Roy's Initial Feedback video

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by RoyAwesome, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. RoyAwesome

    I recorded this a few days ago, and forgot to post it here.

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  2. WildCatNL

    Great video,

    I've not had much time to fool around on the test server myself and seeing this video gave me a decent impression.
    You're suggestion about having a more dynamic capture timer, I fully agree with.
    Steaming rolling with 100+ players to the next base, encounter little to no resistance, than a fixed timer will suck a lot of fun out of the game.

    Some base redesigns look really cool and love to see them in action on a large scale battle.
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  3. sLoP0101

    Sweet video. I agree with all of it. My only suggestion would be to add a written section for everything you talked about, as well as the video. It would certainly help for people like me who would rather read it than watch it (although thats probably the minority).
  4. Kon

    similar conclusions to me, even the lower capture time i think is still not enough... more tunnels..can only hope i been pushing for more tunnels for months..
  5. skoorviel

    Great feedback. SOE. hire this guy!
  6. notyourbuddy

    Good point on the increase capture time on bases where there is no resistance. Nothing worse than rolling in with 100+ people, finding very few defenders, the fight clearly being won, yet still having to wait 20 mins for the base to flip. You'd have to be careful though with your criteria for determining when to jack up the timer.

    Firstly, 50 defenders vs 80 attackers - a coordinated defensive unit can win that and shouldn't be penalized under this situation just because they have less people.

    And second, having some of your defenders fall back and pull a Galaxy for a strategic drop to take out a sunderer or re-securing an objective is a useful strategy. Having some defenders pull back to another base, pull armor or air, then roll back in is also a good strategy. Sounds like under this system the defenders would be penalized for such because during this time the attackers would get a cap speed bonus?