rolling restart 28-11-12 bug?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by xBoneBreakerx, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. xBoneBreakerx

    am i the only one getting some SERIOUS warping problems after the rolling restart?

    since the rolling restart i havent been able to get more then 3 kills becous ppl are "teleporting" all over the place
    as it is now the game is unplayable for me...

    eny way to fix this or do i have to wait for the next update?
  2. Ultimobum

    Yeah, tons of pop in and teleporting, it seems since matherson crashed the other day. While I had some pretty noticeable fps drops during big fights, was still playable for the most part but its kind of a different story recently.
  3. HarukaRekin

    its been happening to me since yesterday everyone teleporting and flying, plus my cloak and any menu's on terminals i try and use don't for for like 30secs and then suddenly it works it all seems really laggy