Rocklet rifle updated

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by thebigbortishbort, May 20, 2016.

  1. thebigbortishbort

  2. Psykmoe

    Looks like they coded up the TR rocket magdump ammo and then had some intern cobble together the NC/VS ammo types 5 minutes before packing up for the weekend.

    NC doesn't make firing sounds and has no visible projectile - additionally, outside of like 20 meters, the projectiles do 0 damage to any target, making the whole laser guidance pointless anyway.

    VS has muzzle flash and noise but barely seems to do anything, also clearly incomplete.

    TR seems mostly finished but hopefully the damage numbers aren't final - it does a LOT of damage, both as alpha and per ammo used.

    Flak rounds still don't do any damage to aircraft at all and the the new flash rounds don't actually flash so yeah the TR ammo type is the only one that's in even kind of a testable state.
  3. thebigbortishbort

    actually the TR one makes sense since you need to be pretty damn close not to miss half the pellets compared to the others the pellets also fizzle out after a similar distance , it is obv my favourite , the NC and VS ones are wonky to use atm due to having no projectile and generally incomplete.

    also you can't flash yourself in VR , i tried it on live with the flash grenades and yeh nah it doesn't work , atleast it deafens you sorta.
  4. cobaltlightning

    aww man, I was looking forward to the near-endless smoke-screen.

    Oh well, at least y'all can't doodle around in your .ini settings and disable flashbangs.