RPG working on New Planetside Survival?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DuneGG, Sep 1, 2023.

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    Hi everyone, please keep your replies on the forums civil and follow the forum rules especially around F.U.D.
  3. tigerchips

    Are they going to replace the Vanu with zombies now? Not that there's much difference.

    Joking aside, not another zombie game please.
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  4. Golconda

    I hope it turns well for them, but I'd like more a graphics reboot of planetside 2, it would be easy money and would cost much less than working on PS3
  5. xLluisett

    Just to say. Planetside 3 is around the overused alien technology making an old enemy versus all 3 factions. I have no idea if It is the next planetside 3 job or just what the job said,survival game. Hopefully launches at Xbox too.
  6. VV4LL3

    Who knows, right? If the team's development cycles remain at pace without expanding engineers and revenue from other product lines, there's a high probability that it will not launch on time, let alone at all.
  7. Hawkseye501

    This job posting has been up at least since Wrel left, if not even a few months prior. Looks like it remains unfilled.

    Planetside3 will never be a thing - the game doesn't produce enough profit for PS3 to be a worthwhile venture. That is the most apparent reason there aren't any other games like planetside2 out there.
  8. tigerchips

    Not like my video or something?
  9. tigerchips

  10. Effect

  11. Ps2 player

    Planetside 3

    TR stays the same, more vehicles and aircraft.

    NC stays the same, more vehicles and aircraft.

    VS lore is removed and they are a Hivemind Alien Faction ( like independance day aliens )

    NSO Lore is Removed, a TR A.I went rogue and became sentient and escaped into deep space landing on a planet full of organic living metal were he ammassed his own army to wipe out all other organic life in the universe

    a new 5th faction (insectoid) - Bug Vehicles and Aircraft

    lattice system is the same

    continents are larger to accompany the two new factions

    actual regions (biolabs) when captured can give the claimed faction a special combat ability

    tech plants can construct advanced vehicles only available at tech plants ( not MBT, a New Tank Vehicle, or Anti infantry Vehicle, Bomber aircraft )

    some regions have built in artillery systems.

    a special region on the map has acess to a mega weapon ( orbital strike, but its not an Orbital strike, a MAC cannon, or a scud launcher system that has a count down timer every 15 minutes to be used by the #1 player on the scoreboard in that region)

    Bases have actual destructible enviroments

    Construction is implemented into Actual Bases. (foundation slabs around a base to add turrets, vehicle pads, spawn zones, or other special buildings that can give height advantage or cover of choke points )

    terrain is destructible (grenades and other explosives now cause fox holes, which can be used as cover)

    Certain areas of terrain can be dug out to create trenches

    Mechs can be added into the game ( to kill advanced vehicles and aircraft, or infantry ) - stop thinking BFR associates to ps1 mechs, they can easily just slap on two halberds that shoot at same time as a main weapon, and are easier to kill.

    "no mans land" regions are added near hotzone regions (3 point bases) to be used to connect regions that dont actually connect on the map which will require a customizable construction made base that must also build a transmission tower spire that cost alot of cortium to build and then a 5 minute timer till it connects one region to another so your faction can flank the enemy once its connected.

    outfit orbitals are all faction specific unique weaponry now ( TR mini nuke, NC Bombardment, VS Breeding Pods - pods that create spawn points on dropped location, can be killed via damage )

    All Vehicles can be picked up off the ground with a new Transport Aircraft, parachute decent.

    i rather have unbalanced weapons that make killing enjoyable, then balanced weapons that arent enjoyable to use and feel like a job just to kill somone and waiting a 13 second respawn, because now you can just make and upsell another unbalanced weapon to counter that unbalanced weapon.

    Bastions are replaced with faction specific frigates all which have their own unique attacks and abilities.

    thats just my two cents.

    i can easily see in the near future star wars or halo or gears of war or warhammer, or starcraft making this type of game and it will sell if they do things like this that actually make sense.

    the problem right now is you cant "sell" this to the current playerbase because the western playerbase is full of generally bad players, i currently play a game called NARAKA, which is predominantly has an Asian player base (250k) and the westerners are a minority, there are good western players but there are also bad, most asians are very good and you will get clapped by them, based off this experience with this game i can easily conclude that the seperation of the asia playerbase and western playerbase actually got this game were it is in this not so great state that it is, because westerners just couldnt get good, they require alot of nerfs to satisfy their casual needs, were asian players would easily clap you and just tell you to get good at the game, Naraka is a high skill cap game as well and not for casuals, so it really gave me Insite of just how bad western gamers actually are, which most of these terrible gameplay suggestions came to change in planetside, rarely ever do you see a soltech player complaining about the game other than hackers.
  12. Mechwolf

    My westerner friend i've known for like... 25 years is one of the top players in Naraka rn, just thought i'd put my 2 cents in there.

    And hey, I like my airbubble suggestion, as well as the GSD submerge suggestion (which they added =D)
  13. gav3427

    I'm excited... These guys are sustainable.. They don't overdo then go bankrupt. They've kept PS2 alive and running while it's been dying for 9 years.. Ain't dead yet.. I'm not expecting the next BG3 from these guys but that's not what they do.
  14. tigerchips

    Yeah, funny nobody posted about it earlier.