Rocketpod nerf

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    is it really op ?, i mean its already being nerf a lot and i think at this point its already fine where its at, i think the reason behind this nerf is to promote the sales of hornet missile since they are new product and rocketpod is an old product that almost every pilot already have.
  2. Klypto

    I was able to hold out against Sinist's rocket pods in my Vanguard with Alarox. ALL of them, the full ammo capacity used up and then his nose gun. With the reverse buff, it will be even easier. I can outlast a mediocre+ pilot's ammo capacity while solo too so, IMO:


    Then again, the Vanguard does have a shield and higher resists and 99% of tank drivers don't bother to evade rocket pod attacks correctly...
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  3. Flag

    And you don't have to struggle with the elevation to the same extent as the crabrider.

    That said, with the hornets in the game now there isn't a reason for the rocketpods to fill both the AI and AV role. I suspect this is the reason they're nerfed at AV and not AI.
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  4. minhalexus

    Yes they need to be nerfed IMO.

    Although the Air-meta has shifted a bit recently, and less people are using rocketpods nowadays.
    Regardless, it still does not change the fact that they are pretty OP.
  5. Jeralamo

    Hornets ******* SUUUUUUUUCK.

    here let me come down on you low and slow and fly straight so my slow *** short range rockets can plink at you...every dumb fire, tank shell, and AA is now fired and is about to hit my cockpit...ggo_O

    if you die in your vehicle from Rocket-pods you deserve it and/or that guy just risked so much to kill you he probably died less than a minute later. Rocket pod ESFs are almost as bad as liberators when it comes to needing escorts or wingmen.
  6. Flag

    It's a 1-man craft. You should be limited in what you can do to multi-crew vehicles if you do it alone.
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  7. Jeralamo

    I agree. They could nerf the damage if they made them actually a good strafing weapon. More velocity more range less damage ability to turn off the camera guidance. (dont know if zoom still works for that but regardless having to shoot and guide them while zoomed in is silly)

    I rather have the rocketpods nerfed against armor and buffed vs infantry and maxes.

    Let rocketpods be AI
    and Hornets be Av

    I rarely even see an ESF with Hornets, and this will give people intensive to use them.
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  9. Frosty The Pyro

    Just a note with hornets, they have ALOT of burst damage, a small number of ESF coordinating hornets will collectively one shot a MBT. I think its 2 salvos to rear armor, 3 to top. They do less dps than pods, so are not as good as a solo weapon, but with a little teamwork, I believe they could shine. They also plow maxes.
  10. SNAFUS

    If they are going to nerf Rocket pods they might as well redefine them for AI with a HE buff and massive AP nerf, along with giving the Hornet a slight buff to AP damage. Rocket pods have been a non issue for ages now and were only truly successful for AV duties when used in mass. With the massive over nerf to libs and this change to ESF you will see more unchecked armor zergs after this update simply causing another imbalance rather then fixing the last one.
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  11. phungus420

    We know this because we have been there. When AA MAXes ruled the skys nothing could touch armor and everyone just complained about tank zergs.

    To me rocket pods feel remarkably weak as is, I sure as hell don't use them anymore. It boggles my mind they are getting nerfed...
  12. Tipper

    I've said this multiple times before, but rocketpods should not be AI. ESF infantry farming has been a complaint since beta, and I think the actual AI Noseguns are competent enough to be the sole "farming tool" for pilots. They also come with a downside of not working against other aircraft (except the AH). Rocketpods should really only be used for taking out lone or small groups of vehicles.

    Don't nerf rocketpods vs vehicles
    Do nerf rocketpod splash and appease the peasants
  13. Igster

    The specialisation of weapons makes sense but the thing that is needed more than buff/nerf is the ability for vehicles to change load out. In a world where this is possible specialisation is great. It wouldn't be so big an issue with vehicle players and the consequences of such a change would not be so great.

    At the moment if a player hates this specialisation they would be massively upset since the game would be ruined for them over a long period (resources for a single load out take. Long time to gather)

    If you allowed load out change for a Smaller resource cost then it would not be so dramatic a change and there would be less qq
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  14. MrJengles

    Rocket pods are in a good spot right now against infantry and vehicles when viewed separately. There aren't exactly many complaints about them being too powerful. However, they are too versatile as it doesn't matter what type of ground threat they engage. Other weapons have underwent specialization tuning, why not the Rocket Pods? Tanks have to specialize AT or HE, why not ESFs?
    • What SOE should do is split Rocket Pods into HE and AP like they said they were going to do ages ago. Don't just nerf them, copy paste with one specialized for AI and the other AT.
    • Apart from that Rocket Pods should have less ammo, so ESFs farm less and are more reliant on resupply runs. Same as the lib change.
    And if people aren't using Hornets it's probably because they are under-performing.
  15. lothbrook

    Saying rocket pods are in a good spot right now is ridiculous, especially when you follow it by they should seperate them with HE and AP, then go on to say hornets are under performing, lol. The only reason people don't equip hornets for A2G is because rocket pods are superior in every way, and what they're doing is exactly what you want, making rockets pods AI, leaving you with hornets for AV, or were you hoping they'd make the AP version just insta gib tanks like the original rocket pods, because that would be crazy.
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  16. ZeroErrorz

    then why not buff the hornet instead.... ?
  17. MrJengles

    Edited for better clarity and flow.

    In terms of how powerful Rocket Pods are against individual targets, yes, they're fine. But they can repeatedly engage more than is necessary and can deal with too many types of targets.

    SOE are in the right area but not quite. Hornets shouldn't be the only AV because they function differently and fill a different niche; they should either be balanced as a longer range option or, being guided, easier to use. Whereas Rocket Pods are riskier and somewhat more challenging, which keeps experienced pilots happy.

    A simple nerf that removes a play-style when there was nothing wrong with it just makes the air game shallower. Besides, SOE would get 2 weapons for people to purchase with a simple copy, paste.

    I'll admit I haven't really used the Hornet so I can't suggest anything there.
  18. ohknoh

    Why would they need a buff for AI? The salvo covers a wide area, why make it even wider?
  19. Obstruction

    not nerfing against infantry. 10/10 - all ex-Liberator teams engage full ESF infantry farming mode whenever you aren't using Tomcats and Coyotes in humungous groups against legitimate ESF pilots. we'll change "rolls" as Kevmo puts it, in shifts and call it teamwork.

    i'm not even kidding by the way. everyone who used to fly Lib should just switch over to the most offensive ESF behavior possible at all times. i won't even engage rocketpodders as A2A, so that the maximum amount of crybaby infantry can be killed on all factions at all times. in fact i'll only engage noobs who think the liberator is a viable vehicle, by camping warpgates in large groups of lockon ESFs.
  20. Flag

    Why buff them?
    Do what tankers are told to half the time (when we're not told to pull our own aircraft): Group up, work with others.
    The ESF is a 1-man craft, and as such should be limited in what you can do on your own.