 v1 with a max, you will probably have no time to make 2 shots. and even if you do, a high BR max will probably survive due to additional armor.
    on the other hand, if you're on a team, there will be other sources of damage to the max, and additional 300 damage will not be noticeable.
    i wish i could test it for longer than 30 mins, as those weapons are very situational and you never know when the next max rush will happen
  13. Stromberg

    there's no protection againt direct launcher hits. flak armor only reduces splash damage, it doesn't protect againt a direct hit at all.
  14. faykid

    looking at stats, as a dumbfire weapon Nemesis has even slower projectile velocity than Decimator, and even smaller damage than S1 (1500 vs. 1700)
    but i guess this is the price you pay for versatility. i'm considering buying a nemesis, but from the free testing i did several times it seems that it can only scare away the air for a bit, not kill it. when there is air, i normally pull skyguard, which does kill and kill assist a lot in that department
  15. faykid

    well, good to hear that!
    i wonder how much damage a max can take then, if this number is unvirsal for any non-ZOE max. exactly 4000? does decimator kill them with 2 direct shots always, no matter what?
  16. CrashB111

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  17. exLupo

    The most people crammed in the tiniest space where everyone else is throwing damage around doesn't mean your one-trick-pony application of small-radius falloff is an indicator of a reason that the Decimator is, per your post, a bad purchase.

    Out of nearly 600 shots you have a whopping 45 kills with the S1. I don't have to call BS on your claims. Your own stats have done the job for me.

    Buy a Deci for better alpha and more likely killshot on damaged vehicles. It's a weapon with a higher skill floor and a higher skill cap. Stock launchers are better for players who find the Deci hard to use. For those, however, I would suggest the G2A/Dumbfire launchers. It'll let you deal with air and still get roughly the same performance vs vehicles and (sigh) infantry.
  18. Morpholine

    The Decimator is all about short-range alpha damage, used when you need to put as much damage on the target as quickly as possible (say, against a close-by Harasser). It's got a secondary perk, too - it resembles TR and NC launchers, and doesn't leave the "VS here" blue plasma trail. It also benefits more, in terms of total damage output, from higher levels of munition pouch certification than the S1.

    The S1 is just what most of the stock weapons in the game are - decent at most things, but not really the best in any one area. It's got almost the same alpha potential as the Decimator, but a faster projectile speed that lets the user more easily extend the range where he can expect to connect. Plus, it's free.

    Choose the decimator for those "I have maybe one shot, need to make it count" short range moments. Choose the S1 for short-medium range shots.

    Or be a purple-bleeding Vanu and carry the Lancer for most situations. ;)
  19. Stromberg

    A MAX has 2000hp. What you are interested in though is, what's called effective hp. A MAX does have a natural resistance against launcher direct hits.I can't tell how much for sure, probably about 0.5. With ZOE it will take 30% more damage. The Resistance against small arms is 0.8 and can be upgraded to 0.85 with kinetic armor.
  20. y3ivan

    MAX by default have 2000 HP with different resist.

    default launcher deals 65% direct damage regardless of armor upgrades, decimator brings it up to 70% ish. This brings it to a reasonable 30% health to be ganked by small arms. If you are planning to solo a max, you are dead wrong. MAX TTK vs infantry (based on experienced MAX players) is about 0.5 - 1.5 sec.