Run Speed per Class?

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  1. FeralBoy

    I did a little searching but found no information on this.

    Does anyone know if there were ever any actual hard numbers from SOE for run speeds per class? It seems to me that the run speed differences per armor worn in PS1 were far more distinguishable from any run speed differentials per class here.

    I did a small bit of rough time trial testing on my own, with and without the adrenaline suit and what I found was a -.10 second difference per 100m when wearing the Adrenaline suit. Not very remarkable.

    I guess why I bring this up is that since tonight is incredibly slow on the med/surg floor I am pondering mostly useless tidbits of Planetside2 information. I have always wondered why some classes, especially some HAs, run around like they're on crack and actually move faster than my Infiltrator with an Adrenaline suit. I know it's not the Adrenaline suit making them move faster since .10 seconds per 100m is not significant enough that any class other than infiltrator achieves such separation from me in such short distances. 0_o
  2. Taemien

    There's charts out there. But unmodified, all classes move the same except for the MAX.

    If I'm not mistaken the MAX moves at the same max speed as infantry, but its acceleration is slower. There's speeds for turning, acceleration, stoping, sprint modifers and so forth. There's actually quite a few values.

    But the only difference is when in a MAX or not, and when a Heavy has Shield on or not. As well as crouching and sprinting.
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  3. FeralBoy

    I understand the presence of these separate values, but is it acceptable within the EULA to modify these values?
    I guess I am just stumped as to why any class gets separation from a cloaker who is also running at full speed...