Rocketpods do well against infantry.

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  1. smokemaker

    OK so no more killing tanks as easy as it was.
    Rear armor weakness and an ESF killing in a single run much harder to do.

    Damage against infantry unchanged.
    Killing infantry now seems to be its primary reason to exists.

    Got no issues with killing infantry with rocketpods.

    GU8 just changed my primary target.
  2. PhilDun

    lol @ using rocket pods to kill infantry

    what level are you?
  3. Regis7575

  4. gudman591

    Got no issues with podding infantry?

    Your enemies must suck very very very bad and cluster up at any chance they get. Either that or you're god of accuracy.
  5. Purg

    Given that Scythe Pods alone kill ~44/hour on average, they were primarily used to kill infantry all ready. Your passive aggressive stance means nothing.
  6. KorJax

    ESF's best role is primarily being a vulture. They are great at taking out lone enemies in the middle of nowhere (tank or infantry), softening an entire area of enemies, or killing a good group of infantry that isn't supported.

    Considering it takes about 3 seconds flat to completely annhilate an ESF with a sinlgle burster max (if all shots hit), all you need to do is have a burster be active in an area and you've pretty much prevented all ESFs from engaging in your area and actually dealing tons of damage (which is why they are great at picking off stragglers, injured tanks/infantry/etc).

    Personally I'd prefer bursters get an accuracy nerf that makes them less effective at range, while giving the skyguard an accuracy buff that makes it much more effective at range, but that doesn't have to do much with the topic at hand.
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  7. smokemaker

    Got 6 characters 3 each on 2 different servers, 1 for each faction.

    Vanu tend to be my pilots lvl 78 & lvl 50
    The others, all ground pounders with exception of one TR lvl 48'ish ( good esf counter pilot )

    But not sure what relevance lvl has anything to do with killing infantry or rocket podding for that matter.

    I kill for the fun of it and the bonus tears one can get from pissing off others.
  8. Torok