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    I heard somewhere that we were promised a system of feeding butcher's mag from ammo pool arond 2 years ago, still nothing? I have an idea of how to implement this. You can simply use shotgun "tube feeding" reload mechanic from pump action shotguns and also baron. What i mean is when you press reload button, you character will rise butcher, pull some sort of lever, or hold down the button on it, and ammunition will quickly flow from ammo reserve in to a mag (cool motor sound required here), and user can interrupt this process any time if he press fire button, just like tube feeding magasines work on shotguns. Sounds very easy to implement, even i with my poor programming skills can probably do this.

    Another buff required for GODSAW, everyone knows what it is a gauss SAW but with smaller mag, what often result in not using this weapon becuase the alternative fire mode a very weak (125dmg) and have impact of almost 2 gorgons (who used gorgons knows how bad it is against armor, even in anchor mode). Instead of cutting damage in alt fire It should reduce only minimum damage (from 167 to 100) and min damage range from 105meters to, for example, 40 meters. This lead to noticable impact from close range (similar to single basilisk), but very inneffective against distant targets, especially salty Libs. It also probably worth to give it full 100 bullets mag

    And there is a lot of "Aurax" weapons what just reskins of normal ones, there is no real reason to complete directives for things such bighorn, shuriken, president etc. Only carabines, KUWA and BattleJuice worth your effords


    1) First of all - how long should we wait untill we can craft Exceptionals, devs promise what it will cost you not only certs or ISO, but also another Exceptional implant for exchange. I am one of these players who already have everything, the only way to get new expirience is get Carapace, it holds so many possibilities, so many loadouts you can try, you can get new gameplay, new expirience, but hell no, no matter how many thousands certs or dbc you will invest - sorry, good luck next time.

    2) Mobility mesh - by my tests it's complete waste of implant slot. It says what it reduces speed penalty by 25% (and overshield actually slow you down by 25%), so you may think what it completely mitigate applied slow while you overshielded? Nope, it removes 25% of 25%, that mean during overshield you will move slower by 18.75%. 6.25% movespeed buff? And even at rank 5 you will still sprint slower than normal.

    3) Why Jockey description says about +50% if it's not synergize with Bionics, so you can't get more than +250 shield by using this implant. Make it actuall 50% or rewrite description

    4) Occular shield shoud remove effects what already applied at you at rank 5, otherwise this implant is completely unusable and very underpowered, like it is right now.

    5) Paratropper - useless. Maybe some power thrust bonus instead, i don't know, maybe "slow falling" effect currently it's just a place holder for something nice.

    6) Why Cold heart even drop to TR and NC? Ectoblaster? Mana turret? RT+Jockey combo a lot stronger anyway. It is clearly a faction specific implant.

    7) Fire wall is just another obstacle between you and carapace, very very niche implant for one vanu guy on miller, which sit on crown and plant AP and AT mines combo on stairs + always run with pandora. All what he do is just click LMB in turrets. Funny what by doing this he still have less than 2 KDR, why it is even class specific?

    8) Experimental stims - it's just a worse version of Surivivalist. The fact what you always get random effect is very, very bad. Reload speed is almost not noticable buff, for both, quick reload smg or pistols and for bulky LMGs
    How much resistance to small arms it provide? Noone knows, i guess 20 or 25%
    Does it stack with Nanoweave? I guess it's not.
    Does it stack with Resist shied? I guess it's not either.
    So it will be much better if this implant will always apply movement speed buff each time you use med or resto kit.


    By the way about resist shield and nanoweave stacking...

    Is it still not patched? Cause i have no friends and cannot test it, but i struggle from this bug around a year ago. I simply think what having an extra 20% resistance in case i'll be catched by surprise and lose some health before i can activate my res shield - is a great idea. However it turns what your resist shield just doesn't work. Nice!

  2. Blam320

    The CrutchSAW doesn't need any buffs, Auraxium variant or otherwise. I really, really think it's a terrible idea to make the Aurax variant's alt-fire damage higher than twin MAX weapons.

    That's my two cents on this. I won't comment on the rest.
  3. Liewec123

    Carapace actually kinda sucks, like you I had visions of some epic/interesting builds,
    I'd theory crafted playing HA with resist shield and carapace,
    prepopping a resto kit for huge health regen, turn a corner and mow down enemies with mcg
    while taking 35% less damage and constantly healing for 70 health per sec.

    Finally I was lucky enough to get it, and...nope, still insta-death like always,
    The only niche it really has is allowing you to play cqc infil with EMP nades,
    sInce It'll give you 100 more health than an infil normally has and also you won't have a shield to break.

    (Yep I've seen videos of medics with carapace being super hard to kill, but tbh all youtubers seem to be blessed with that,
    Carapace or not I see folks getting into situations were i'd be dead in a nanosecond while they take barely and dmg)

    On to jockey, YUP! I totally agree that it should either do what it says it does, or be reworded to say what it actually does,
    "Gives 250 bonus shield.", I actually made a forum post on this a few months back!

    My personal thought what the key thing to unlock the true power of carapace is mobility. Since every LMG(except 1 NS) in game has 0.5 ADS speed modifier and fact what resist shield also slows you down lead to completely immobilising HA. If we look at the TR medics we see what they prefer TAR instead of cycler TRV. Why? 800RPM vs 845RPM TRV should be definitly better than TAR. But no, TAR has 0.75 ADS and most importantly much better HIP fire accuracy. You cannot overheal that ammount of possible DPS if you will catch every single bullet. When you ADSing with LMG and activate resist shield you just become a stationary target, easy to headshot, you can't dodge it, you can't even strafe.

    Consider about using SMGs, shotties, mini-chain gun and Sidewinder implant and fire from the hip whenever it's possible maybe you will change your mind about carapace. Currently my favorite build is minichaingun + sidewinder + catlike and i hipfire 90% of time. Just run like crazy, bunny hop above people heads, it's rediculous. Probably even run adrenaline shield, not resist, i don't know, i am not even have a chance to test it by myself. Without carapace resist shield is complete garbage. The only one loadout where i use it is dragoon powered counter sniper, just to avoid instagibbing.

    Ok another idea, instead of having alt-fire mode it can simply have piercing mechanic from bishop br. It has to have something cool and attractive to contest. For whatever reason i should waste my time just to decreasing my mag size by 35 bullets?
  6. Liewec123

    i was trying it with hipfired MCG, probably the king of mobile damage!
    it doesn't seem to alter the time it takes for enemies to nuke me atall,
    it was insta-death before, it is insta-death using resist shield, resto kit and carapace.
    i wouldn't focus on grinding for it if you wanna do stuff like that, you will only be disappointed like i was.
  7. Hegeteus

    One idea I have for paratrooper is that it could reduce fall damage to 1, so it can activate heavy weight or covert drop better.
  8. FateJH

    Then what's the point of Safe Fall?
  9. Hegeteus

    It works on all other classes and doesn't interrupt shield from recharging. On top of that, it has it's own tier 5 bonus although it should be changed to something useful.

    Atm, devs are planning to switch the Paratrooper bonus to reduced fall damage after reloading rocklet rifle. What I'm recommending is a turn for the better.

    better than it's current state
  11. Hegeteus

    Yeah, but devs could as well just balance the implants properly since they're on it. Now that non-exceptionals can be crafted, I think there's no need to keep them so gimmicky and unhelpful.

    My favorite example of a good implant is catlike. It has an useful normal function AND tier 5 bonus, they are good enough to almost be separate implants in their own right compared to most implants.
  12. TRspy007

    So I completely agree with you that directive weapons need some new mechanics, to differentiate them from being simple reskins of the defaults. Really like that idea with the butcher, I would love to see it implemented (nothing to do with me being TR main:p)

    The rest of the suggestions seemed to be focused around implants. I agree the lottery concept isn't fun, and no matter how many ISO or certs I pour into loot crates, I just get the same 3 implants over and over again. I agree we need to make certain implants more accessible, and crafting is a decent solution I suppose.

    I can't speak much for the implants you commented on, mostly because I only use regen, assimilate, and safe fall. (I have aerial combatant maxed out, no matter how many times I equip it with ambusher jets, it regenerates my jets instantly after a kill about once every 10 times, so idk...and I just use regeneration instead now).

    All I can say is remember that implants should provide little niche perks, but nothing game changing. (Otherwise poor new players will be at another disadvantage)

    Also little disclaimer about the aurax weapons, carbines for NC and VS are "worth" unlocking, the TR trach**** is well...****.
    And I would love to see some MAX directive weapons, now that maximum pressure alerts are a thing