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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by DDSLoan96, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. DDSLoan96

    Just wondering since I'm hopefully getting a new computer next week if the integrated HD4000 that comes on the 3570K will run the game. Dont have the money to drop on the discrete one atm.
  2. Lord Gentlecrab

    Maybe with everything on really need a discrete GPU.
  3. ShadowBlade87

  4. Rocket Sword

    Yes, you can run the game with the HD 4000 integrated graphics, but only on low settings. I have a 3570K overclocked to 4.2 GHz Turbo-boost and the GPU clocked to 1400 (default 1150 I think?). On pretty much all low settings I get around 20 FPS. Its playable, but not all pretty looking.
  5. RogueHunter

    Outside of a support role, 20FPS is unplayable. The associated input lag will get you killed constantly.
  6. Sucellus

    20 FPS is not really good for a first person shooter. is that in big fights or just when running around alone?
  7. Alexlightning7

    See this us what I don't get.
    My I have personally seen my friends LAPTOP with Intel HD 4000 play this at above 40 on lowest settings, assuming he isn't CPU bottlenecked.

    Yet some people say they can't reach 20. I am almost ready to go post a video of it on YouTube.
  8. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    Unfortunately Intel graphics devices are currently not on the list of supported graphics devices for the game, however, in most cases these devices are on-board with your Motherboard and a Video Card can be easily installed into your system, which would allow you to run the game (assuming the card you installed is supported).

    If you *do* find a way to get playing with an Intel integrated graphics device, please make sure you post your method of doing so on the forums so other may try it as well.
  9. TheEvilBlight

    With Sandy and Ivy, the CPU/GPU/memory controller is on the same die. Perhaps that is a potential boost in terms of performance, but not enough to get you as far as you could with a gaming machine?

    That said, how does it play after a couple of hours? There's performance at warpgate, performance in the field, and then performance after hours of thermal buildup.
  10. Vexing536

    I am running with Intel integrated HD4000, and a i7. I am always bound by my GPU (who would have guessed). I get 20-25 FPS at the WG, 40 if I am sitting on a point by myself, 20ish in bigger fights.
    Here are the parts of my ini that I changed...
    RenderDistance=2000 (this could easily be lowered)

    I have no tried optimizing this yet, but through that I would tell you what my settings are.
  11. tomahawk72

    Lower your render distance I also run a i7 and intel hd graphics im getting 30+ fps in fights 40-50 lying around. I had the same problem and also run in lowest settings for best results!
  12. Hydragarium

    Yeah the HD4000 will run the game - not great at any stretch though. It's a very low end card - but noticeably better than earlier Intel on chip cards.
  13. TheAppl3

    It'll work. It won't work well, but it will work. Get the latest drivers or you'll likely be smacked with a G25 error. To give you an idea, the HD4000 on my stock clocked i7-3770k (3.5GHz/3.9 turbo, sat at the turbo clock all the time) ran 35-45 fps at the warpgate and generally moving around. It quickly hit 25-30 in light skirmishes and fell to 15-20 in medium-sized battles. Anything more than 60 players at say a bio lab would likely be unplayable but I didn't go test that. Note that I have zero .ini tweaks and just set it to overall medium with a few lows with resolution at something in the area of 1366x768. You'll be good for playing engineer/medic and manning the secondary guns on tanks, etc. Don't try to fly, it doesn't end well :(

    If you mess with your .ini a bit and drop your render distance, you might pull off playable frame rates in all but the very large fights.

    Not that hard actually - just ensure that your drivers are the latest stable release and it won't even toss a G25 at you in most cases. The HD4000 on my i7-3770k had no issues running the game, though performance was as expected pretty poor. It should theoretically work on all newer HD4000 adapters on the Sandy/Ivy i5/i7 chips and to a lesser extent on the HD2500/3000. I would never try it on the older integrated chips, waste of time. Obviously it works far better on a ~3.5 i5/7 desktop than a 2.4 i5/7 laptop where I would expect unplayable framerates.
  14. Alexlightning7

    After a few hours its still running fine.
    We did a little test. I overclocked it and turned textures to high, everything else to low, shadows off at 75% render quality at 1366x768 res. At Warpgates its at 35-40 fps with these settings with the overclock, which to be honest, wasn't all that big. Only around 100 core clock.

    Anyways, its really impossible to accuratly tell what his FPS is in battle because he is CPU bottlenecked in anything more then a skirmish.
    In big biolab fights hes at <20 fps CPU bottlenecked. Cant tell how well its performing at those times. He has pretty good temps considering its a integrated card and he seems to be ok with his fps.

    But hey, considering a incredibly pathetic HD 2000 can play it

    And a HD 3000 can play it at almost the settings I just said

    an HD 4000 should run fine......right?

    and this is slightly higher then what I said and running fraps, which accounts for his occasional fps drops.

    Thats Why Im slightly confused by you guys saying you can't keep 25 with it at lowest.

    People do tend to underestimate intel cards these days. It also depends on how desperate a person is to run a game. Either way, this is probably the biggest thing to do to help PC gaming. People always blame consoles, but its really low end PCs holding PCs back. More people have PCs then consoles. If every single persons PC could run any game, then the market opens up for PC developers. these advances by intel are making it closer to working like that.
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  15. TheEvilBlight

    I've got a HD3000 myself, but with every new patch and hotfix I lose 5-10 FPS until...

    (But I'm on a lappy, so halve effective performance)
  16. The King

    I couldn't get my i5 laptop with a min laptop video card to play like that.
    It is on the list, but it doesn't play that good at all. I don't see how one could play with a much inferior onboard graphics. Just don't see how..
  17. BenYeeHua

    Yes, as they are likely to slowing down the engine to prevent crash.
  18. Alexlightning7

    what card is it?

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