Rocket rifle is stupid and sucks

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Cryosin, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Money

    sorry, read that different in my head. I agree with you
  2. NubCannon

    I feel like the typhoon rocklets projectile arc is absolutely terrible, sometimes i take typhoon off just because you cant hit a moving target to save your life.

    in general play i like using the rocklet rifle. its good for finishing off burning vehicles, and a halfway decent anti max gun. well its good against maxes already injured when you're out of c4, or in cqc where throwing a brick would kill you too.
  3. Dusk117

    With Typhoons, you can do a lot of fun stuff. You can extend your tank kill potential to two lightnings or MBT's if you're good, you can solo any Sundy. Non-shielded instantly and shielded if you have enough time, you can chip down harassers to smoking and at least make them back off. It's a very good AV tool.
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  4. ecomizombi

    I agree. I hope they come out with other weapons for that tool slot. A shotgun for antimax, or a flame thrower for anti personnel. More can be done with it.
  5. PorkSocks

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  6. brutes359

    Personally I hate entire concept of the weapon. It was added as yet another effort to baby the light assault. (which is already the most overpowered anti-armor class in the game) By giving them another means to finish off any tank that (by some miracle) manages to survived their C-4 attack. As well as give them a way to harass aircraft. It was completely unnecessary and has served to only make and already annoying and borderline overpowered class even more annoying.
  7. Blam320

    I'd say that's more a problem with C4 than with the Rocklett Rifle, which was also present in PlanetSide 1. It's overpowered to the point of completely overshadowing every other weapon in the game, and effectively turned a relatively balanced class into a one-size-fits-all counter to every ground-based playstyle in the game.
  8. brutes359

    Well yes that is a given. I just wasn't willing to go that far in posting about it because I've seen how quickly the C-4 Fairies flock to protect their Ace in the hole weapon. But if we are going to bring that up then so be it. Yes C-4 is grossly overpowered. its cheap use and the fact there is no penalty for dying turns every light assault in the game into a potential rocket propelled suicide bomber able to clear entire rooms, annihilate any ground vehicle in the game, and turn max crashes into sparking scrap in seconds. I mean its funny to see so many people complain about MAX's being overpowered when these guys are so much more deadly. at least a max can only come back once or twice do to recourse cost. C-4 fairies just keep coming.....and coming....and coming...until eventually they get a block onto what their targeting. This couple with carbines being some of the best weapons to use do to their amazing hip-fire accuracy and the mobility of light assaults themselves, AND the packet loss and general lag of the game....yea its not hard to see the innate advantages the class has.

    If I was to suggest any type of nerf to the C-4 I would say to give it a placement....not a throw. To require the user to manually place it on the target and arm it over the course of about three seconds....typically C-4 charges in real life are use in this manor anyway when attacking any armored vehicle or bunker do to the requirements of the explosive being molded into a shaped charge to better pierce the armor. But in this case i say it would just be for balance sake.