Running more than one client, legal or even possible?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by P0INTMAN, Jan 15, 2013.


    So, I have the nessacary hardware on my computer to run more than one client smoothly, is there a way to enable this? more to the point, even if there is, is it legal as long as im inputting all actions into both clients myself?
  2. Dovahkiin

    You want to bot, am I right?

    You can deny it, but I KNOW it's your intention.

    No, the idea was to drive and dual gun my own tank, or do the same with a lib. mostly so i can film it from both povs and display how idioticly op vehicles are.

    or even have one character as an SL cloaker with spawn beacons, so when nobody else in my outfit is on, i can go have fun ******* with the enemy on top of their towers, etc.

    Edit: There are plenty of reasons to have more than one character, given I can at times be a solo/lone wolfer. Note that I'm asking beforehand, for permission, rather than trying to do it and asking for forgiveness later just incase.
  4. o_oNmKo_o

    Possible w/ sandboxie but I don't know if it breaks TOS or not. Better make sure..
  5. LameFox

    I've started two clients before by accident, but one or both crashed, I forget now. You'd log yourself out if you signed in the same account twice though, so you'd need two accounts instead of two characters.
  6. hostilechild

    I haven't been able to run 2 clients in the same instance. But having 2 computers this isn't an issue. I typically have outfit mates on, but some times of the day it can be sparse and if there is no engie/medic around i log my sons computer on with his engie/medic to heal/repair my HA/Max in fights or just supply ammo while AA.
    So i don't think there would be anything against it as you can already have multiple accounts/computers.
    Just remember it barely runs 1 instance on a computer, doubt it runs 2 very well in any size fight.
  7. Hydragarium

    It is a bit of a grey zone.

    We had a ban appeal a few weeks back with a family of players - they were cross faction shooting each other for fun and giggles. One of them ended up being banned for "boosting".

    But as far as I can tell multiboxing is not prohibited, but you're going to have to be incredibly careful not to hit "yourself". :p
  8. DanMan3395

    OMG play a different game. Stop trying to FIX this game. IT IS NOT BROKEN!
  9. Alexlightning7

    I would like to know. Playing this splitscreen via VMware would be very nice. Me and my syblings like to play some games together, and now with a new TV, it should be easier. This game would be great.
  10. AnotherNoob

    Would also like to know, want to try to multi task enough to gun in my own lib, just flying it isn't as satisfying as blowing up those mean magriders :S