Rocket rifle is stupid and sucks

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Cryosin, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Cryosin

    I may sound like an angry little kid, but seriously:
    A giant grenade launcher, given only
    To a light assault, that might as well be shooting patato pellets based on the damage it does.
    It's not immersive, it makes no sense,
    And it's damage is laughable.
  2. Iridar51

    Individual rocklets are pretty weak, sure. It also sucks as AA weapon. But all AA weapons suck, especially infantry-based.

    But burst damage from secondary mode is fairly strong against ground vehicles, especially if you use Typhoon. Then it deals damage comparable to a Decimator shot, which isn't that bad, considering Decimator carries less ammo and doesn't come with a Jet Pack.

    If you look at Rocklet Rifle in a vacuum - it's weak, I agree. But comparing to other infantry-based AV weapons - it's balanced. Meaning - not too weak.
  3. pnkdth

    On its own it, sure, but when you add in the jump jet and the fact LA is by far the best C4 delivery system it stacks up.

    Buffing it would make LAs too good at performing their C4 fairy duties.
  4. Cryosin

    1) I was mentioning in a vacuum. They could easily make it a utility slot like C4.
    2) I also mean the immersion factor. It just doesn't make any sense. You have a mobile nimble class with this giant grenade launcher and then it doesn't do significant damage. All of it looks and feels wrong.
  5. Iridar51

    1) You shouldn't have. It makes no sense to make it a Utility Slot when we needed a tool.
    2) It's not giant, it's comparable to this:
  6. Cryosin

  7. Iridar51

    That's exactly as much 30-40mm grenade would do to a tank.
  8. Cryosin

    So why have an "antivehcile" weapon if it's so innefective
  9. Iridar51

    Ask devs. My guess is - to make life of vehicle pilots a bit easier. Like I said, all infantry-based weapons in PS2 aren't very effective.
  10. Deffington

    When your two C4s are not enough to kill a Sundy, or that tank just survived one of your C4s, you simply add few Typhoons on it. Having and not having a weapon that does little to vehicles is often a big difference.
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  11. Daigons

    It's a tool to help finish off severely damaged vehicles. Why waste a brick of C4 on a burning vehicle when you can take it out with your Rocklet? If you're trying to take out a undamaged vehicle with your Rocklet, all that you're doing is saying "Hey over here! Please kill me!"
  12. Eternaloptimist

    The Rocklet is a nice addition to my LA. Better than nothing (which is what I had before).

    So far, I've only used it successfully to finish off badly damaged base turrets, esfs hovering near the ground or light tanks.But that's a bonus for me as I did all those things with much less risk than having to actually get too close.
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  13. Money

    your doing it wrong if you don't find it effective against vehicles. Now if it would only damage Maxes as easily
  14. entity009

    RR is great!

    Get in close and deal a hard lick to tank butts with the mag dump.
    Be a pest and shoot vehicles with the single fire from range.
    Mag dump on low hovering aircraft for a great way to tell them to move on.
    Flank and ambush maxes with the mag dump, or pester them with the single shot.
    Quickly remove pesky spitfires with a close range mag dump.

    Those are just some of the things I love to use my RR for.
  15. Moz

    I love my Rocklets.....

    Its not a bloody sniper rifle....

    They should add an anti MAX rocklet type. Have to be careful on balance though, going to have to take 3 or 4 clips to down a MAX.

    I think they could also maybe add an ES Rocklet type for some more flavor maybe something like:

    Vanu: Little mini PPA light

    TR - Mini Frags

    NC - rocklets that detonate into pellets after a distance

    Or something totally different!? Just think they can do some more stuff with the rocklet types in general....
  16. Eternaloptimist

    IIRC that was in the original concept but they scrapped it - don't know why.
  17. TR5L4Y3R

    typhoon 2 bursts a max (or 8 singular shots compare that with explosive bolt hunter being 6 shots) which kinda equals 2 missiles from standart RL ... problem is you would have to get close or flank
  18. Problem Officer

    They give LA this and you still can't solo sundies, when C4 wasn't even replaced by it?
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  19. Money

  20. Problem Officer

    Does OP seriously have issues with the damage.